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  1. Mike Remmers

    Yep, im glad we are not all alike. 
  2. Mike Remmers

    Chill out dude. Those guys got paid good making it to the SB..Only thing we got was to watch that debacle. Cope how you wish. 
  3. Mike Remmers

    The point is, that wiki hack is hillarious. I am coping with the SB loss with humor. It is obvious what weaknesses we have and what we need to fix to be a championship team. We all also know he had a better than expected season leading up to this game. 
  4. Mike Remmers

    Its still
  5. I thought the same thing. You could hear someone talk and Cam look over. Once again Media has a way of setting up stories. 
  6. See ya later

    And...our star WR will be back next year! I am excited at our future. We are young and have a ton of potential. 
  7. See ya later

    To all the band wagon fans. I've been through a whole lot worse as a panther fan. Hey, at least we didn't tie it up just to have Kasay shank a ko out of bounds. If the worst thing that happened to us this year was losing the Super Bowl, then it was a heck of a year. Keep Pounding!!
  8. Was written by David Newton who also mentioned Cam sulking after smiling all week. Sounds like he is whoring off drama like most of the media does these days. 
  9. Is Vegas Really to Blame?

    2 things I thought was weird (other than some horrible) calls, was Bolens wife reading that speech which was already prepared. Then Mannings priorities speech about kissing his wife and drinking buds.. 
  10. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    I watch every game alone. All my friends here are Chiefs fans. I have those friends that would come over and cheer for the broncos just in spite of me being a fan. If the game is close and a nail biter, I would not want any friendships ending over it. 
  11. Von Miller really hates us huh?

    Maybe we can get another hit on him.