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  1. FBGP's NFL Gameplan's Wk 9 Panthers/Packers Preview

    Also, what's your definition of an 'expert'?  
  2. FBGP's NFL Gameplan's Wk 9 Panthers/Packers Preview

    Because you have to 'create the market' first before the 'majors' want you. Unless you have friends and family that can just put you on. My goal was to never 'work' for a major...unless it's in a contract role. I love independence and that's why we are where we are. I've had opportunities to go and work for 2 networks and a NFL Scouting gig but would've had to 1. stop doing football gameplan and 2. trim my analysis to a more 'broader' audience and not get to, as they put it, 'X-y and O-y'. I refuse to dumb down my content and I'll remain independent until the right deal comes along.
  3. FBGP's NFL Gameplan's Wk 9 Panthers/Packers Preview

    Did the average guy have analysis on a Ryan Delaire like this as soon as he was signed by the Panthers?
  4. FBGP's NFL Gameplan's Wk 9 Panthers/Packers Preview

    Expert is short for Expertise. Which means experience on a certain subject. Never once said I had 'inside info' and I don't think having 'inside info' is a necessity for analyzing and breaking down football games.  That makes you a reporter. I'm not a reporter. I'm a football analyst. Yes anybody can start a website and make a video. That's exactly what we did. The difference is that we all have CFB experience and coaching experience which gives us a different perspective on the 'hows' and 'whys' of the game...which you don't get from a majority of sites. So, I don't know Jeremy or his background, but if he fits that description of having that unique experience, then kudos to him that makes him unique.   What you're losing sight of is that I'd be willing to put our content and analysis up against any network and feel real good about what we as 'guys in moms basement' are doing.  And a lot of positive feedback is coming not just from fans on message boards, but from Networks as well...which is why we've seen our exposure grow and respect level grow. Which is why we are able to get access to things like college all-22, access to coaches for strategy and gameplans, etc... 
  5. FBGP's NFL Gameplan's Wk 9 Panthers/Packers Preview

    What makes an 'expert'? Playing & Coaching experience? Because...
  6. FBGP's NFL Gameplan's Wk 9 Panthers/Packers Preview

    Thanks Gang! What I always find interesting is that some would rather 'picks' instead of 'analysis' and reason but that's why you don't see shows like NFL Matchup or Playbook have the success. People say they want meat, but not really.   The good part is that those that do, appreciate and those that don't, don't.  I always tend toward the positive and more people do appreciate which has lead to a bunch of Football Gameplan opportunities like books and color-commentary opps like this: I'll also be doing the color for the Georgetown/Fordham game on Nov. 14th and all 6 of the ECAC NCAA D3 FB Championships from Nov 20-22 ( ). And yes, been working hard at this since 2007. From just a website in '07, to adding videos in '09, to podcasting in '11, to finally getting credentialed to CFB, NFL, CFL, AFL in '12, to having a syndicated college football show on ESPN Montana & CBS Sports Radio Network in '13, to book publishing in 14, to color-commentating college football games in '15... Which is kinda cool for a guy that's "just filming videos in his basement" :)
  7. FBGP's Panthers vs Packers Gameplan Preview Good evening Panthers fans! Good luck on Sunday Em
  8. Hey... I know you're the mod here and I wanted to pass this along to you first for your approval.. I will add the Carolina Huddle website to the end of my videos from here on out.. Is it okay to post Panthers related videos?