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  1. Not gonna happen. You have kids racing down to get a ball once we are passed the 50 yard line now.
  2. Worries about Arizona

    You can flip the script and have very similar arguments that favor us in the matchup. These are the types of things you face in a championship game. Arizona just doesn't pass the eye test IMHO and I do not think we will lose this one.
  3. Why is Jimmy Clausen in that 'ball on them' shirt.
  4. Next year it will be to "triple" Olsen because "doubling" last year led to getting dabbed on....
  5. Tag Yourself!

    Yea i thought the same thing haha. Seriously though, the scores and times all different on all of the boards so this is chopped up and put together so all images are not from the exact same moment. They left them out on purpose, makes sense now.
  6. Tag Yourself!

    So in this thing we are up 14-0 in the 1st quarter but where are the seahawks players/coaches? Weird.
  7. No joke. Our section literally moved under a feet a couple of times after Luke made that pick.
  8. Anyone else have one of these?

    That is a good find. I don't have one but I do have these Inever got to use
  9. My love of the Panthers is so strong I keep a pair of tickets I didn't get to use when I was 10 years old (no ride) to the first game they ever won in the history of the team down in Clemson. Sam Mills won that game for the Panthersand those tickets remind me daily of the 'keep pounding' motto I use everyday in life.
  10. Cam has this. Even if we come up short here would who would you rather have right now in this situation?
  11. Hopefully the D comes out with some fire after that last series and stops them 3 and out
  12. Need to get this first down, almost a must have
  13. just wow at this team.... just wow. There are literally zero words.