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  1. Jbo added a post in a topic better than hard knocks   

    Awesome. I had no idea they were doing this. Look forward to seeing more as camp progresses.
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  2. Jbo added a post in a topic Peanut Tillman on the assist from Josh Norman   

    This exactly. I would really like to know why in the world both corners are covering Funchess. It really does look like he jumped a second too early as Cam put a little more air under that throw than what he usually does.
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  3. Jbo added a post in a topic Saturday Training Camp tweets   

    This is good news since I am heading down for this practice in the morning. Thanks for the update.
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  4. Jbo added a post in a topic LOL "Every story from every training camp Ever"   

    lol... that was awesome. 
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  5. Jbo added a post in a topic Which Would You Rather?   

    From sitting in club seats when we beat the Saints in 2008 to sitting in lower level seats when we lost to the falcons in 2010... section 319>>>>better experience than 109. 
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  6. Jbo added a post in a topic Coach Rivera's brother passes away from cancer   

    News like this really puts things into perspective. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Rivera family tonight.
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  7. Jbo added a post in a topic Buh bye Stephen Hill   

    This is a very bone headed move. Is it too hard to keep this crap out of your car? Can these guys not afford for someone to get this stuff for them and keep it all at the house? Sick of this team being in the news in a negative light....
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  8. Jbo added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football   

    What in the world? That came out of nowhere. We didn't have time to see just how bad everyone said he was....
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  9. Jbo added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    Cardinals game 2008 mid 3rd quarter. Worst game of all time, hands down.
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  10. Jbo added a post in a topic 2014 Carolina Panthers: Finishing The Race   

    Awesome! Thanks so much for posting this, cant wait for the season to start.
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  11. Jbo added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson $21M/year but Wilson wants more   

    What exactly am I missing here? Every single time I see the guy play he just runs around then throws up some miracle and it gets caught somehow.... He wants more than 21m/year? I hope they pay it so it ruins their cap.
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  12. Jbo added a post in a topic Ousted Saint Junior Galette's girlfriend takes to Twitter, hilarity ensues   

    hahahaha this just made my day, fug the saints... delusional team, delusional fans,
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