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  1. :lol: You should start a thread on it... I just posted some, but I know you won't like them... homo.
  2. shut it...and post more tits! imagine the uproar if I bant you for it!!!

  3. I know u are... don't ruin it by explaining it dumbass... :P

  4. awesome profile picture

  5. Yes I got the msg but was on my mobile app and couldn't look... thanks for reminding me. :D Very nice, thank you!

  6. did you get the tits I sent you a couple days back?

  7. They let you back in the country AGAIN? Ima have to talk to Obama about this...

  8. mmm...please send her to my room...I'm stuck in Dumas Texas...this week and next....Dumas...ya...it's as thrilling as it sounds!

  9. You would like this if you weren't gay. hot-flbp-girls-36.jpg?w=500&h=709

  10. I knew when I typed it like that someone would............lol.............that's why I love the huddle, if people get bent out of shape they are on the wrong site, ttys, PC

  11. I'll take any of the three and be happy!!!

  12. On a boat... 81723443.gif?w=500&h=278

  13. Hey how are ya?? Been a long time, Hope all is well with you!! ttys PC

  14. nice!!! if you think I'll be disappointed...wait until you see how much I will disappoint her!!!!

  15. not sure if anyone cares, just thought I'd mention it