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  1. Sobering Reality

    This team stinks haha..they have nothing worth trading for besides Kemba and they won’t trade him and they have zero clue how to evaluate talent in the draft..it’s so depressing..screw Jordan and cho and clifford
  2. Cleveland get's its PG - not Kemba

    Kemba >>>>>>> Clarkson they still want kemba I think..maybe even Howard..doubt hornets do anything without getting that nets pick
  3. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    “He has single-handedly turned the Saints, one of the most likable group of players you'd ever want to meet, into the NFL's most despised team this side of New England.” I stopped reading here.
  4. they need to get serious and go after a proven FA or trade for a legit WR..enough drafting
  5. I would think you would be a little more excited to jump into the opportunity to coach Cam Newton and be apart of a team that has been to the playoffs 4 out the last 5 years with a Super Bowl appearance. I officially do not want Turner. And he already spurned Ron once before to go coach in Minny. If they couldn't get him to sign a contract here in Charlotte in 3 days move on to someone else.
  6. Ron Rivera likely gone with new owner

    I’m not gonna lie..I originally read this as Ron Rivera likely the new owner..the horror
  7. That effort by Funchess...

    He didn’t even have to catch it..if he just puts a little more effort into coming back for the ball he would have gotten a PI penalty
  8. Second half adjusting?

    You can start by stop playing that soft ass zone..Brees eats that poo up
  9. The game was over after the clay drop and then gano miss..you could just feel this team would quit
  10. Bro Bradberry is trash..this secondary can’t cover for even three seconds
  11. Where are all the homers who said we would win hahahaha
  12. The sad thing is clay has the speed to get open but he can’t catch poo
  13. Defense looks locked in offense looks like poo
  14. Saints 24 Panthers 13 our offense blows and our defense can’t tackle
  15. he's a dick but damn i'd love for him to be our coach haha