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  1. CarolinaNut

    Defensive End in round 4?

    Give me The Duke please
  2. CarolinaNut

    pls delete posted twice

    this dude missed more extra points than he even made 50 yarders last year and he didn't even attempt that many 50+ cause the team had little confidence him. he just isn't worth this kind of money i wouldnt have given him anything north of 12M over 4 yrs
  3. I've been to two panther games in my life and they won both times... I guess you could say I'm kind of a big deal!
  4. CarolinaNut

    Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    i'd be more excited if this was about 4 yrs ago..that being said Allen is still head and shoulders better than our other DE's
  5. thanks for what you do Igo..i love these threads after the games!
  6. if you want the 53 best players DG should not let RR into the room when making the cuts..RR will lobby for his favorites if it were me i would cut Todman and just roll with Stew, Fozzy, and CAP..then i would keep boykin..the rest looks pretty spot on..how about TJ Heath if he makes the 53..that would be awesome!
  7. CarolinaNut

    The Answer is on the Roster

    what kills me is funchess has a hammy strain now..he needs to be out there getting all the reps he can..what a sucky day yesterday ended up being..i still like our WR core with funchess, ginn, and brown..then you throw in cotch and bersin as posession type guys..it sucks losing KB but as long as Cam and the defense can stay healthy i think we can still be a good team..hope is not lost in my eyes
  8. CarolinaNut

    Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice

    if this was last year i would have said the season was over..i like our WR depth a lot more this year...Byrd may actually make the team now..sucks for KB..he was gonna beast this year
  9. could you imagine if daryl williams turns out to be the solution for LT?!? fap fap fap
  10. CarolinaNut

    Buh bye Stephen Hill

    dude is a bum WR anyway..cut him and just be done with this project
  11. CarolinaNut

    2015 NBA Draft Thread

    if winslow is there and they don't pick him then cho blew it