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  1. Breakout Players vs Saints

  2. This is a throw you just have to make. He's wide open!
  3. It's called anticipation and touch. If Cam takes one more step backwards it buys him the second needed to get CMC to his spot to make the catch. Sometimes QB's throw the ball in anticipation. This is the NFL you can't wait for every WR to be turned around looking directly at you before you throw. Sometimes you have to put touch on the ball to a certain spot. I'm not a Cam hater this is just my opinion on this particular play. Shula is awful i agree.
  4. he got open pretty quick though. I'm not putting this one on Shula.
  5. I actually think Cam could have lobbed this right to Mccaffrey if Cam just takes another step backwards instead of doing his little spin move. Would have been off the back foot which would likely have not have been a great pass but an incompletion is better than a sack and an injured ankle. I think a lob to CMC and then he has space to run.
  6. Daryl Williams getting knocked over by a ghost.
  7. I disagree as I don't see this play that way at all. When Cam hits his back foot on that last step that ball needs to be out in front of Funchess making his break wide open in the middle of the field at the bottom for a big gain. That linebacker didn't drop far enough and would not have intercepted a laser from Newton there. Looks to me like he was staring at Dickson during his entire drop back. This one is on Cam IMO. He didn't do a good job of surveying the field on his drop back on this play. The rest of your analysis on these plays is pretty spot on.
  8. Another Receiver is Recommended

    Why are panther fans so obsessed with WR's haha We are fine at the WR position!!
  9. I have issues.

    Cam was bad Sunday and anyone who isn't a homer would say that. He wasn't going through progressions he was locking onto WR's and then he was just flat out missing throws in the first half. It's one game though and he looked much more composed in the 2nd half but they didn't need him to do much then. I will be concerned if by week 3 he is still making these mistakes. Also, i don't get why Funchess gets so much hate on here. He simply just doesn't get the opportunities to make a lot of plays cause he isn't targeted that much. Can't do much if the ball doesn't come your way. He's an excellent blocker though for the run game.
  10. Devin Funchess

    I wouldn't say Cam was on point yesterday. He missed Olsen running wide open heading towards the corner of the endzone a few plays before missing dickson by 20 miles over his head. He was better in the 2nd half but that first half he was overthrowing everyone and staring at his WR's not going through progressions. He will be better next week though having a game under his belt. As far as funchess he did what was needed. People just don't seem to get that our offense is not designed to have multiple WR's with these fantasy stat lines. Most of your receiving yards are going to come from olsen and benjamin with everyone else sprinkled in.
  11. You know what you have in Gano..a choker Butker could be worse but we don't know that..i would rather go with Butker the unknown than trot Gano's sorry ass out there another year
  12. At some point you have to put some value in scoring the basketball..we have one player who can consistently give you offensive production..a starting lineup with MKG and Howard is going to struggle to score when you aren't in transition Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  13. I just really hope we trade up for Monk..if we stay at 11 i'm ok with Mitchell..not thrilled about it though
  14. Uhh, we just traded for Dwight Howard.

    The problem is cho can't draft for poo haha Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  15. Uhh, we just traded for Dwight Howard.

    It would be pointless...George is going to LA after this year..no need to give up too much for a one year rental Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle