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  1. where are all the stupid fuggers that thought Gano was the "Clear" choice he doesn't even get to attempt anything over 50 cause they know he can't make them. Gano was shanking kicks in pre-season too but let's base our decision off of some meaningless Training Camp practices and ignore all the stats from last year too..hes a horrible kicker and anyone with a brain knew butker was the clear choice
  2. Curtis Samuel...

    Poor Cam..Samuel can't run straight and Dickson looks to be about the only other option going downfield while
  3. Rivera on blowing leads

    He’s a moron. So basically he either wants no part of the blame or he has no control over his team. He’s been carried by Newton his entire tenure here.
  4. It’s an absolute unknown anytime he steps up to kick..I don’t trust the guy at all..anything 45 and longer I almost expect him to miss..I do not believe for a second anyone on that team trusts him to make his kicks but Ron had to have his veteran..Butker looking real good out there in KC, just saying..and would have cost a lot less to keep around over Ganoooooooo
  5. Time for a Change

    The root of the problem has always been Ron Rivera. Don't let Mike Shula fool anyone, he is "a" problem but he isn't "the" problem. I believe this team is going to drop about 3 straight and we will likely finish the season at 6-7 wins. It is most definitely time for a change! Rivera has overstayed his welcome for my liking he is simply just in over his head doing this job.
  6. Upon further review....

    Vikings killed Bucs with Case fuggin Keenum haha
  7. Shaq Thompson

  8. the safety just stalking Cam's eyes haha
  9. I remember seeing this replay right after and going how do you not see Shepard running clear as day in front of you. That's not a shot at a first down that is a first down if he hits him in stride!
  10. Cam's first interception yesterday.

    Cam just isn't playing good football right now. It's not just a shoulder problem. He's getting lazy with his reads and decision making.
  11. oh i'm with you Cam can give it right back to person as far as i'm concerned but for people to jump on person for giving his opinion on a player on the team seems very overprotective parent..Cam has not been good this year
  12. But we see through the late season wins. The guy just isn't head coach material.
  13. Didn't say Cam had to. I don't know that he is or isn't required to give Person anything during pressers. But i'm not going to say Person can't give his opinions on Cam's play.
  14. I like his spirit but I'll believe it when i see it. This team is not good.
  15. Rivera is a clown! In way over his head.