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  1. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic Buh bye Stephen Hill   

    Congratulations, you just made the "but Mooooooom, everyone else is doing it" argument. 
    In response I guess one must ask "if everyone else jumped off the Brooklyn bridge would you do it too?"
    The "but I think it should be legal" stance, in no way actually make it legal or changes the fact that someone broke the law. End of story. For that matter drinking IS legal but I can't drive around with an open bottle in my car or drink and then drive without incurring similar or even more severe penalties. So please get off of your "HIGH" horse.
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  2. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic What's the HAPPIEST you have been as a Panthers fan?   

    About 2 minutes before Kasey kicked the ball out of bounds....
    Also x-clown, seeing a top cats boob at my one and only live panthers game (opening game against San Diego where moose dropped the game winning td in front of me)... And any game where peppers took over and seemed to single handedly DESTROY the opposing team. Him chasing Vick down sideline to sideline was one of the most astounding things I've ever seen.
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  3. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)   

    Love the heels, love Psycho, think this is technically an upgrade over maxiel, would take Biz back in his place in a freaking heartbeat. 
    Honestly this just makes us looks that much dumber for letting a proven defensive specialist with a steadily improving offensive game just walk away for nothing. Oh well... Cho gonna Cho.
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  4. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic He's slowly winning me over...   

    Ok, gotta give the dude props, some of that was straight funny. Love the tree at the end. Dammit Frank, I'm not supposed to love you.
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  5. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic On a scale of 1 to 10   

    If any of you pu$$!es want your man cards back try this version of Blank Space on for size. One of my favorite songs out at the moment and completely BEASTS TS's version. I hadn't heard hers until a few weeks after this and couldn't stand more than a minute of it.
    And FWIW the better half gets a kick every time at "Cause honey im a nightmare dressed like a day dream" and give the evil smile at  "I can make the good girls bad for the weekend"... 
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  6. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic NFL's Most Underrated: Kawann Short   

    "Look at this phoootograph, every time I do it makes me laugh......" 
    C'mon, admit it, all of you started singing it in your head right away.
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  7. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic Prepare for chill bumps.....   

    Honestly, most bring back some memory of primetime and knowing it is "go time" but Fox is the only one that really gets me amped as a song alone. The rest just kind of felt blah.
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  8. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    now the half naked women make sense. 
    I feel like there is a Cosby joke in there somewhere..
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  9. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic Cam Newton is the cool sub   

    dude... If she's been your girlfriend/ex that many times you really ought to marry her or learn your lesson and stay the fug away when her crazy @$$ comes around. 
    No more hit it and "quit" it.
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  10. MountainHeel66 added an answer to a question Crocs shoes are...   

    Thats just impressive... Not only did you manage to get someone who has seen you in crocs to have sex with you but he/she actually let you wear them!?!?!? Pity sex is a beautiful thing.
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  11. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic Huddle Advice - What's the best way to ask your wife to get a boob job?   

    Well this is an interesting topic to find on the Huddle... 
    I've actually had to have this conversation a few times with my girlfriend. She has a minor (imo) issue that contributes heavily to her having a lack of self confidence in herself and has often lamented not having the chest of her dreams and wanting implants. I, personally, am just fine and happy with her body as it is and have even told her to wait at least until shes had kids so she can get them done right and not have them ruined by pregnancy and nursing, plus they'd probably be easier to work with and the surgery easier to explain/hide. The best advice you can get has already been given and that is to love her for exactly who and what she is. If she brings it up you, you reassure her and play to her ego but don't shut the door on it. Tell her you support her and want her to be happy. Let her be the one to make the decision on what she wants to do. 
    I don't have experience playing with fake ones so I can't comment on what you'll think about them later on but to the guys saying they are nasty looking or horrible, you clearly have been around women who got bad boob jobs or went way too big. When done sensibly and well it can actually be pretty difficult to tell visually that a woman has had enhancement and they can look very natural. Its all about moderation and not going Pamela Anderson on them puppies.
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  12. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic SIGCHI222: Panthers chances of winning SB on par with Pats, Broncos, Seahawks and Packers   

    That may be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.
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  13. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic Any FA Big men left?   

    OKAFOR in '04.... .I mean 2016!!!!!!
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  14. MountainHeel66 added a post in a topic Bleacher Report: Panthers have Top 10 Punter, Top 15 Kicker   

    If they didn't ignore coaching and oline deficiencies as the reason for those two blocked punts I'd agree with pretty much everything this article said. And we do have two AWESOME kickers on this team.
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  15. MountainHeel66 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Ray McDonald shocking us all
    So, surprise surprise, the guy the NFL IGNORED during the Ray Rice and Greg Hardy incidents has been beating women again and this time she was holding a baby. Wonder if THIS felonious false imprisonment and DV assault case will warrant as much attention as Hardy's misdemeanor. 
    Dare I say... THUG!?!?!?
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