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  1. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    This is exactly my stance on it. Josh and The Panthers would both be smart to get this done without getting too greedy in either direction. 
  2. You mean Gus Malzahn who is now the Head Coach at Auburn and won the 2013 Coach of the Year Award!? Yeah.... I see what you were TRYING to do but it doesn't work when going back to Cam in college. What he has done in the NFL THOUGH, when combined with the complete idiocy at the OC position, is nothing short of incredible.
  3. Chizik is a defensive coach, why would he have anything to do with play calling for the offense. If anything blame the Auburn OC but even he did enough to allow Cam to go win the big game and stay out of Superman's way.
  4. Is this the best team that didn't win a Superbowl?

    According to everyone all season we are the worst team to go 17-1 and get to a superb owl so I guess we are the best worst team to lose one too??????
  5. Broncos LB Said Carolina Didnt Switch Anything Up

    Captain obvious to the rescue. Too bad no one informed the Panthers of their ability to change some poo mid game.
  6. I really thought Shula had turned some sort of corner like Ron did a couple of years ago when Riverboat was born. Nothing huge, just enough to finally be effective and get things accomplished. Tonight proved how very very wrong I was. This along with the Denver D were the two things I was having nightmares over and sure enough...... I knew when Denver put us on the long end of the field to start the game and we couldn't have sustained success that we were already screwed. Not to mention the fact that everyone said we needed to RUN Cam early to get him awake and rolling but we never really did in those first few series. Even when we did and had success, we immediately got cute and went away from it again and again and again.   SHULA SUCKS BRONCO BALLS.
  7. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    You're all good man. Don't feel like crap, I was just trying to make a broad point that I have been cringing over behind my keyboard for two weeks now. I knew I'd get taken wrong and flamed but I honestly didn't mean this in an angry way. Just a way to learn and grow. There are ways to discuss the games and talk without talking smack. It's kind of like the announcers curse. They say Gano is perfect in the post season... Boom he misses. I get not everyone buys into superstition but I've seen it blow up more often than not when guys start saying things like "it will take a historic/epic collapse for us to lose." Well guess what happened tonight, we collapsed as badly as possible. Choose not to learn from it if you want and continue to blame everyone/everything else without holding yourself the least bit accountable. It honestly fits considering the way this generation of people acts. But don't tell me superstition is bullshit when this whole site has been on " SCP Helmet Watch" for 5-6 months. Im sure none of you calling me crazy have a lucky jersey, hat, pregame meal/ritual, and never yell at your tv during games because "they can't hear me anyways." Everything makes a difference in some fashion or another.
  8. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    I know I've lead a blessed sports life but in my 30 years, without being a bandwagon or fair weather fan, I've witnessed 12 national or world championships amongst my major teams (not counting national squads). One thing I've learned is that you don't jinx your squad and amongst those fan bases I've rarely seen a fanbase so blatantly arrogant about their chances of winning (well outside of Yankees fans) at least not on the boards I visit and amongst my friends.   But hey, the Panthers have lost two and y'all seem convinced I don't know crap when the majority of you were the very posters I'm referring too who were just as confident that we "couldn't lose" sooooo... What do I know. 
  9. When we make a big game like the super bowl again, can we all learn a dang lesson and not be such over confident "we can't lose" and "xyz team sucks" idiots as fans. I avoided saying it all week but there is no better way to jinx and hoodoo your team than by talking smack about how much better your team is and how easily we should win. I've read far more posts than not filled with crap about how easy this game would be and "we're a horrible matchup for Denver, this will be a blowout" bullcrap.   Every single one of you that talked that crap should look in the mirror and accept your blame for this horrendous dump the Panthers just took all over the field. We are a young franchise and with that comes the need to learn and grow, the team themselves learned some hard lessons, this one should be ours.    
  10. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    Worst offensive coordinator in all of football by a fugging country mile.
  11. Thebigcat

  12. Less than 1 hour

    LONGEST (GOOD) DAY EVER!!!!!! Please move faster clock.    GO PANTHERS!!!!!! KEEP POUNDING!!!!!!
  13. Help my superstitious mind....

    That's what she said.
  14. Help my superstitious mind....

    And just like that we have 250!!!!!! Well done gentlemen, pie for all. Go Panthers!!!!!! Keep Pounding!!!!!!
  15. Help my superstitious mind....

    Same here. Trying to keep things as close to my usual weekend routine as possible and cringing every time I catch myself doing something different.    FWIW though, 6 more pie until I hit 250. Wudduya say boys, a pie for every yard we get rushing today!? Toss me 6 more. lol