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  1. Should Dex be banned?

    How did this not get more attention... The war on terror would be over if we did that to the Isis leaders.
  2. This is even dumber and sadder if he really doesn't have much more than a 45-50 yard leg as well. They already had Connor Barth who, while he doesn't possess the strongest leg by any means, has a very ACCURATE leg. The only problem with Barth is that as a veteran he has to be paid a good bit of money more than a younger kicker. So they basically got a somewhat better, but unproven, talent and reduced salary.... with a 2nd round pick that they gave up a 3rd and a 4th for.... this is in realm of the Armanti Edwards trade up. I mean seriously.. they could have had 2-3 more high draft picks and still had a solid and experienced kicker to hold things down and taken a kicker later or gone the UDFA route and still had a chance at a future all-pro.
  3. Share Your Offseason lols

    most informative off season thread thus far.... i've spent the last 10 minutes seeking out less than honorable information on miss panterra.
  4. Bene HAS played on the outside for us and, imo, was much better there than he was in the slot for us last season. I didn't think the slot worked out all that well for him at all compared to his previous performances outside. But maybe I'm the crazy one here.
  5. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    No kidding. I could be wrong (can't seem to find the article I read it in) but I heard a while back that he actually GAVE HIMSELF the Matty Ice moniker.. How effing lame do you get!?
  6. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    I said from the very beginning that it was in the Panthers best interest not to break the bank but give a reasonable 12-13mil a year to Norman and in Norman's best interest to sacrifice a few million in salary to stay with his hometown team and build a legacy as a part of a winner. Norman wasn't willing to budge off of 15-16mil (or at least his agent wasn't) and we flat out called his bluff. End of story. The Panthers were low balling him but could likely have been brought up an extra million or two, but josh was so far away from that happy middle number it wasn't worth the headaches once the agent started making threats about holdouts and whatnot. I don't love how this happened or that G-Man didn't call and ask josh "what gives" but it also isn't his job to do that. He is told to deal with the agent and he does so, if you want to be looped in then you need to see to it that you are involved, that much is ON JOSH. Maybe it ends differently if he recognizes from the beginning that working with the team was the most beneficial step towards a bright future.
  7. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    To be totally fair, most of the time he spent "becoming J-No", he was a very talented player but had a 10¢ head and couldn't get out of the doghouse. Many fans recognized his talent early on and kept complaining about his lack of playing time but the dude was simply an attitude issue and a walking talking personal foul. He finally got himself under control and out of the doghouse and exploded for us. I think expecting a 3 year learning curve is reasonable but not at all something set in stone like a typical DE would be. I can see these guys performing at an adequate or high level for us sooner than later. Not necessarily All-Pro good but well enough to replace the stats we lose with Josh moving on. And for much cheaper with less headache.
  8. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    No, that was our record after losing Norman. Now we have reached for 3 draft picks that better our dline and attempt to fill his void at cb for the foreseeable future.. more like 6-10
  9. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Let's also keep in mind that G-man has been pretty darn good at bringing in talent that works for this system. Our db draft picks have done pretty well all things considered and we have brought in several FA that have worked out well for us. If Dave saw enough in these two guys that he HAD to have them, then I'm very encouraged by their potential for that reason alone.
  10. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    I don't care if you draft them #1 over all or or if they are Mr. Irrelevant if the dude becomes a regular player its a good pick, if they become a stud its a great pick. End of story. Value is way over rated in these things. Everything is in the eye of the beholder. We needed DB help something fierce and looking at these two players WITHOUT looking at draft ranking, I'm pretty psyched about them. Measurables are all there, they seem to be guys that fit the zone scheme well and also have lots of traits we Panthers fans covet. They are aggressive with good length, speed, etc and have lots and lots of upside. Does every player with measurables and upside become an all-pro, no... but then again we took both and increased our odds of hitting on at least one significantly. What if both do pan out?? HOLY CRAP, we are now SET at DB, LB, QB, WR and DT for the next 5-6 years.... man we are EPICALLY screwed aren't we.
  11. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    OMG GUYS!!! Vernon Butler is the 5th best available player now!!!!!! ESPN SUCKS DONKEY BALLZ.
  12. I didn't say we wouldn't, I said the potential exists. any single ONE of them leaving creates a big void and the potential that Soliai or Love could retire, that KK could opt to go for free agency, injuries, etc. makes this pick a very important one for our depth as well as for our future. Butler can come in and get as much playing time as he earns and still be afforded the opportunity to sit and learn when necessary as well. It gives us YOUNG and substantial depth at what our team considers one of its most critical positions. One thing others have yet to bring up though is it also gives DG a bargaining chip in negotiations for the 2 big boys we currently have to make new deals with. Leverage we DIDN'T have in the Norman negotiations. Butler makes a loss along the line, for any reason, something we can sustain and still thrive through. Ultimately I don't think this is a Star or Short issue its a Love/Soliai and depth issue but its a fantastic problem to have. Seriously, we re-sign Star and Short and we are looking at a lineup of Ealy, Start, Short, Butler as our core line for the next 5+ years blocking and opening space for Luke, Shaq, etc. That's without assuming any of our other DE's coming around to stud status and without tossing in any draft picks we may pick up. That's still a ton of youth and talent that is easy to build around and create a dominant force that a dynasty can be built around. This is exactly how the best teams do it. Idiots like cleveland, washington, atlanta, etc. are the ones that reach for players because they absolutely NEEEEED that one player for their team. We get the best guys at the positions we covet the most and let the rest of the chips fall where they may. THAT is what Gettleman did here.
  13. So, in other words, you'll ignore all of the other logic about the possibility of any or all of our DT's being gone next year (Paul and Kyle are aging and Star and Short need new contracts) and that this gives us an EXCEPTIONAL defensive line this season and hopefully for YEARS to come (the next 5 at a minimum if we re-sign Star and Short) because he MAY not get the correct percentage of snaps in a heavy rotation his ROOKIE year.... Stick to slaying ho's captain, this isn't your thing.
  14. Ecu Dark Horse 2-3 rd picks

    I think that I have learned that whatever I THINK will or should happen, it is likely the last thing that DG will do. I was sure we'd pick a Henry, Ogbah or Dodd last night and we went Butler. I was POSITIVE we'd go OLine when we picked Ealy.. I didn't think Gettleman would be interested in trading much and then he trades up and grabs Funchess out of the (maize and) blue. The one thing I've learned is that he will hit far more than he misses and he has a plan none of us really understand but it always works out in the end. If he were to miss one then he's earned the leeway. do what you do big Dave.
  15. Vernon Butler was already a Panthers fan

    Not to beat a dead horse but your very first post said you thought he sounded arrogant. Then you doubled down by saying it again but rephrasing to say his quote didn't sound humble. THAT was why "the huddle" went "full retard." I don't think there was much wiggle room displayed in your post that would lead anyone to think you had any positive thoughts but.. maybe we misinterpreted that the same way you misinterpreted this kid who at least put an "lol" in front of his message. ;-)