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  1. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Don't worry, we won't even need to put the D on the field. Does that work??
  2. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    jeezus Cam THROW IT THE FUG AWAY
  3. Pretty windy on the field.

    The huddle has truly let me down.... gusting winds on the field and NOT ONE of you has asked if Zod has gotten in some pre game cheerleader pics. FOR SHAME!!!!!!
  4. Josh Norman Tops List of FA's that MUST be re-signed

    Tag him, get him closer to 30, make him play one more year with his hair on fire and see what shakes out in the wash, I'm sorry but there have just been WAY too many of these "premiere corners" lately that have gotten money and faded into relative obscurity. Prince, Nnamdi, Sherman, all declined and Reavis has bounced around a little. Take Norman's best years and get a decent contract done or send him elsewhere.
  5. Redskins social media is trolling Panthers fans

    Was I the only one that read through the tweets in the first link and thought, "well, now I know who lola is."
  6. He's not wrong in my estimation but blitzing that much is also a very risky move. If, and its a MASSIVE IF, Shula learns from it and game plans around it you can destroy a team that is overly aggressive with the blitz. Cam's legs are a big weapon if they over pursue and quicki hitters like slants to a speedster such as Ginn would take their toll and force a defense to fall back a bit more. For a team like the titans with a very talented coordinator and nothing to lose it is a decent strategy but for teams with a legitimate chance at playing even football with us, its more of a late game, need a stop NOW kind of strategy. 
  7. Kony! Koni! Koné!

    Still think I'd have rather taken Robinson BUT I'm certainly not going to get rid of Big Kony. Love the potential.
  8. WE ARE 9-0!!!!! Come Get Your PIE!!!!

    NINE and  0MG
  9. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    GO DARREN FUNCHESS.....    (fugging announcers)
  10. Camera lens just died.....

    how does a camera lens die exactly?
  11. I'll just leave this here..

    AWWWWWW DUDE!!!!!! SO freaking hype right now. That line at the end MAKES that entire video.
  12. Fug the packers, Olivia's boyfriend and Julius "I dont like attention so let me move to Dallas and Chicago" Peppers. Fug the refs, Troy Aikman, Joe "F"uck, the replay officials and pretty much everyone else at fox or in the nfl main office.   GO PANTHERS!!!!!! 
  13. Keep Pounding Pie!!!!

    Time to get off work and take my girl to Funchy Town...  Keep Pounding!!
  14. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    My hope is that this was "they aren't supposed to lose" "darling quarterback" bullshit for the last two weeks and refs will stop force feeding the their team touchdowns in the future.... Again, I said HOPE.....
  15. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Fugging finally.    NOW celebrate... Smh