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  1. Still need a ticket? I have one ticket left in Section 550, row 20. I had purchased 10 tickets months ago. A few of us going are Panthers fans but not everybody.  As far as face value, everything was bought through StubHub and people paid $90. I have no idea what the face value is, but I'm sure it's not that much. The one guy already gave me money for his friend and his friend bailed. Not sure what he'll unload it for but make me an offer.  Feel free to PM me. I live in Richmond but we're all heading down to Charlotte on Saturday morning. I also have a pdf of the ticket that I can email to you if you want to pay via PayPal or something.   Thanks.
  2. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    You never know what the future will hold, and it makes sense to get started now instead of scrambling to find somebody after the season ends.   Fact is, last week was nice but it was against a terrible Giant's team. Although nobody knows how things will pan out from this point forward, if we don't make the playoffs - which still looks doubtful - Rivera will be gone.
  3. Farewell to Jon Beason

      Peppers didn't want to be here for the long haul. He made that clear.   For me, it's always tougher to see guys leave who really love their team and their city and want to play there forever. I wish Beason could retire a Panther, but this is the nature of the business. Simply put, Beason signed a big contract, got banged up and is losing his role on this team.
  4.   I really hope Cam proves me wrong... but I feel like he's this guy built on up YouTube highlight videos and animated gif clips. That on every down, that you aren't going to win more games than you'll loose with him.   If Carolina comes back and Cam throws for 400 yards, I'll be the first to eat my own crow.   BUT in the NFL, you don't need an all-star QB to win. You just nee somebody who can be smart with the football and understand the game around him. I don't believe Cam can. He has the potential to be amazing, but potential is only that. Cam has the size and strength to be amazing, but a lacks a lot  of other elements that are important. 
  5. Seattle drive started by running the ball. If Carolina has any chance, they need for Williams to get a few nice drives going. The defense is tired, the offense needs to slow things down and get some bruising runs.