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  1. ckad79 added a post in a topic So Ben Carson just said that there should never be a Muslim president   

    What makes Obama a Muslim? Was it the Christian church he attended in Chicago? Or I know, it's because his dad and his dad's dad was. At least that is why the right keeps telling us. Apparently, because his dad was he is. Sure...
    Now, I had no idea that somebody's religion was genetic and passed down, generation to generation. How fascinating? I wonder how Ronald Reagan's son Ron ended up a Buddhist since his dad was such a devout Presbyterian. Now his adopted son Michael, he's a Conservative Christian Right-Wing Wacko. BUT again that's just wrong because he's adopted. Maybe everybody who thinks because you dad was into something that you have to be into the same thing too, can explain this to me? hmmm
    *** By the way, if your confused.. i'm being facetious! ***
    I get it, Caron is trying to appeal to his base whose convinced Obama is some Muslim sent here to destroy America. But at some point, Ben Carson needs to realize that he's a neurosurgeon and at least try to have commonsense!
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  2. ckad79 added a post in a topic It's 4th and 1. Are you going to punt or are you going to GO FOR IT ALL?? --Riverboat Ron official music video--   

    If your goal was to make a popular song using a popular subject like the Carolina Panthers, you at least made a fan out of me.
    I know it was silly but I really thought it was pretty darn good. They say one of the hardest things to write in music is a hook and I actually liked what you did there. :) I don't get the hot dog thing but I thought it was hilarious! Loved the two people at the restaurant, "don't you want the hot dog platter too!" rofl

    Great stuff.
    Just listed to your other music on Vimeo. Pretty good. Keep it up.
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  3. ckad79 added a post in a topic Skinny Al?   

    If Jerry owned the Hornets and just heard about Al's new eating habits...

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  4. ckad79 added a post in a topic Don't be shocked if Luke is out again this week   

    The more time you give him to heal, the better. We are fortunate to be a in a position with Brees out, being at home, etc, that we can get away with sitting him.
    The concussion really scare me because you often hear about guys who start to have them and suffer from them the rest of their careers. I hope he continues to have a long successfully career, but man... you can't help but think of Dan Morgan.
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