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  1. So i just assume every rumor that is linked to the panthers is gonna be posted here just to fuel the hurney hate? There is no way we do this move. This is off season is gonna be a giant headache.
  2. If you only drafting 4 to 5 players in 5 straight drafts and majority of them are not actually GOOD long term you are prooooobably gonna end up with a older roster.
  3. Tagging norwell would be insane money for guard. You either get a long term deal done with him or you dont and let him go.
  4. Who else on this roster besides norwell is important enough to use it on?
  5. Good, now we have some stability going in to next season. So can we start locking all threads from the crybabies who wanna start threads just to bash Hurney repeatedly? Time to move on.
  6. Hurney aint playing around. I like it. Cj, kalil, shepherd, coleman are next.
  7. Lol...i doubt nipple shorts would do that.
  8. Lmaoo...the more things Change the more they stay the same
  9. Well since my fairy tales disturb you SO much my diaper wearing friend, let me to show the way to my ignore block/list. Its the least i could to do for you. ☺
  10. NOT....ARGUING....WITH.....YOU. BYE.
  11. 7-9 isnt a bottom of the league terrible record and most of those losses they had were close games not to mention we were never a far and away a better team during that stretch outside of 2015 when we swept and even both those games were close. Listen, i get the homerism around here when it comes to the saints but lets not get in a back and forth cuz i choose to give them a little more credit. If i really thought they were THAT trash since 2013 i would say it.
  12. What does matter if they beat us 3 times in a row but were supposed to be cap strapped?
  13. Lmaooo....saints with those so called cap issues explained by folks on here have more space than us coming off beating us 3 times in one season.
  14. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Lol...what the gettleman fanboys gotta say about this?