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  1. This. And i will happily take it. I can imagine cam getting trashed for not putting up mvp numbers while winning a superbowl. "He was just carried by our defense." LOL. I can see it now.
  2. Still pisses me off
  3. Would like to keep both but i would place our bets on finding a good guard in the draft.
  4. This fanbase jumps the gun like no other lol. I said awhile back i will reserve judgement till will actually play a good QB. Seen this reality check happen to many times before. But yes right now they do look good and to me thats because of the improvement in the secondary.
  5. I thought him and williams was bad but, kalil was the worst especially as protecting cams blind side. I would rather put moton at LT, teams know the best success is to have a speed rusher attacking cam from the blind side. It ain't about experience, put whoever in that can move there damn feet the best.
  6. And you should already know that wont happen with this team.
  7. The sad thing is that we paid him to much money to just bench him for somebody who could play better. We are stuck.
  8. Stewart has been great so far this season.
  9. Lol...once again 2 receivers in the same area.
  10. Can we just tear up that ridiculous contract we gave kalil
  11. Please just move on from shula already. This has gone on long enough
  12. Move your fuging feet Daryl, you cant block defenders trying to stand in one spot.