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  1. Madden has really poo on the panthers the last couple years when it comes to ratings. They barely boost players for anything. When cam had that 2 game beast mode against pats and lions his rating only went up 1 point. Its not just star on D, bradberry has been solid all season but he gets no boost. Top d in the league and you wouldn't know it on the game. Its bs.
  2. Make it worse, they started the clock BEFORE the skins snapped the ball on the next play. Seriously, how many times have we seen the aints get away with wins off blatant bad officiating in the dome?
  3. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    So that saints o line can run block but not pass block??
  4. Hurney scouting?

    Im cool with it, it would be nice to hit on a first round pick for a change.
  5. Explain to me why...

    Blame the gm who felt like he could keep bringing in cast away receivers every season to contribute.
  6. CamNewtonism #1542

    So much car talk in this thread. And i hate my check engine light, it purposely fugs with me.
  7. KB is not on Alshons level. Same size and frame but alshon just does what we needed KB to do better.
  8. LOL......Undercover Agent Greg Olsen
  9. FOH....they will be the best team when they officially WIN the division. Hasn't been decided yet.
  10. Lol.....man funch is that dude. KB moving on may have been exactly what we needed to get the most out of him.
  11. Seriously, do we need to start talking bout luke as the G.O.A.T. soon?
  12. KB would have never made it to the end zone, just being honest.