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  1. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    Teams don't use high picks on RTs so if we are looking to upgrade, it would have to be someone in that range. RTs are generally serviceable guys, elite RTs are usually dominant run blockers. Give me a RT who won't give up a sack with a right handed QB that can see the rush coming i will take all day.
  2. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Rakim cox over west Horton
  3. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    No he was bad in the ATL game too, all the way down to the last play. The only 2 games we just happened to lose.
  4. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    Never gave up a sack his last year but will need to be upgraded??
  5. POLL: With the #22 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft...

    Thon maker, diamond stone
  6. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Lol...Garrett is not hanging around on the practice squad. Good pre season and he is gone.
  7. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    KB FUNCH Ginn Byrd Garrett
  8. It's hard to make this team
  9. Panthers Release Boykin

    Wow...this says to me that they really want to get the rookie trio CBs on the field this year. If we had of a kept Boykin it was gonna be tough.
  10. If they try it will be PI calls all day
  11. Lmaoooo.... Russell Disney Movie Wilson.
  12. James Bradberry vs Keyarris Garrett Rookie Camp

    Garrett is a Espn e60 waiting to happen.