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  1. Think what you want about Payton but knows when to dial up the right play at the right time. Saints can put 7 on you at any given moment and that killed us last year.

    So they DO notice

    If you really watch any talk show programs the conversation is ALWAYS about cam, its never about the rest of the team. Mostly just critiquing him and nobody else, blaming him majority of the time for anything wrong with the team. So i dont understand the point of getting upset at people on the forum who talk about what the media heads are saying. All they talk about is cam when it comes to the panthers.

    Panthers work out a few players today

    I could care less honestly.

    Panthers work out a few players today

    The first one was a joke, the second wasnt. Hope that helps captain of the fun police.

    DB depth is looking scary

    Searcy needs to be released. His brain is probably scrambled eggs at this point and he wasnt very good to keep out there anyway. Just Bring a damn safety already or start Gaulden.

    Panthers work out a few players today

    Why you don't you learn how to take a joke?

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    Miss Cam and Luke >>>>>> Miss Ron Once those 2 are gone this team will drop off a lot whether Ron is here or not.
  8. I dont know whats the deal with Fun falling down on all his catches this year. He was doing that last year as he had a lot of YAC. Its weird.

    Panthers work out a few players today

    Sure......but remember a starter would have to get hurt first in order for the coaches to even get urged to play him........
  10. CPF4LIFE

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    Name one receiver that has really developed under a Ron rivera team?
  11. CPF4LIFE

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    Wasnt it reported they wanted moore to learn every receiver position in the playbook? I mean jesus what the hell for? Why place such a burden on the guy just coming in to the league instead one of the veterans guys who been here? It makes no sense, just give him a position and a couple routes and get him the ball. The guys playmaking ability is to valuable to only give him minimal reps a game alone. Leave the exotic stuff for the vets. The guy is 21 years old with fresh legs, he has plenty of time to learn other positions while getting experience ON the field. Ron and co. Really make my head hurt sometimes.
  12. CPF4LIFE

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    The panthers only have the next couple of years as a window to win a championship. Our guys arent spring chickens either.
  13. CPF4LIFE

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    One of the most puzzling situations in the history of the NFL.
  14. CPF4LIFE

    Panthers work out a few players today

    Dont you just love a coaching staff who barely has a damn clue as it is thinks they can just bring guys off the street and make them in to legit players?
  15. Give Jermaine carter PT, then again we can barely get a first round pick on the field so that might be just a dream.