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  1. It truly is remarkable when you think about it. This teams is 17-1. I didn't really hit me till the other day, we are normally talking 13-3 or 12-4 being the standard for a good season, but to go from 7-8-1 to 17-1 the next season is pretty crazy. I have come to the realization that a lot of the hate comes from people still not accepting the fact the Panthers were really this good this season and is not just one side of the ball, we have dominated on offense and defense all season....there are no holes or significant chinks in the armor that could hurts us going forward. One thing we wanted for the longest is consistent wining of the team and i think we are at least gonna get that now.
  2. This is just sad...I will leave it at that
  3. I Disappointed Cam Newton

    I take it a lot people just dont watch empire or even know what you were referring too. I do.
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Normally you hear about this type of thing happening when celebritys are in restaurants. Thats the one place they dont wont to be bothered and want privacy.
  5. Hope the Broncos party it up all week till sunday...enjoy yourselves, let is consume you :-)
  6. LOOOOOL.....Mr. One and DONE!
  7. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    Not surprised we have been embarrassing teams lately, they need all hype they can get.
  8. If you think this, then you really dont know how ridiculous the Cam hate is.
  9. Blow them the fug out like everybody else, i would love to see this game be over with by half time. Most people and the media want a great game but the Panther need to approach this game like all the others and put foot on neck early. This will cement we have been the best team all year hands down since the season began, then go into the history books as one of the greatest teams ever. fug Peyton, broncos, Media and whoever else. Just win one more game and come home and celebrate.
  10. Where can i get one of those bandannas??
  11. Peyton Manning HGH allegations

    Peyton Manning on the juice....never would have thought.
  12. Why did we go for 2?

  13. Manning was old then and he is even older now. Offense definitely not what it was a couple years ago, they are definitely high, but then again your team makes it to the superbowl you cant have any doubts about winning.