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  1. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    Just for its Beau Time he is clearly gonna succeed
  2. Gettleman eating

    The godfather eating with his mob!!
  3. Madden 17 Carolina Panthers Ratings

    Lmaoo....this is hilarious
  4. LOOOOOOLL....NFL been holding the Jags back!!!
  5. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    And from what i can see the QB on Tulsa had a rifle arm like cam so it will come easy for Garrett catching Cams passes. He caught Tulsa Qbs passes with ease.
  6. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    For the playing time brown got as a starter last year he really wasn't that productive. Put it this way if he played defense people on here would be talking about a cut or replacement
  7. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Bring him in and let him spy Russell Wilson. He won't get away from him. I like it
  8. A Funchess Reminder

    Good info, didnt know this
  9. About those corners...

    Where did Gettleman actually say he doesnt value CBs??? And i thought it was Riveras defensive system that focuses on pressure? Gettleman just goes out and gets him what he needs. It doesnt make sense that Gettleman orchestrates the philosophy when Rivera was already here building the team.
  10. Why Vernon Butler Makes Sense + Highlights

    I get real excited thinking about Butler and kk rushing from the inside on passing downs.
  11. Great point Ealy does take a lil while to get going but so does CJ and that just makea it worse. That's why our DTS are so important because they will make it easier. And people wanted to draft a raw rookie DE, I think Butler was a good pick for our situation.
  12. A Funchess Reminder

    I agree
  13. A Funchess Reminder

    Yep, funch bout to take off
  14. Game 7

    Terrible how this team can't rebound.
  15. Offensive Line

    I would have been more worried about the OL if we didn't have darryl Williams. I think he will take remmers spot and be really good. Everyone else is fine, Mike oher did a great job for us last year and I don't see hi. Getting worse. Remmers was a big reason for those 2 losses by himself.