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  1. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    Hey i understood this a long time ago thats why i have been on the fence about what happened as well and not changed my stance. Pretty much everyone on hear has followed the media and refused to pay attention to the information coming out our own backyard.
  2. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    TD basically said what I and a few others have been saying for the longest. Just gonna leave it at that, and i applaud him for speaking out. It doesnt not make him any less of human being for it either, and it doesnt mean he is necessarily taking a side on the situation either. I suppose some of you that get real offended toward this situation will want to go and fight TD huh? Steve Reed even tweeted earlier today that Jason Garett reached out to talk to the Panthers before signing Hardy. So for everyone on hear that has bashed the cowboys for signing him its hilarious that your own team probably influenced it in the first place. Just putting it out there.
  3. Horton suspended 4 games

    LOOOOL....Wasnt like it was helping him anyway.
  4. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    I wonder this too
  5. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Coples can play DT too. So both positions  can be looked at
  6. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Sign him!!!
  7. Greg Hardy will be looking at the Huddle this week? LOL I guarantee Hardy cares nothing about this site. I swear Some of yall want more attention from him than he does from you.
  8. Cardinals are a very good team. I would rather get them at home than on the road, but even still they play just as good on the road. They will definitely be the best offense we would face all season. Too bad we wont get them during the regular season to see how we stack up. Gonna have to bring A game during the playoffs. This thing is not over with yet, i know it feels good to be overly confident but we are only 2 games ahead of them. We are still along ways away from securing a number one seed. Gotta keep taking care of business, we need to play like we want the undefeated season just to stay ahead crazy as it sounds.
  9. Why didnt the Bengals just try and get the first down instead of going for the endzone?? They could have got 7 there.
  10. Why didnt the Bengals just try and get the first down instead of going for the endzone?? They could have got 7 there.
  11. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    Hardy is not even that type of player. Nor does he have any ill will against Cam. Another thread reaching to outer space. Why people still think the Panthers sat Hardy and wasnt forced by the NFL is beyond me...but hey keep running with the fabricated stuff.
  12. Atlanta Falcons.... RISE UP

    Falcons are building a new stadium for everyone to win a superbowl in but them. LOL
  13. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Come on Rivera time to start taking some guys out.
  14. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Cotchery is slow. Cam had to put that only where he could get it