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  1. Neylus

    ESPN projections

    looks great at #9 until you see we’re projected 3rd in the NFCS. Can we move to the AFCE so we can get a guaranteed playoff bid ever year?
  2. Mark Cuban believes this ruling will ultimately double the value of sports franchises. Looks like Tepper hit the jackpot.
  3. After round one it appears Hurney was throwing darts with his eyes closed. It should at least appear that he had done his due diligence in preparing for the later rounds, oh well.
  4. I think we've been the commercial break for the last 5 years.
  5. Samuels would give us the #2 we need. If we could get him in the 3rd or 4th whew. Dude is very smart playmaker. When the chips were down Wolfpack nearly always went to him.
  6. Nobody who spends two billion plus on an NFL team is gonna sit there and watch them lose. @Mr. Scot Under most circumstances I would agree with that. We all know Steelers fans are some of the most hardened fans in the NFL. Tepper grew up just outside Pittsburgh, and well you know the rest. Just uncomfortable with the idea that the owner would have us as his #2 team. The NFL is littered with teams that are frustratingly operated as extremely lucrative investments - doing just enough to get by. That 2.5 billion is a fantastic investment, win or lose.
  7. Talking out of my arse here but here’s my knee jerk reactions. Tepper - Big fear he’s too much of a Steelers homer to ever put the Panthers above them, that’s pretty scary. Navarro - Can’t beat local ownership.
  8. Anyone else concerned Tepper would turn the Panthers into a Steelers farm team?
  9. 2013 saints at panthers in a torrential downpour. The harder it rained the louder the stadium got. Absolutely amazing, never forget it.
  10. D doesn't suck. Anyone can score if holding is OK....
  11. Davis was held on 3rd and long for a 1st. Tillman got illegally picked on the Fasano huge gain. Man I hope the fix isn't in.
  12. Neylus


    I thought we all liked jstew??? Man I gotta get with the times.
  13. Not t a fan of NFL until panthers arrived in 95. I watched NFL but really didn't care.