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  1. It could be heard clearly on TV. Of course New Orleans will get a pass because of their "specialness". Nothing will be mentioned by the media even though it was was a grotesque display of humanity caught live on national TV.
  2. This is the most frustrating coaching performance I can recall in the past 3 years. Good lord...
  3. This is the most frustrating coaching performance I can recall in the past 3 years. Good lord...
  4. Shula should be investigated for Vegas betting. Our red zone play calls are bizarre.
  5. Our defensive guys aren't even mentioned in the snub articles, lol. Cowboys though, they're so good they got 4 pro bowlers, lmao.
  6. Panthers own it. Won’t be torn down because it’s really nice.
  7. How can any long term Panther fan be surprised? Of course it’s 2 games, of course it is.
  8. These refs screwed us

    There were a lot of blocks in the back Green Bay got away with...I think we were called for 2 or 3. But hey we won. As a Panther's fan of 20 plus years I can count on 2 hands the games we had advantage due to calls. We have to blow teams out or else. Think about the run to the SB victory the Saints had. They had more victories that season due to officiating than the Panthers have had their entire existence. We have to overcome that.
  9. Is that the same game Peppers threw our touchdown ball away, lol.
  10. I really like Ryan Clark in that piece. He shut down the other talking heads when they started cranking up the tired bash Cam machine. Good for him.
  11. Multiple blocks in the back wtf....
  12. Why is this? This is a home game for Carolina right? Good lord they were instructing Keenum on how to score against us near the end of the half. You wouldn't know who we were if weren't Panthers fans, Jeez.
  13. And now the favoritism penalty calling starts... ugg I hate the NFL.