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  1. Neylus

    Jarius "got me feeling" Wright

    Torrey Smith play last night?
  2. Neylus

    Jarius "got me feeling" Wright

    Totally missed it but where was Torrey?
  3. Neylus

    Jordan Rodrigue

    Post of the season thus far IMHO
  4. Neylus

    Is Shaq Thompson a bust?

    If relative to draft position maybe, but still a solid contributor. Shaq has highlights but my reservations are with him taking plays off. I have witnessed him jogging behind the play and it’s frustrating. He seems to go hard when he knows hes got a guy dead to rights but not so much when he doesn’t. That’s not what we get from Luke and TD. Maybe I’m spoiled.
  5. Neylus

    ESPN projections

    looks great at #9 until you see we’re projected 3rd in the NFCS. Can we move to the AFCE so we can get a guaranteed playoff bid ever year?
  6. Mark Cuban believes this ruling will ultimately double the value of sports franchises. Looks like Tepper hit the jackpot.
  7. After round one it appears Hurney was throwing darts with his eyes closed. It should at least appear that he had done his due diligence in preparing for the later rounds, oh well.
  8. I think we've been the commercial break for the last 5 years.
  9. D doesn't suck. Anyone can score if holding is OK....
  10. Davis was held on 3rd and long for a 1st. Tillman got illegally picked on the Fasano huge gain. Man I hope the fix isn't in.
  11. Neylus


    I thought we all liked jstew??? Man I gotta get with the times.
  12. Not t a fan of NFL until panthers arrived in 95. I watched NFL but really didn't care.
  13. Neylus

    NFL Concept Helmets

    Love all of these. Everyone is an improvement over current. Eagles are particularly badass.