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  1. He should be a highly efficient player and Brees is really accurate and they don't rely on him for things that Thomas and Coleman are better at. he had a 5% drop rate last year which is totally fine and better than some of the guys you all think have infallible hands. Ginn's problem is the drops were usually on deep balls.
  2. I mean Tre Boston is clearly a good every down safety this year for San Diego. Kony is doing well for the Jets but that’s a big scheme difference. Bene’s injury was really severe. He could’ve been a solid depth player. All these players had potential but ultimately coaches would rather start the corpse of Jared Allen or sign and start Michael Griffin three days before the Julio game. Josh Norman could have also slipped away. These coaches aren’t infallible. poo like that is why people need to chill on making Worley the scapegoat.
  3. Rivers didn’t play for two years and Rodgers didn’t play for three.. age stats are so trivial
  4. Warming up is more than Devin Smith ever did but yeah, not worth the tweet
  5. Yup. I keep a post it note at home just to make sure I stay consistent with panther fan logic. Good play = Cam audible Bad play = shula play call Bad execution = bad play call (say something about run, run, pass even though they only run on first down 50%) good execution = players bailing out Shula (make sure to slide in some shot at KB here)
  6. lmao you all complaining about not seeing the field when you can actually see more
  7. I doubt this is something only the Panthers do and it's really isn't going to impact TOP rankings across the league. The real negative would be if there's a correlation between TOP and lack of big plays.
  8. think CMC should’ve have cut that 17 yarder outside. Also holy poo at the closing speed of Peppers. Funchess underneath is going to be money
  9. One one hand it's really impressive he did that against a fast defense, but on the other they're not a huge defense and I think that's ideal for our OL.
  10. CMC cannot chip linemen

    I knew I saw this when watching live but didn't know it was a lineman and not a LB..
  11. The Ewing Theory

    The problem is that when we lost KB in 2015 we had Stewart averaging 4.9YPC in the first halves of games along with Olsen, Ginn and Cotchery.. Also a defense that led the league in turnovers and was great at scoring. Not saying they can't do it but the pieces they have to use are entirely different. It's just puzzling because, it should mean that they're confident in the WRs they have after KB. But there hasn't really been that much other than Funchess. Shepard is OK and we still don't know anything about Samuel the WR. Honestly above all this type of move is a risky one to take with a player like Cam. You have the other best teams in the NFC making moves to up the ante while Cam watches his friend and leading WR get traded when they're 5-3 and KB is playing reasonably well through an injury scare. Superstars leave now a days, Jerry. Quit fuging around.
  12. yeah I definitely don't believe he's arrived yet. I'd also need to see the number of targets and how that compares to the rest of the league. Being efficient with the press is nice but big plays win games and make names. Bradberry has forced just 2 turnovers in 20 games, 2 INTs and 0 FF. I want to see more aggressiveness from him.
  13. A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

    are you familiar with the term, "scapegoat"? KB and Worley are responsible for most of the problems in huddler's lives.
  14. my perspective is I've seen Rivera's teams when they're in a spiral and it all looks the same. Cue wacky poo and epic failures that usually happen very early. You know once this team gets down by 14 they're pretty much fuged. What's the Cam/Rivera record on comebacks? You know what separates the great teams and not just the teams that flash every other year? They weather the bullshit. This team can win some tight games and get a big lead and hang on. They've never proven to me that they can make it a tale of two halves and change the tide. That's a lot on coaching, a lot on the playmakers out there and then some luck. they were the experienced team with 10 days rest. Totally pathetic.
  15. Don't let the fact that one eye is blacker than the other fool you. This defense hasn't done anything other than bend to good QBs since the Saints. This defense has been so completely middle of the pack since the Bills game. wish I could find team PBU's somewhere. I see other teams make plays on the ball and I'm like wtf is that?