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  1. How many franchises can claim they've been more consistent with their current head coach right now? Patriots and Seahawks? Maybe Steelers but without getting past a divisional round? 2014 wasn't totally totally earned but they dealt with 4/5 starters on the OL changing, a terrible secondary because of cap restraints and the franchise tag player being put on exempt list. Cam also had his rib injury and then the car accident. 2016 was again high turnover in one unit being the secondary, the LT having a career ending concussion and our QB taking headshots all year. I don't see why moving on would help when Rivera has produced when his roster is stable year to year.. We have areas of weakness but there won't be another unit getting decimated like those two down years. Some of that you can criticize Gettleman for but in the effects of the Hurney contracts were still taking a toll on their ability to fund plans and it was unfortunate Josh was too old for a big contract. you all need to realize that even if they get big leads and then barely hold on to finish, most teams don't even get that lead. There's a reason the spreads on NFL games is an average of less than a TD.
  2. Ryan Kalil is everything

    Still think it's more about playing at home Larsen was fine against atlanta and the dolphins
  3. so you're saying trading KB wasn't going to take us back in time to when we had receivers that had real experience?
  4. seemed like Kalil helped by driving his man into him but that DT had already lost that play so while it wasn't a flat out pancake it was still great play from the both of them
  5. HOLY poo. Bradberry and Coleman can be criticized now??? WHERE AM I?? I need guidance. Who should I be biased for? I thought I was supposed to just stay quiet about Coleman and Bradberry getting beaten over the top for late TDs and lucks out when the WR drops the ball but then freak out when Worley gives up an 8 yard pass. You know what's really sad? The best I've ever seen a Rivera secondary play was the end of 2014 when they allowed 13 points on the road vs New Orleans and Atlanta combined. The secondary was Norman, rookie Boston, Bene, Melvin White and Harper. They didn't even have a great pass rush. So basically Rivera's scheme doesn't work unless he has shutdown corner and/or ball hawks. Look at his defenses in SD and Chicago. Same thing.
  6. Did we let Tre Boston go early?

    Boston was a scapegoat. I don't know the scheme differences but the Chargers have good corners which helps him roam more than we can. He was never bad as this place tried to make him and as a whole the defense played better with him in 2014 and 2015. He's definitely not a player you cut like that when your safeties are Coleman and Adams, who by the way are getting beat deep habitually. Kind of concerning how Rivera has issues with so many DBs..
  7. Definitely shouldn't have cut outside. Debatable if he scores but he would've gotten further cutting right.
  8. The corners are all in their second year. Pretty simple, no?
  9. Coleman and Bradberry don't deserve the blind eye they get
  10. He should be a highly efficient player and Brees is really accurate and they don't rely on him for things that Thomas and Coleman are better at. he had a 5% drop rate last year which is totally fine and better than some of the guys you all think have infallible hands. Ginn's problem is the drops were usually on deep balls.
  11. I mean Tre Boston is clearly a good every down safety this year for San Diego. Kony is doing well for the Jets but that’s a big scheme difference. Bene’s injury was really severe. He could’ve been a solid depth player. All these players had potential but ultimately coaches would rather start the corpse of Jared Allen or sign and start Michael Griffin three days before the Julio game. Josh Norman could have also slipped away. These coaches aren’t infallible. poo like that is why people need to chill on making Worley the scapegoat.
  12. Rivers didn’t play for two years and Rodgers didn’t play for three.. age stats are so trivial
  13. Warming up is more than Devin Smith ever did but yeah, not worth the tweet
  14. Yup. I keep a post it note at home just to make sure I stay consistent with panther fan logic. Good play = Cam audible Bad play = shula play call Bad execution = bad play call (say something about run, run, pass even though they only run on first down 50%) good execution = players bailing out Shula (make sure to slide in some shot at KB here)
  15. lmao you all complaining about not seeing the field when you can actually see more