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  1. What are the down and distances? The run game being so pathetic is exposing the 2016 weakness. 1- 2nd and 9 2- 3rd and 19 (back to back) 3- 2nd and 10 4- 2nd and 5 5- 2nd and 10 6- 3rd and 17 (back to back) There you have it. To me the problem is worse when you notice it's happening on 2nd down. To me that says Cam isn't trying to use all three downs.
  2. As far as Funchess goes...

    He's had a handful of statistically better games but to me this was the best he's looked because he imposed himself. KB and him were the silver lining on offense.
  3. It's really good work but is it worth it to write 1000 words on him? Optimism is great, blind optimism isn't. Garrett was supposed to be the next UDFA stud and people were blowing him up all preseason based on highlight tapes. He just got cut and the hype moves on to the player that hasn't failed to live up to the unrealistic expectations. There really aren't that many skill position players that turn into something after a few years. Usually you can tell pretty quickly if a guy has the innate sense and grabs your attention by actually making plays, not just how physically impressive they are. Norman was a rare case of a stud developing slowly because he lacked discipline and cost himself a lot of years but IRC, he had multiple picks in his first practice. Churning the bottom of the roster is key, but if you look at the late round steals in the NFL, a lot of them proved their worth quickly. Teams just aren't going to wait on low investment players.
  4. Stewart was one of the few players you couldn't blame for 2016. His stats were terrible with a 3.3 YPC and yet he still elite breaking tackles which tells you had incredibly bad the blocking was.
  5. ratings are low but how do they compare to this matchup being played on a sunday? They're squeezing more revenue out of poo matchups. It's probably a huge success on the bottom line and with corporate partnerships like Amazon this year. It's bad for football but good for short term profits.
  6. Panthers in NYC

    If you're really against the prices the unlimited brunch is good but you'd have to get there early. Brooklyn can be cheaper but the prices at Amity Hall are standard for manhattan and there aren't many bars with more selection. at least brother jimmy's isn't the panther bar anymore.
  7. what is this, "reclaiming potential" for a UDFA...?
  8. I have issues.

    Anyone remember the bomb to KB in Oakland? Funchess was wayyyy more open than this where I don't think he is that realistic an option regardless of safety help. That was 3rd and 2, don't remember people complaining when it works. Might even be the same exact play. Not that big a risk to throw it up to kb if it's put in the middle of the endzone edit- not the same play, but there's two play fakes. Would we be complaining about too many fakes if it goes wrong? I mean we didn't even hear a peep about Funchess running 10 yards open on the opposite side. http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2016112710/2016/REG12/[email protected]?icampaign=GC_schedule_rr#menu=gameinfo|contentId%3A0ap3000000747188&tab=videos
  9. Devin Funchess

    Should we use the other 31 games? He has one game over 100 yards (week 17 of 2015) and five over 50 yards. He can't claim to be as good as LaFell at this point.
  10. Devin Funchess

    He caught 2 passes, like his career average. What has he done to change anyone's opinion?
  11. 2 targets like I said he'd get.
  12. Wait... preseason is about testing things out????
  13. Funchess demoted?

    Samuel was 4/6 not 10, slight difference.. not sure why you didn't just go look it up... and they were clearly focused on getting him some reps and force feeding him. Anderson was terrible so it's tough to judge Byrd, Funchess or Samuel but we've seen Funchess underachieve and have the lowest efficiency in the entire NFL. Samuel played his first game and was getting 2 yard passes. This thread is trying way too hard to cut people.
  14. nothing brings out the hoarder in football fans like thinking guys will be stolen off the PS. It's not like the NFL teams can just stash him on their own PS. Signing a guy up to the 53 is a big deal for a player they don't truly know. Garrett was probably the guy everyone said couldn't last on the PS last year and now nobody even cares.