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  1. >post about how a rookie DE is looking good in camp with a little supplemental clip of a rep for content >replies being caught up in the rep who knew training camp would be too advanced for most people to have conversations about
  2. I went to IU a while ago and sadly still watch some IU football. The program has been a little different lately with guys like Tevin Coleman and Jordan Howard stoping through. When I saw Tevin Coleman for the first time at IU I was just like wow that's an NFL player for sure as he steamrolled elite defenses. I felt the same way when I first saw Ian Thomas catch a gorgeous over the shoulder TD against Ohio State. He had been in one offseason at a D1 school and he looked like an NFL player against Ohio State. He has all the tools and he's a great story but we don't know about his feel for the game but still, he's got more potential than any #2 TE we've had he's in such a great spot with Olsen as a mentor.
  3. Reasons why I like DE in the first: 1) This year is so deep and the position is dominated by blue chip players. Over the last three years, 11/14 All-Pros were first round picks. Cameron Wake, Greg Hardy and Calais Campbell were the three. 2) A promising DE now means we could have the best front seven in the league set for the next five years. I really like Dodd as he fits into our DE mold that rotates inside on passing downs. 3) Defensive end is probably the safest position to choose based on getting them playing time while not inexperienced liabilities to worry about. Our other needs are much higher risk positions and so I think we'll see the coaches go with vets till the coaches feel they've developed long term replacements. It's so much easier to put DEs in situations to succeed. OT, S, CB can all give up major game changing plays in the blink of an eye. Of course a DE could lose contain but they're not the last line of defense or protecting Cam. If we are guarding leads as often as this past season, that's exactly when we need a rookie DE to turn loose without too much worry.
  4. What a stupid way to make an argument. HOF PLAYER X DIDNT DO IT SO CAM SHOULDNT EITHER. Go fuging watch Magic Johnson and get back to me. Go watch Lebron and get back to me. Cam does it because he can back it up physically. He takes the hits, he earns the first downs. Tom Brady is always the most physically frail person on the field, that's why he doesn't do it. I get that MJ was a hero but Cam is a better role model as a person than MJ ever was. Cam's resume has less blemishes than either of your examples. You sound like the old white people back when the Fab 5 came out not playing the "white way" THEY PLAY A fuging GAME.
  5. ShutDwn

    Panthers PFF Grades - Offense

    This isn't normal statistics though. I don't see how Olsen's pass catching impact could have been offset by his run blocking. I'm not doubting he wasn't good at blocking, I just doubt that his performance was equally as bad as his receiving was good.
  6. ShutDwn

    Panthers PFF Grades - Defense

    I remember people saying Bene wouldn't see a lot of snaps three weeks ago.
  7. Great show as always A foot injury to a 310lb man is being so overlooked. I'm not convinced in Tolbert's value as a runner, but it isn't because of Lee Ward. He is not converting short yardage. The preseason was just Deja Vu from last year not scoring. If you asked people to say how many TDs Mike scored LY, few would've guessed zero. Fans are questioning this because we are so terrible in the redzone and converting 3rd downs I don't want to waste carries. I don't care if he stays, just stop giving him the ball like it's 2013 when he's trending 2014. I think defenses have figured out if you just make a pileup in front of him he can't get through. Don't fight him straight up, just get to his feet.
  8. If you have each RB 10 attempts from the 2 yard line, do we really think Tolbert would be obviously more effective than everyone excluding Stewart? He's been pretty stoppable lately. Anyone remember that 3rd & 9 draw in the first half? He runs 7 yards untouched straight into a tackler. A different back might've made a move for the extra 3. I'm always left thinking what someone else would've done with that carry.
  9. I wouldn't describe catching less than 30 passes three years straight as "extremely effective" Wouldn't you wonder what another RB with some speed would've done with that catch? Only thing he does better than the other RBs outside of Stewart is pass block.
  10. First off, great write up, thanks a ton. Looks like I'm not the first to ask about this note, can you expand how you see the safeties being used? My first reaction is "oh lord, not Harper at FS" but maybe I'm totally wrong in how we use our safeties.. When the defense came on strong at the end of the year, I thought Harper was SS playing in the box and Boston at FS playing centerfield (generally). Haven't heard much about Boston, is Coleman just overshadowing? I'm pleasantly surprised about Coleman, not that I think he's the same mold but his acquisition reminds me in ways of Mike Mitchell.