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  1. ShutDwn added a post in a topic Derek Anderson Extended   

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  2. ShutDwn added a post in a topic Other Team's Cuts   

    It's this fanbase's favorite guy to talk about getting for some reason. My guess is they're looking to fill the void of Stephen Hill/David Gettis/Drew Carter 
    He won't start for Vikings but he is always a threat returning. 
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  3. ShutDwn added a post in a topic Other Team's Cuts   

    Ellington has been hurt and was hoping to guarantee a spot based on the KR/PR duties he fulfilled but that Rugby player Hayne has been tearing it up. 
    Interesting player but with such limited tape on him I don't think they pick him up. 
    Gettleman will stick with known commodities at this point.
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  4. ShutDwn added a post in a topic Huddle Podcast - Talking Panthers with Jonathan Jones   

    Great show as always
    A foot injury to a 310lb man is being so overlooked.
    I'm not convinced in Tolbert's value as a runner, but it isn't because of Lee Ward. He is not converting short yardage. The preseason was just Deja Vu from last year not scoring. If you asked people to say how many TDs Mike scored LY, few would've guessed zero.
    Fans are questioning this because we are so terrible in the redzone and converting 3rd downs I don't want to waste carries. I don't care if he stays, just stop giving him the ball like it's 2013 when he's trending 2014. I think defenses have figured out if you just make a pileup in front of him he can't get through. Don't fight him straight up, just get to his feet.
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  5. ShutDwn added a post in a topic Further indictment against Tolbert   

    so then he should have a decent % of runs that go for 1st downs.. Oh, nope he had by far a career low of 10%
    0 TDs and 10% conversion.. Short yardage specialist?
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  6. ShutDwn added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    If you have each RB 10 attempts from the 2 yard line, do we really think Tolbert would be obviously more effective than everyone excluding Stewart? 
    He's been pretty stoppable lately. Anyone remember that 3rd & 9 draw in the first half? He runs 7 yards untouched straight into a tackler. A different back might've made a move for the extra 3. 
    I'm always left thinking what someone else would've done with that carry. 
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  7. ShutDwn added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    I wouldn't describe catching less than 30 passes three years straight as "extremely effective" 
    Wouldn't you wonder what another RB with some speed would've done with that catch? 
    Only thing he does better than the other RBs outside of Stewart is pass block.
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  8. ShutDwn added a post in a topic Wegher Love Goes Here   

    Fozzy wouldn't even be in this discussion if he hadn't made the team last year when the competition wasn't nearly this good. 
    His running style is the most finesse of all the backs while Todman and Wegher have the same speed. 
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  9. ShutDwn added a post in a topic Rivera On RB Cuts   

    Tolbert had 37 carries last year in 8 games, he averaged 2.1ypc and 10% 1st down rate (he's short yardage back) and 0 TDs.
    preseason or not, he didn't look quick enough last night if a pile gets in his way. 
    I'd rather have Ward and Wegher over Fozzy and Tolbert.
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  10. ShutDwn added a post in a topic The coaches need to quell Funch's seemingly obvious anxiety.   

    You extrapolated a lot about his psyche from a pretty generic quote. 
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  11. ShutDwn added a post in a topic This "running game" everyone keeps bringing up   

    How do other teams without a 6'5" battering ram QB run the ball? Do they just give it to someone else? Is there anyone on the team that fills this role? 
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  12. ShutDwn added a post in a topic I liked Ward's quote Monday, but Coleman's today even more. Trendsetters?   

    Seems like he has more coverage ability than Mitchell but still physical.
    Old clip, but he sounds like a smart Safety, which I want for the last line of defense.
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  13. ShutDwn added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Notes and Photos - Day 5   

    First off, great write up, thanks a ton.
    Looks like I'm not the first to ask about this note, can you expand how you see the safeties being used?
    My first reaction is "oh lord, not Harper at FS" but maybe I'm totally wrong in how we use our safeties.. When the defense came on strong at the end of the year, I thought Harper was SS playing in the box and Boston at FS playing centerfield (generally). 
    Haven't heard much about Boston, is Coleman just overshadowing? I'm pleasantly surprised about Coleman, not that I think he's the same mold but his acquisition reminds me in ways of Mike Mitchell. 
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