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  1. Interesting comments from Bronco CB Harris

    Nobody is questioning their defense. The line is because of their QB. If anyone is being wrongfully unrecognized it's the Carolina defense that made the 2nd and 3rd best QBs look terrible for 6/8 quarters
  2. Kickoff or Receive?

    There's no advantage to receiving.    By the way, you never choose to kick, you defer the choice to receive or to kickoff to the 2nd half. 
  3. Marty Hurney

    If you credit him for taking Cam and Luke you need to also look at the 2009, 2010 and rest of 2011 drafts. He totally whiffed on building the middle of the roster.   Our Hurney players aren't winning without Gettlemans drafting and free agents.    Hurney sunk the ship and found treasure. 
  4. 100% agree. The last two years have felt like he's 33 and not 28-29.  Unless he goes off in the SB I don't think his market is great so he is best served extending re-structuring.  I'd love to get a good edge rusher in the first few rounds.   I know Alexander is a fug up but at this point why not pay him the minimum and once his suspension is over we have great/cheap injury insurance.
  5. 2015 Philly Brown is our 2012 Doug Balwdin

    yea that's a lot of snaps
  6. Start Funchess over Philly?

    lol wut they have nearly identical stat lines... Funchess hadn't put up more than 30 yards in 6 games before last Sunday... Philly has had 59,50,39,58... Cam also missed Philly for an easy huge gain in New Orleans. Regardless, starting doesn't matter because their roles are different and Cam uses them to take shots depending where we are.  
  7. GIFs from the Bucs game

    Tolbert looks hilarious doing Cam's head towel.
  8. Personnel and Coaching

    That game was over in the 3rd quarter, snap counts aren't useful here
  9. Benwikere talks about Norman

    That's pure hyperbole. Rivera straight up said he was proud of how Josh handled himself in NY. Stick to the facts, not the stuff fans pretend to know. The media was all over Josh all week. Fact. The refs were obviously more watchful. Fact. They stood at midfield pregame, they threw a flag on Tillman on the first defensive series. Fact. 3/5 of our secondary is 30+ years old and our pass rush isn't getting there so we have to play more zone. Fact.  Josh didn't look totally himself, but to blame Rivera is stupid. Did Rivera also fug with Luke and TD? 
  10. Benwikere talks about Norman

    Good to see the "want it more" guys are out in full force in this thread.
  11. Benwikere talks about Norman

    you're clueless
  12. He is a good tackler but he isn't a big guy so he relies on momentum more than strength. Earl Thomas is an all-pro safety but he couldn't play Kam Chancellor's role.  A SS should be 6', 210, and most importantly a bigger frame with long arms to wrap up better and also play TEs. Coleman has guns but they're not long, Roman is like a lobster. If Kurt could play Roman's spot better don't you think we'd do that and play Boston at FS?
  13. Eric Weddle is not an in the box safety... 
  14. Defense has an achilles heel...

    We really need CJ to get going like he did last year and Ealy is due for another sack streak.  Our DEs have 1.5 sacks in the last four games. Yes, Short is a key rusher but that just makes it worse that the other guys aren't getting there. On top of it all is that QBs have thrown at least 40 passes in all four games..    We we have great blitzes but in order to maintain leads we really need the pass rush
  15. GIFs from the Falcons game

    LOL look at Boston when Coleman swoops in front of him for that pick, then he's celebrating right next to him. This team is competitive with each other.