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  1. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    I love watching them lose.
  2. Is it still unbelievable to anyone else?

    It is a bit surreal. I think some of us (I certainly was) were fearful of staying in mediocrity forever and becoming something like the Browns. When Dave stepped in from day one I felt a change. I love watching highlights from this year it has really been special. 
  3. Before we get all happy

    too late already happy
  4. I'm in Thailand. HELP

    sounds like you could use some drugs
  5. Cam is on fire... best stretch of his career

    Err, the receivers have been pretty reliable the last three weeks and I'll take 63%.
  6. Will Funchess Emerge This Week?

    you can do whatever you want. i dont see the point in speculating this kind of thing. to each his own though. this was my perspective. quite a jump to assume im not a fan of any discussion, but by all means if it suits you.
  7. Will Funchess Emerge This Week?

    I don't know and no amount of speculation will give us the answer. Just watch the game.
  8. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    Good lord. I honestly don't think about it. So what, if we lose we lose if we go undefeated then we go undefeated. Just watch it play out. I want us to win every game, meaning on when we line up I want to win. I don't think about being undefeated, if we are lining up for a game winning field goal are you going to be like OH GOD THE STREAK. I'm just worried about hitting it and moving on. The past is the past, yes it is full of wins, but it means nothing for tomorrow. 
  9. Top 3 teams in the NFC. (Be thou Pissed)

    I can't stand Phil Simms. He gets butthurt a lot, too.
  10. Well you have to look at it this way... oh it is a PU thread As you were...
  11. Cam's celebration was not excessive

    What gets me is people talking crap about Cam as if the Titans #54 isn't the immature one trying to start crap
  12. Cam's celebration was not excessive

    My Titans friend is super butt hurt about this
  13. It isn't wrong for us to be happy to see players get the accolades they deserve. Don't be so dull. 
  14. Attention

    down with capitalism!!