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  • What you should know Well gentlemen.. Where should I begin? I'm in the military and stationed at Fort Bragg, I've been in for almost 9 years. In those nine years I have been deployed NUMEROUS times to several different combat zones and have fought on 4 continents. I work in the communications field. That's about all I can say about that.

    I have been a Panthers fan since the franchise's inception and have followed them very closely. I'm currently a member of DeAngelo and J-Stew's fan club and I used to post on a site called the Panther Coalition. I can not even begin to tell you how many posts I had on there before it shut down. I really wish I had known about this site for the last several years as I have been unable to fill my blogging interests! I am using the same user name here that I did over at the Coalition, so if you used to blog there as well, then you undoubtedly remember me from there. Looking forward to the draft in 6 days... and then who knows what happens after that. I hope the OWNERS get their heads out of their ASSES and make this happen. This will be the first time in 5 years that I will actually be stateside (home) for football season! Me and my buddies will be MORE than pissed if the season doesnt happen.It will be nice not having to sit at the cpu and watch the progress on or see the Panthers play on AFN... for those of you who might know what AFN is you know exactly what I mean. I wont have to worry about a Panthers radio subscription either this year! Hopefully the NFL will come through for America! I just really cant see them losing out on 7 Billion dollars but then again who knows at this point! I have many draft opinions and thoughts and look forward to sharing them with everyone here. With all that said it's time to get my blog on! See you guys out there!
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