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  1. Of course even after clocking the ball on first down, the ball wasn't snapped for the field goal until there was 1 second on the play clock. If setting up for that field goal had taken 1 more second, Gano would have had to kick that from 68. And then nobody has talked about the fact that we had at least 3 timeouts in the game called because the playclock had run out, one of those in the second half. Had we not had to waste that timeout then Gano wouldn't have had to kick it from Greensboro with only 1 second on the play clock to win the game. Teams are supposed to win because of their coach. Yesterday felt like they won in spite of the coach.
  2. Actually just went back and watched it again to make sure I got it right. It would go really well with the Benny Hill theme as accompaniment.
  3. It wasn't on TV but is on the coaches film on gamepass. OBJ lateraled back to somebody who hit Shepard. Shepard I think was past the 40 and tried to pass it back to someone on the sidelines. Went through his hands and out of bounds.
  4. bigpoppa

    Random Thoughts On Gano's GW FG

    You try that kick at the end of the half or game. Missing a 63 yard field goal when there is time on the clock gives it to the other team on your side of the 50
  5. bigpoppa

    A funny thought about that kick

    Even Silatolu couldn't block that kick
  6. Don't think it would help as by the time someone gets that deep Cam would be on his back or running for his life with Amini (or Matt Kalil before he was injured) watching and just shrugging his shoulders.
  7. bigpoppa

    4% fat, 100% machine, 110% focused

    Kelvin Benjamin, 100% fat, 4% machine, 0% focused
  8. bigpoppa

    Darryl Williams to undergo surgery

    Let's pretend for a moment that Olsen comes back and we are still well in playoff contention. Forcing Ian Thomas to get that experience and then teaming him with a rested Olsen is not a terrible outcome
  9. bigpoppa

    So while Tepper’s at it...

    I remember once when playing the Cardinals. He said "Kurt Warner wearing gloves on both hands as if he is about to operate a chain saw" I thought that was pretty good.
  10. We could always pick up Amini later in the year as no other team in their right minds would sign him.
  11. But just think. This means next year he will finally be healthy
  12. bigpoppa

    Saturday Camp thread

    Funny, he wasn't at the game Thursday either
  13. It's all about visualization, like on The Water Boy. Kelvin has found his visualization and used it last night
  14. If I remember correctly, the fact Steve Smith wasn't impressive as a rookie wasn't his fault. They drafted him as a return man and thought he was too small to play receiver.
  15. Maybe they should put Matt Kalil on him. Probably the only player on the field he could stay in front of