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  1. Based on the fact that the Patriot's center was tipping off the snap I'm not as concerned. Also as much as they base their attack on getting off the snap quickly I think Cam gets them on at least 2 encroachment calls early with his cadence. That gets them on their heels and slows them down.  
  2. Panther Gear at CLT Airport?

    Can't imagine a more expensive place to buy anything than the Airport. I got mine from the Panthers shop since I am in Dallas and all you can get is Cowboys gear.
  3. Marshal Faulk mentioned something about that on one of the videos on He said that teams are used to either their home crowd noise or away crowd noise. He said sometimes that neutral field can actually affect the players because it isn't what they are used to. Don't know if I put much stock in that, but he has played in more SuperBowls than I have 
  4. We are now 6 point favorites!

    Correct, this simply means that the gambling public is not impressed with Denver
  5. Pro Bowl replacements

    Remember when this time of year we were excited when one of the Panthers would become a replacement in the Pro Bowl? I think that condition should now be called Falconitis
  6. Lovie Smith... OUT?!?!

    FULL Meltdown
  7. Usually we don't pick who the experts say, then get criticized for not picking who the experts say, then after a year have the experts say they knew who we picked would be great.
  8. I've been there. They play the music loud so you don't hear the flushing sound the Saint's season makes every year.
  9. We all saw that a few sections over. There were at least 2 fights close to us and another that almost occured right in front of us. Apparently Cowboys fans don't like it when their team gets blown out. Looks like they would be used to it
  10. Props to Oher

    So I'm too lazy to look this up, but didn't the Titans cut Oher, then pick up Byron Bell as their left tackle?    
  11. Cowboys country? Na, it's Panther country

    Alot of carolina blue in our section

    Just got my tickets today. My wife got me and me 2 tickets on the aisle, 17th row in the end zone. Somehow she managed to only pay $360 for both. Stressing if my new shirts and jackets will get here in time for me and my son. Never met anyone on here but have been on and off the site since it started way back when. Might drop by the tailgate and meet some folks.
  13. Crowd Noise in At&t Stadium May Be a Factor

    Two less Cowboys fans in section 148 with me and my son there. BTW, one hilarious thing I heard today on The Ticket here in Dallas. They were talking about the Panthers and tool #1 asks tool #2 about the Panthers defense. Tool #2 talks about Luke and says he is a good linebacker that reminds him of Sean Lee. Almost had to stop the car.
  14. On to Dallas and a Turkey dinner

    So I live in Dallas and ive actually never heard it as quiet as it has been this year from Cowboys fans. Ill tell you alot of the fans are upset about the Hardy thing. I just bought my tickets for the game last night. Gonna be in section 148 with my son. Of all the games this year I hope they put a beating on a team it is this one. 
  15. So this happened on the way to Charlotte

    And he got screwed on his trade in