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  1. Salary Cap officially set

    The Saints are probably still over the cap.
  2. I'm I Dallas and couldn't go in 03. Already was thinking about booking a hotel
  3. Based on the fact that the Patriot's center was tipping off the snap I'm not as concerned. Also as much as they base their attack on getting off the snap quickly I think Cam gets them on at least 2 encroachment calls early with his cadence. That gets them on their heels and slows them down.
  4. Panther Gear at CLT Airport?

    Can't imagine a more expensive place to buy anything than the Airport. I got mine from the Panthers shop since I am in Dallas and all you can get is Cowboys gear.
  5. Marshal Faulk mentioned something about that on one of the videos on He said that teams are used to either their home crowd noise or away crowd noise. He said sometimes that neutral field can actually affect the players because it isn't what they are used to. Don't know if I put much stock in that, but he has played in more SuperBowls than I have
  6. Did Oher false start? looks to be ahead of the snap
  7. Panthers Training Camp Notes and Photos - Day 5

    I see Ward and I think of another un-drafted fullback we had many years ago.
  8. Ranking the NFC South Quarterbacks

    If we'r going to be homers, lets be homers: 1. Cam 2. Derek Anderson 3. Brees 4. Ryan 5. Winston
  9. Job interview advice

    I would agree. It's amazing how small the world really is. Someone at this place might know someone at your current place. The interviews that impress me the most are those who can tell the story of what they have done. Don't just talk about the projects but how you solved the problems. Put yourself in the shoes of the person interviewing you and try to think of what problems they face in their role. Try to articulate how you have solved those types of problems before. I have to hire very technical people but I will hire someone with less experience that has a knack for solving needs and a desire to learn and grow.