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  1. NFL announces 1 game suspension for Beckham

    Been lurking for many years and just had to post my opinion on this topic and I know a lot of you guys and gals will agree!   I visited Wofford College during training camp and was so impressed with Norman and his training regime. Most days he could be seen after practice doing additional training with coaches mostly working on catching the football in all situations. Most of the time he would be sitting flat on the ground and having the coaches throwing balls at him as hard as they could. (clearly the results came with all the hard work) and he still had time to come by and autograph me and my wife's hats afterwards. Jeremy knows this all to well with Norman's commitment to come on his program so many times in the past. Norman is a class character!   I don't have to explain how great of a season that he has had so far, the results speak for themselves but coming into this game, the matchup between Norman and Beckham was magnified for the whole world to see and was really blown out of proportion to begin with but Norman took this as an opportunity to not only show his Physical skills on the ball field but his Mental fortitude as well. Norman has figured out that there are many was to defeat an opponent and it doesn't always require simply being the fastest or the strongest. Norman has learned how to attack his opponent mentally.  He has done it all season and the results are speaking for themselves. Not only did Norman shutdown Beckham for 90% of the game but he did it in a manner that absolutely embarrassed Beckham as a man and has put his whole character into question for the whole world to see! Norman pushed him so far that he nearly got Beckham ejected and now has got him Suspended for a game. My friends this is called completely OWNING a player.    Point of all this text being, Norman has become a complete corner and has the balls and audacity to mentally challenge the best in the league. Pray that we have the cap space to lock this kid down because he is something special. (Or at least Tag him)