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  1. I love that his company is based out of Charleston. He owns a house on Broad Street (downtown), probably means he's got property on the islands too.
  2. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    If this was a Julio Jones type, I'd be more open to it, but not for a RB.
  3. The preseason is six months away. I refuse to be anything but optimistic.
  4. A fine mess

    This approach has failed (and failed spectacularly) far more often than it succeeds.
  5. A fine mess

    Let me see if I can help you out: Billable Hours.
  6. The downside to this plan is you have to take a deep discount on a quarterback at the trade deadline. You could get much more now as your trade partner will see it as a 2018/19 move. You wait for the deadline, he's got the learn offense, etc. and they see it as a 2019/20 move and offer less. Perfect example was the Pats only getting a 2nd for Jimmy GQ when they should have gotten a 1st.
  7. I find it odd Rivera would be a willing party to this.
  8. I hope NBC fires Collinsworth

    I thought he said "I can't wait until they change this rule." I think with both controversial TD's Collisworth was venting his frustration with the 'catch' rule.
  9. Everyone has a price and no one should be off limits. If some team comes with a strong enough offer, you make the deal.
  10. For me it was the road trip up to Charlotte with a couple of good friends for Philadelphia game. Being three and half hours away from Charlotte, I generally only make one game a year in person at the most. I didn't love how the game ended, but we had a great time hanging out together. I got to be in the stadium to watch the team live, eat at a surprisingly good hole in wall Mexican place near our hotel, and walk around town after the game.
  11. He led SF to the NFC Championship game in '11 before being replace by CK in the middle of '12.
  12. He would have been on the staff with Scott Turner when Turner was coaching for Michigan?