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  1. It's why Fitz has started telling he'll pay their fine if they hit him high.
  2. I'd love to see Webb get a shot in Buffalo. I thought he had a nice preseason.
  3. Number of player selected in the Top 10 who made the Pro Bowl in their rookie seasons: 2016 - 1 (Elliot) 2015 - 3 (Winston. Amari Cooper, and Todd Gurley) 2014 - 0 2013 - 0 2012 - 3 (Luck, RG3, Matt Kalil - this is not a typo) 2011 - 4 (Newton, Von Miller, AJ Green, Patrick Peterson) Given that players like Kuechly, Julio, and Tyron Smith didn't make the Pro Bowl as rookies, its unfair to put that expectation on any rookie. We should also acknowledge in this discussion the inherent issues with Pro Bowl selections (every year players don't get selected who should). I still hold that a top 8 pick has to be a Pro Bowl caliber player in their first contract (5 years) for it to be a successful pick. CMC has a long way to go before any final judgement can be rendered. It's too early to make a determination on the pick one way or the other. Again, apologies for not understanding the original request. @Shocker and @jfra78
  4. I know there was some concern when Gruden started doing MNF that he would give information to Jay Gruden on the Redskins opponents. I think that's died down. The bigger story here, to me, is Greg is seriously looking at life after football. Once you start thinking that way, retirement isn't that far off.
  5. I would think that's exactly what our scouts in the pro scouting department do every week while the college scouts are at college games.
  6. Sorry about that, I misunderstood it. If I have time today I'll go back over the list and see who made it as rooks.
  7. 2011 - 8/10 2012 - 4/10 2013 - 1/10 (brutal year) 2014 - 4/10 2015 - 6/10 2016 - 1/10 About 40%, but I expect that to rise to 50% once a couple more of the 2016 class get Pro Bowl nods (Goff, Wentz, Ramsey, Conklin all have decent shots this year).
  8. Can't belive I'm saying this, but on defense, you've got to bring Adams or Coleman down into the box to shut down Kamara/Ingram. That means Bradberry/Worley/Seymore have to handle Thomas/Ginn one on one on the outside. Put them in 3rd and long and Peppers/Addision have to get Brees off the spot and force a bad throw that leads to a Kuechley pick. On offense, you've got to run the ball at 4 ypc average. Take the crowd out of it with long drives. Stay in 3rd in short where Cam becomes almost unstoppable. Cam has to run for 50+ yards. Need a big game from Olsen and Shepherd as I expect Lattimore to take away Fun Fun. Take the checkdown, move the sticks, keep Brees off the field. Wear the NO defense out and salt it away in the 4th. Not sure the Panthers can pull it off, but that's how I'd approach it.
  9. I love the things he did last night, but a top 10 pick? That should be a pro bowler, and I just don't see it yet. Maybe it's unrealistic expectations but picking a RB that high, you need Fournette/Elliot/take over the game by themselves kind of production. I love CMC but that's not him, yet. (Full disclosure: I wanted Lattimore)
  10. It's going to be so awesome when we beat Bama in the Iron Bowl this year. War Eagle, Class of '93
  11. It seems like the players have many "major issues" going into the next CBA. The problem I see is they don't have a ton to give. CBA is at its heart a negotiation. If the players ask for something like dropping the Thursday night package, they will need to be ready to give something up. That's how those types of negotiations work.
  12. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21357528/russell-wilson-seattle-seahawks-scrutinized-possible-violation-nfl-concussion-policy
  13. The Fire Sale Theory

    I'm not so sure. Mike and Mike had a guest on this morning who floated the idea that Bellicheck actually wanted to keep the Jimmy and move on from Brady this offseason. Kraft overruled him, and told him to trade the Jimmy because he considers Brady like a son.
  14. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    Everything that's come out after the trade is spin. There was no plan to move Benji until right before the deadline when the Bills called.