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  1. trueblade

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    These tweets say so much about our team right now.
  2. trueblade

    todays OTA tweets and news

    I know they changed the Kickoff rules, but what changes did they make to punt returns?
  3. trueblade

    todays OTA tweets and news

    I don't like CMC on punt returns. I'd rather not expose him to these extra hits for a lottery ticket chance at a return TD.
  4. trueblade

    Tuesday OTA tweets

  5. trueblade

    No new secondary coach

    I thought with Tepper we were done with the whole "promote under-qualified people because they're loyal" thing.
  6. Charleston Southern University would be another option in Charleston. As much as I'd LOVE it in Charleston, I think the mountains (Asheville, Boone, etc.) might make more sense from a weather/temperature standpoint.
  7. trueblade

    Breeland visiting other teams

    We play Dallas. If our DTs stop the run and they're in trouble.
  8. trueblade

    Deep dive insiders info on the sale by SI

    I want him to do what's good for the Panthers. If it winds up being good for the league, cool, but I don't want another owner who is more concerned with the Shield than this own team.
  9. I wonder if we got a Robert Kraft or a Jimmy Haslam.
  10. I wanted Navarro, and frankly, I still want Navarro, but that's not going to happen. All I can hope for now is winning football and whatever lip service this Miami based, life long Steelers fan is giving to keeping the team in the Carolinas actually has some truth behind it.
  11. There are mornings sitting in traffic I wish Charleston wasn't so much on the come up.
  12. With Matt Kaili and Sirles, why are we trying to rebuild a Minnesota offensive line which wasn't considered all that good?
  13. trueblade

    What we think we know

    It doesn't have to be an either or proposition with Hurney. Tepper could hire his guy into the vacant Team President position, or an Assistance GM position. This person would be able to work with Hurney through the summer and get an up close and personal feel for the man's abilities (or lack thereof). Then he and Tepper can make a decision on Hurney.
  14. $25 to St. Jude's. If SC legalizes first, I'll pay. NC legalizes first, you pay. https://www.stjude.org/donate/donate-to-st-jude.html