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  1. Maybe have Atlanta and Miami switch spots?
  2. I've always felt Tyrod was underrated but mostly from a fantasy perspective. His rushing usually made his floor higher than you'd think. He's pretty much a perfect QB2 for Superflex/2QB leagues. And I'll be hitting the waiver wire Tuesday.....
  3. Here's a couple more nuggets from Yates/Berry.
  4. Hurney didn't have the same guys. Gettlemen took over in 2013. Hurney had Cam and Luke as rookies. Gettlemen got them as improved seasoned vets. Look how much CMC improved year 1 to year 2. That's the difference between Hurney's Luke/Cam and Gettlemen's Luke/Cam.
  5. I've got to stop paying attention to the preseason.
  6. I would add John Ross, especially if Jackson isn't 100%.
  7. Not even a week after we both went through Florence and already back on the SC/NC thing. SMH.
  8. trueblade

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    When one of the broadcasters said "no team asks their quarterback to do more with less than the Seattle Seahawks" I about fell out of my chair laughing. Apparently they haven't been watching Cam these past couple of years.
  9. The effect on the W/L column could be as much correlation as causation. Edit: correlation does not imply causation.
  10. trueblade

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    “I tell you, not even in Charlotte have I found such faith."
  11. trueblade

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Brown's agent just put out a statement with enough spin to start a twister, but the long and the short of it is there's nothing to this.
  12. Thanks largely to two generational talents in Luke and Cam, neither of which he drafted.
  13. trueblade

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    I would agree with you, but there's also the fact the Pittsburgh Gazette is reporting he failed to show up on Monday, and the Steelers won't say why.
  14. This seems less than ideal. @PanthersBill: Red zone’s gonna be important again. CAR D is tied for 31st (opponents have scored 5 TDs in 5 trips).
  15. Atlanta was down to their 3rd string safety after Kazee's ejection, yet it didn't seem to help us much.