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  1. The Eagles are Nucking Futs. Even when he's healthy(which is hardly ever), he sucks.
  2. Mike Shula's EGO

    They played poorly collectively, but Shula also deserves plenty of blame, as well. The playcalling on 1st down was atrocious and predictable the entire night and as others have mentioned, Cam rarely had time to make adjustments at the line because it was taking an eternity to get the play from the sideline. But yeah, pretty much the entire offense playing poorly didn't help. Plenty of blame to go around.
  3. Maybe you'd be happier at the Pickles Clausen fan forum.
  4. CCS was hoping for the same thing.
  5. Cotchery and Tolbert are repeatedly choking. Get them off of the field. geez
  6. 2 hours

    I'm watching a stream through my tv, which just seems to make the constant commercial breaks and inane interviews even more annoying. Definitely starting to remember why I usually skip the Super Bowl. But hey, at least we got to see Seal sing one of his two 20 year old hits, for no apparent reason.
  7. 2 hours

    I'd forgotten just how brutal these SB pregame shows can be. Watching the Obama and Coldplay interviews was pure torture.
  8. Denver Sports Radio/Cam PR Person

    Which would be incredibly lame. His relationship with the kid isn't a P.R. tool.
  9. Deangelo Williams picks....

    He seems pretty bitter. At least the Panthers won't have to worry about him fumbling in the red zone tomorrow. He also seemed to prefer running into his OL's back to hitting the hole. Have fun watching the game from your couch, DWill.
  10. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Get over yourself, dickhead. You act like you've had some kind of epiphany or something. You're just projecting and speculating, but TRD suits you well.
  11. It's NOT about race!

    The people that are most adamant that it isn't about race are the racists. This twat is a perfect example.
  12. Lmfao Rodney Harrison

    He also loves to post articles that are pure speculation, and then follow up with articles that try to make it seem like the story might be gaining traction......meanwhile, it's something that still only exists in Florio's head and his articles on PFT. I'll never understand how he turned his crappy website into his gig with NBC. Of all of the horrible talking heads out there(which is pretty much all of them), he's far and away the worst.
  13. When did Cam first give the ball to a kid?

    I'm almost positive that the first kid to ever get a ball was wearing an Auburn jersey(#2, of course), but I can't remember who they were playing that week. It was probably the first or second home game. Seems like the first two games that season were on the road(Arizona and Green Bay?).
  14. Lmfao Rodney Harrison

    Saw Florio's mug and had to close the video. He's got to be one of the most annoying people on the planet.
  15. When did Cam first give the ball to a kid?

    Wasn't this the time that Lafell got mad at him for giving the ball away? He'd already given several away when this happened.