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  1. Yeah, it's easy to see the mistake but you have some huddlers here that are happy with Gano. Not gonna name names but they know and we know who they are. Kid is killing it. Should have gone young in the kicking department but oh well. Lost a 7th round pick and a lock kicker for the next couple of decades. B-b-b-but Gano is good guys!
  2. 1. Getting younger at a position isn't an upgrade? 2. He's made 15-16 fg. Meaning he missed one. And missed one extra point. Butker has made 10-11 and missed no XP. "he's #2 in scoring" is misleading since LA and Ten both have more fgs made ande XP. Give it time, he will be surpassed after missing several fg and XP. 3. It's not an assumption jack, it's a fact. Gano is old and isn't going to be kicking forever. You seem to dismiss the importance of losing out on a kicker that would have replaced Gano and worked out for us. But whatever Keep sucking Gano off. (shrugs)
  3. Prevented us from upgrading the kicker position and having a kicker for the next ten years. Instead we have Gano. Albeit he's been good, but that won't last very long.
  4. The Last Jedi

    Wait so that means we're the sith?
  5. Um, didn't he kneel a week or two ago?
  6. We won but Ron Rivera is a LOSER

    You guys realize that if Gano makes that fg this game would be very different. Still win but changes the plan.
  7. Pie win. FunDick Game ball

  8. Jourdan Rodrigue Leaving Panthers Beat

    This is sad. So damn sad. The best beat writer they had in a long time. I wish nothing for the best for her.
  9. What Lions fans are saying

    To me it's all about the trenches. If ansah is on point all day, fug.. Our o line needs to have a good game. Cam needs to focus, run when needed and make the right choices. Same for the defense. They have to win those battles.
  10. Cam apologizes

    Jeremy, you gonna have a podcast with Jourdan anytime soon?
  11. Every major Panther beat reporter ever ranked

    Jourdan should be higher.
  12. Um Jeremy, can we get an "Automatic pie" giver option? There's few posts that I don't read and automatically pie. This is one of them.
  13. Butker misses first NFL FG to tie game.

    He made the game winner. First pressure clutch game winning kick of his career, he makes. Not bad. Good luck to him. Sucks we missed out on him.
  14. Time for Duke?

    Is Curtis Samuel hurt too?
  15. Cam Newton owns the New England Patriots...

    "New(ton’s) England Patriots." .. you must have had a lot of Fun(chess) with this article.
  16. Hubby needs a favor.

    Anything for you hubby. ;)
  17. Pissing Excellence Gets Cam Drug Tested

    Is this why he turned down interviews after the game?
  18. Rivera on Kalil: Learning curve needs to be now.

    Ron needs to get control of everything now. Not just Kalil, Shula, Cam, anyone that's not doing their job. Riverboat needs to come out early. Not when the season and his job are in peril.
  19. Memes in this thread.

    Let's see what you got boys.
  20. Memes in this thread.

    Made it more accurate.
  21. Memes in this thread.

    Our offense is the cat. ...Shula is slowly choking it.. To death..
  22. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    This team is hard to watch right now. Everything they are doing is pathetic.