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  1. I expect pressure. Another six sacks.
  2. Execution. We lack it. The drops have to stop.
  3. Ivan The Awesome

    Josh Gordon!

    I read 3rd round pick, dependable, and Josh Gordon in the same sentence. @pantherclaw, remember what you said about my thread? Care to chime in?
  4. Ivan The Awesome

    It could be worse

    Touché. The way things are going with us. I don't think that will be an option either. The staff may be gone as well.
  5. Ivan The Awesome

    It could be worse

    I'm actually anxious to see what Hurney does next. The safety position is concerning. The o line is what it is. But with two games played thus far the wr Core that was supposed to be a strength is looking like trash. Torrey Smith is ass. Funchess is being funchess so I don't get why people are calling him out now when he's been like this all these years. He's never been a number 1 to begin with he's always been a low tier number two. Borderline number three. Wright is the best wr that's active. They need to feed Moore. This babying of first round picks is getting annoying and can and will cost us in the long run. The play calling wasn't really the problem it was those drops. Execution. One thing that will help this team instantly is signing Reid. Just get it over with. He'll be the best S we can get and for cheap. Eric Washington isn't a d coordinator. He doesn't have it. The D is playing undisciplined football right now. I think he's gonna have a one year stint. Id like to see what he does now with this adversity. Previous D coordinators adjusted. We will see how he does it.
  6. Serious question. He's been with the team for so long and every year there's an injury or recurring one. Greg's foot.. Willaims being rushed back, Kalil brithers, Byrd, etc. I don't get it. Some injuries could have been prevented.
  7. Ivan The Awesome

    I took this photo of Cam Newton

    Same face I make when I step on a Lego.
  8. Prime time doesn't know what he's talking about.
  9. Ivan The Awesome

    Panthers sign OT; IR Williams

    Thanks for that information.
  10. Ivan The Awesome

    Panthers sign OT; IR Williams

    IR designated to return it permanent IR?
  11. Ivan The Awesome

    Official Fug the Falcons Thread

    I don't see why we can't win. The core guys are still there and the defense is gonna ball. I expect them to score and help the offense out. Pick six. Jackons first. Calling it.
  12. Ivan The Awesome

    Is Moton a legitimate left tackle in the NFL?

    Will Rivera see this or will he give Kalil his job back?
  13. Ivan The Awesome

    Why is Vermillion still employed?

    I'm used stupid comments on a daily basis but this one .... Wow.
  14. He conned several people and in that super bowl a couple years back he started that go fund me page because he "deserved" to be there. He cried that JR didn't take him with the whole Panthers staff. In the FB page I frequently he even said he would take donors to games with him and he never did. Dude is shady and a liar. Last I heard he fell in his bath tub or something like that.
  15. Ivan The Awesome

    Destiny 2

    I was on my Hunter...All I needed was 2 more grenade kills to finish my blue armor. Bungie decides to screw me over with a maintenance job....I am beyond sad right now.
  16. Ivan The Awesome

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    Just a couple of years ago I remember people being worried about replacing Smith and having a #1 wr. Now we're worried about letting go of a WR not because weak at the position but because we're stacked.
  17. No money folks, literally a pipe dream.
  18. Ivan The Awesome


    Better question, is this the best thread ever made?
  19. Marquis Haynes might actually fit this bill too.
  20. Ah. nevermind, I read your statement incorrectly @Jeremy Igo, didn't catch the last part. "NFC". Carry on with the celebration.
  21. Ivan The Awesome

    Still lots of open spots on 53

    I couldn't agree more. I wonder if Hurn Dog is Waiting on the roster cuts or looking for one more trade to strengthen the team?