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  1. If Miami doesn't keep Landry..

    Why do people think Landry is slow?
  2. Some extremely good stuff that really should be watched. I know this is a bit old but it's relevant because of our opponent. Oddly enough the technique used is legal. I believe our D line will wreak havoc since the pressure will be coming from outside and the inside. Still it's good insight on how to beat the Packers O line. If this was posted already please delete mods.
  3. Saints lover, Panthers hater, Heath Evans Suspended From NFLN

    I really liked Ike Taylor. :/
  4. Time to rally.

    ...but I hate rallies, I'm more of a cookout guy.
  5. Panthers sign DE Zach Moore from PS

    moore and sack rhyme?
  6. Cam is gonna have to run. He has to get into rhythm and keep drives alive. It's the only way. This offense lives and dies through his rhythm.
  7. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    Keeping two kickers is a fact and it's idiotic. You don't need hindsight to see that. Either kicker would have been fine and you would have had space. It's simple really.
  8. Dolphins asked a TE to handle KK Short

    Eye see what you did there. . .
  9. Marty Hurney Crow thread

    Hurneys fug ups far outweigh anything he's done recently to deserve anyone eating crow.
  10. Philly Brown?

    I can't tell if you're saying that with joy or sadness?
  11. What time will you start drinking Monday?

    Can't drink on the job.
  12. That Bills 3rd looking better and better

    CJ is the only probowler?
  13. Realistic expectations for Monday

    Rather go on the road. That's just me though.
  14. Seeing CJ get more snaps than Peppers makes me so mad.
  15. Miami Dolphins Team Stats

    I remember this notion when it was against the Bears. How did that turn out?
  16. This season has been on and off. Full of good and bad times. Winning huge road games at Detroit and Foxborough, then losing at Chicago and giving the game away to Philly. The true constant have been the defense and the special teams somewhat. If you ask anyone here, I think it would be almost unanimous that the offense is what is holding us back. Recent trade still in memory, I'll go on record of not being a fan of it, albeit it is one game post the KB trade. This offense looked a little more alive. Mind you, this game was a classic "Cam putting this team on his back." to a degree. I liked seeing more gadget plays called, really enjoyed seeing this team handle a 10 point deficit. Basically fighting back. They have fight. They're making it work. The playbook did open up a bit more but there is still inexperience on the field and it showed. Samuel definite does have potential. Cam needs to make the right reads but I'm sure that he'll see all that on tape. This team isn't peaking yet. The offense is warming up, by the time Olsen and Byrd come back I expect this team to look completely different. Especially with Olsen. Olsen in the middle of the field. That will open up so much more. Even the offensive line looked solid yesterday. If things progress like they are now, on a steady but upward trend. This team can definitely get in the playoffs. On a personal note I hope we travel to Philly. I'd love to stick it to them at their home field. As of right now this team is better on the road. That's always a good thing.
  17. Will this team be peaking at the right moment?

    Stewart has been awful this season. Not gonna lie. Not sure if it's him or the O line or the offense or play calling not being favorable or a combination of all things.. He's just not playing to his potential.
  18. It took the Panthers drafting a kicker for Gano to become competent. Kind of sad. Rivera holds him back when kicks are over 50 yards. That's pathetic. Who's fault is that? Ron or Gano?
  19. Damn. That's sad to hear. But I'll take a doctor's take on the matter more seriously than an ex player, especially pertaining to medical issues.
  20. Two things that no one is talking about..

    You must not pay attention to head huddlers in chief, he's been beating the "CMC is a waste of a pick" drum these past weeks. :/
  21. Big Vern... Where are you?

    Thanks for the tidbit but that wasn't the point I was making. Linemen don't typically flourish til their third season. People calling Butler a bust are idiots.
  22. CMC as OROTY

    If CMC had TDs to count eith those numbers, he'd be in the hunt, but as of right now, he's not even in the conversation.