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  1. Carolina defenses since 2011: 2011 - 28th in yards surrendered, 27th in points surrendered 2012 - 10th, 18th 2013 - 2nd, 2nd 2014 - 10th, 21st 2015 - 6th, 6th 2016 - 21st, 26th So, not counting this year which isn't complete yet, by "always" you meant "once"? BTW, 2011-2016 defense overall averages - 13th in yards surrendered, 17th in points surrendered So, not counting this year which isn't complete yet, by "the very best" you meant "good to average"?
  2. In 2012 did Cam Newton have a 1st-Team All-Pro at LT, a 1st-Team All-Pro at Center, a 1st-Team All-Pro at RG, a 1st Round pick at LG, and a 1st-Round Caliber player (we all know La'el Collins, even though officially an UDFA coming out of college, would have been a 1st round pick if it hadn't been for that weird last-minute "accusation" the year he was drafted) at RT playing in front of him?
  3. Williams over 4 years has averaged around 45 receptions, 750 yds, and 5 TDs per year, averaging over 15 yds per reception. That ain't bad for a #2. Beasley, over 5 years, has averaged near the same as a #3 slot-possession guy, averaging over 10 yds per reception. Last year he caught almost 100 passes. If by "JAG" you mean that they ain't #1 receivers, you're right. Otherwise, they are quality options at #2 and #3 on their WR depth chart.
  4. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Remember when Dak Prescott was supposed to be everything Cam could be if only Cam wasn’t arrogant, was a leader, and dressed normally? Yeah. Those were the days.
  5. Sanchez

  6. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    Yeah, if you want to hate on a commercial, lets start with Chevrolet's many and varied real-people-not-actors-LOOK-AT-ALL-OUR-JD-POWER-AWARDS!!!11!! commercials.
  7. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    Except they're the ones who last year (or the year before?) decided Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen were the new face of Bud Light drinkers. They have, indeed, corrected the near-mortal error of their ways. Whatcha wanna bet they moved on from the people/agency that recommended Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen?

    You must not know very many people under the age of 30. Either that or you hang out with the guys from Big Bang Theory.

    So you wanted him to lie in order to impress you?
  10. THAT’S MY QB

    grumble grumble... my lawn... grumble grumble... uppity... grumble grumble... thot thayer bowee ain't-a raht!
  11. Was watching part of the Sunday night game with announcers Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth. Michaels and Collinsworth kept bringing up PFF stats. Chris Collinsworth owns PFF. Huh. Must be nice to have a coast-to-coasts television platform to promote your investment ventures.
  12. Photo editors on phones and PC's have a rotate function, my man... lol. Nice pic. :P
  13. Because fans discussing the Taints on a football forum are going to effect the team's preparations for the Jets?