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  1. and then there was only one.

    I thought that was Duke Ellington? ;)
  2. and then there was only one.

      Did you or anyone else notice all the LEADERSHIP and INTENSITY that Tom Brady was exhibiting on the field toward the refs and also on the sideline tonight?
  3. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    Oh hell yeah, just look how that Seattle defense is DOMINATING Pittsburgh!
  4. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    fug'em. We beat them once, we can beat them again.
  5. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    How does your lack of testicles feel, Tomlin?
  6. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    Absolutely and clearly not a catch.
  7. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    Hey, Seattle just took the lead because of a blown coverage by Pittsburgh. According to advice provided to us earlier this year, that means that Seattle's lead is totally illegitimate, right?
  8. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    I've seen Cam take shots to the chin leaving his mouth bleeding with no flag. Palmer gets smacked in the chest and taken to the ground hard, the flag flies.
  9. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    That roughing the passer call was TOTAL bullcrap.
  10. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    The Shield picking these putrid Cardinals up on their shoulders and carrying them lol
  11. Adding insult to injury

    Everytime I see "insult to injury", this is what I think: "Oh, you broke a bone?  In your FINGER?  Well, you know what?  You're injury SUCKS!  Its the most pathetic, pussified injury I've even seen!  YOU CALL THAT AN INJURY?  My god, back in MY day, I would right 20 page hand-written essays in class with a broken finger and then walk home from school 10 miles in 2 feet of snow with that so-called INJURY!  Get a REAL injury, you pathetic WASTE!" Now that's insulting to injury.  :P
  12. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    Meh. They'll bend and submit again in the Queen City.
  13. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    @PhillyBopens his mind up to alternate opinions and realities in order to broaden his point of view. Oh, and also chemicals.  Good ones. :P
  14. Nfl.com Panther's should fear Bucs

    You're the one looking for self-validation, demanding that everyone think like you.  How silly those people are who aren't as smart as you! Just keep repeating this to yourself: