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  1. tiger7_88

    Just rewatched the game, I have thoughts.

    Holy poo, its like I'm hearing echoes of my past voice from years and years ago.
  2. tiger7_88

    Just rewatched the game, I have thoughts.

    I truly want the people to whom you are responding to come up with their list of magical quarterbacks that throw perfect passes 100% of the time. "But... but... but... I'm just pointing out the Cam throws bad passes every once in a while!" Well, YEAH. As do all quarterbacks at every damn level. That kind of "intelligent" observation is about as interesting as "Water is wet!" or "Fire is hot!" or "Arthur blank uses turds for mustache wax!" We know. We ALL know.
  3. tiger7_88

    Just rewatched the game, I have thoughts.

    Holy poo. I mean... HOLY. POO.
  4. Dude, why are you harshing the "I just want to be even-handed and fair!" crowds Moral Superiority Buzz?
  5. What OP doesn't seem to understand is that Cam threw at least TWO passes yesterday high! HE THREW THEM HIGH, MAN!!!!! WHAT KIND OF CAM STAN ARE YOU, BUDDY???!?!?!?!
  6. So lemme see if I understand you... You want to roll the dice on an entire season for one first down?
  7. I can keep sayin' the words, but I can't make you comprehend them.
  8. And even those safeties won't be able to cover a guy when the QB stands unmolested in the pocket for 6-7 seconds. Rinse. Repeat. But at least it'll make some guys feel better, I guess?
  9. In this case, I'm 90% on Rivera's side. The 10% is, yes, Jones is not a good player. The 90% is even Josh Norman can't cover a receiver when the QB is given 6-7 seconds to throw the ball.
  10. People have been saying this for what? Going on 6 or 7 years now?
  11. Did he thrust his hips while he was doing it?
  12. tiger7_88

    Meanwhile in Atlanta... lol

    Looks like a fight over the last 20 hot wings.
  13. tiger7_88

    Meanwhile in Atlanta... lol

    So? Greg Olsen Daryl Williams Trai Turner Matt Kalil (meh, I know) Da'Norris Searcy Thomas Davis (suspended)
  14. Hell, there will still people in the game thread in the 1st half complaining about Cam's "accuracy" and "footwork". For the record, Cam went 11 for 14 passing in the 1st half with one maybe two dropped passes.