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  1. And Aaron Donald. And our own Kawann Short.
  2. Translated: I would rather our GM make bad picks so that I can say "I told you so" then to make good picks and help the team.
  3. Mods like Proudiddy give HammerinCameron hope because its obvious you don't have to be an adult to be a mod around here.
  4. These were the WRs left on the board when we picked Sanchez: Jordan Payton, UCLA Charone Peak, Clemson Rashard Higgins, Colorado State Aaron Burbridge, Michigan State And scrub after scrub after scrub after scrub. NONE of which would ever start before Ginn or Brown (or likely make the team over our existing WRs). I will give you this though... if the German WR kid Moritz Boehringer is sitting there when we're making our late 7th round pick, I would love to see DG select him.
  5. I'm sure Arizona would be just fine if Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown didn't "stay healthy all year" right?
  6. Sounds a lot like a young Josh Norman.
  7. Compared to the other two, Sanchez is kind of slight. He could slot in to back-up Boykin at nickle, Worley lines up outside, and Bradberry at safety.
  8. YOU get a cornerback! And YOU get a cornerback! EVERYBODY GETS A CORNERBACK!
  9. Gotdam I love the Godfather! Doin' work and pissin' bitches off!
  10. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    Well said. EXCEPT... there are the very rare exceptions when an individual player can stand out and make it easy. And they usually stand out so clearly you can easily recognize them. Cam Newton was such a player. Adrian Peterson too IMO. Going even farther back, Bo Jackson and Earl Campbell.
  11. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    How in the living hell do you have ANY idea whether this is true or not?
  12. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    What other GM's thought they were 3-5th rounders? You seem to have great NFL connections to have this kind of data!
  13. For anyone uninterested in the fifth round...

    So your whole point of moving up into the 4th isn't to move up any number of significant positions to (hopefully) get a significantly better player, but just to move up a couple of positions so we can say we had a 4th round pick instead of the 5th?
  14. For anyone uninterested in the fifth round...

    The next to the last pick in the draft has virtually no trade value. You're not trading up from the 5th to the 4th just using that bottom-of-the-barrel pick.