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  1. Taylor Moton did not come from a "small school". Lesser known =/= "small" Western Michigan plays in the Mid-American Conference, i.e. the MAC. Is the MAC on the same level as the SEC or the ACC or the Big 10, etc? No... no it is not. But they play BIG BOY football in the MAC and poo-tons of good NFL players are produced by the MAC. The MAC is in the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) which is the old "Division I-A". Division I-A/FBS is big-boy football. If MAC schools are "small schools" then so are teams like Vanderbilt and Oregon State and Rutgers and Kansas (and others) who play in major conferences but who generally have had less success historically in football than many of the MAC schools.
  2. Unfortunately for the offense this week, Cincinnati has MUCH better pass rushers (in Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, and Carl Lawson) than Atlanta does. OL played not terrible against Atlanta but if they don't step up this week it might be a long day for the offense.
  3. Not "cans". "Stans". "Cam Stans". I picked up right away the little, childish play on words he was trying on that... I wonder how many else did?
  4. Indeed. One thing about Cam's "almost interceptions" is that DBs that get their hands on Cam's passes likely aren't used to just how damned hard Cam throws the ball. I'm not saying that happens every time, of course, but the reason some of Cam's "almost interceptions" aren't "actual interceptions" is because of... Cam.
  5. Yeah, that's poo is still happening in Cam Year 8 but its the Cam DEFENDERS that are the "irritating" bad guys, baw.
  6. The head coach of this team is Ron "I Would Have Taken A Shot Too" Rivera and you're surprised by this?
  7. Pretty sure the Panthers can cut him after this season with a Post-June 1st designation and save a little money and space on the cap. No, they're never going to recoup any of the sunken cost and there will still be a hunk of dead money, but they'll at least be rid of his salary. https://overthecap.com/player/matt-kalil/1793/
  8. Luke looked tremendous in the 1st quarter but, as the game kept deteriorating, so did his performance. Its almost as if football is a team game. Its hard to be perfect or near-perfect when surrounded by the chaos of mediocrity.
  9. tiger7_88

    Rookie WR snap Counts

    I'm amazed that some people are still shocked and surprised about Ron and his washed-up vets, lol.
  10. WRONG! He allowed his backup QB to throw an interception because Cam didn’t wear a tie once! Ron really really stresses the important stuff.
  11. Going from Shula to Turner is akin to a man dying of thirst being given a bottle of Pepsi. Yeah, Pepsi might suck, but as far as the thirsty man is concerned ITS THE BEST THING EVAR!
  12. I agree. Personnel substitutions, however? Choosing starters? Through 2 games, I have been puzzled by decisions in those areas A LOT.
  13. tiger7_88

    Bucs are 2-0

    DeSean Jackson is 5-10/175. Ryan Fitzpatrick is 6-2/225. I don't see it.
  14. You sound like you got your feelings hurt. You need a hug? Everything's gonna be OK, little buddy... chin up!
  15. Its what I pointed out in the game thread yesterday, Ron Rivera is completely and utterly wasting and crapping on the NFL careers of TWO (not one... TWO) once-in-a-lifetime players in Newton and Kuechly and its fugging tragic. The vast majority of coaches throughout the history of the league have never had the advantage of having a single damn once-in-a-lifetime player on their roster. Ron has fugging TWO and he is utterly clueless.
  16. tiger7_88

    My one take away...

    I guess that's the reason that Cam had to check down to CMC constantly yesterday, because Smith and Funch "can get open enough to at least extend drives with regularity". CMC receptions and yac were "extending drives" yesterday. Cam running the ball was "extending drives" yesterday. Jarius Wright (except for his very first opportunity) was "extending drives" yesterday. If what you saw was Smith and Funchess doing that then I have to question your eyesight.
  17. Because he's suing the NFL. Out of every employer in the United States of America, how many do you think are going to go out of their way to actively hire a person who has brought suit against them?
  18. What "leadership" course is he teaching? How To Drop Passes 101? And, I continue to point this out, Jarius Wright is a veteran and ALSO a competent WR. So why in the world is he not qualified to be the "leader"?
  19. He either looked (1) lazy or (2) slow as fug on the one deep route Cam threw to him yesterday.
  20. Hell, there were people in the game thread blaming Cam for every fugging dropped pass.
  21. Yes, he does. Usually. Yesterday, he wasn't having a lot of fun. You could see it in his face. I think the weight of carrying the entire damn offense on his shoulders FOR THE EIGHTH FUGGING YEAR IN A ROW really weighed down on him yesterday (though it didn't affect his performance). And Cam not having fun is a really, really sad thing to contemplate. Ron Rivera is well on his way to ruining the kid.
  22. tiger7_88

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    I would absolutely re-sign Funchess to a payday of #3 WR money.