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  1. Darby would be nice. But only if we could sign him to an extension before the trade. You don't give up a 3rd round pick for a guy with only one year left on his contract without further guarantees.
  2. I was thinking this exact same angle.
  3. CAP Space

    tree fiddy
  4. P.S. You can be assured that if Dickson had given Carolina a discount and re-signed that Ron "I love washed-up veterans" Rivera would continue to trot his mediocre butt out on that field too. So, when it comes to this (lack of a) move, GOOD JOB MARTY HURNEY. One of the biggest weaknesses DG had was to cow-tow to Ron Rivera's love of proven mediocre veterans. If Marty can change that, then good.
  5. "Bidding war" "Ed Dickson" Oh lawd!
  6. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    “Is” not “was”, correct? Plus from what I’ve seen and heard Poe waa good vs. the run last season but a liability on passing downs. Will he be a 2-down NT for the Panthers if thats the case? And, if that ends up being true, is a 2-down NT worth a near-$10M per year deal?
  7. Since I mocked the Falcons for signing him last year because I didn't think he was that good any longer (and certainly not worth the price being paid for him), why in the ninth circle of hell would I do an about face and give credit to Hurney for signing him and giving him EVEN MORE this year? Don't you think that would be a bit hypocritical of me? So, no, I would most definitely NOT be "jerking off Gettleman" if he made this signing. Sorry to disappoint your mistaken expectations. (P.S. I may have considered the courtesy of a reach-around for either DG or MH if he had signed for a significantly lower price.)
  8. Yes, I went to Pro Football Reference and clicked the arrow in the wrong direction for the yards and points columns. My bad. Not paying close enough attention. Some people got pleasure out of my mistake though, so I made their night which is nice lol. P.S. We still overpaid for an average NT that has had difficulty staying in shape and not stressing the discs in his back for his career. Hopefully he won't consider this overpaid contract as time for him to relax and eat up. Like he did with KC.
  9. If only you could have posted this yesterday. ;)
  10. They were a good defense last year, but they weren't as good last year with Poe as they were with the DTs they used in 2016. Their defense took a step backwards last year.
  11. Star is Mormon and because Mormon young people have to perform missions for the church they tend to come out of college at an older age.
  12. 23 tackles and 2.5 sacks in a season got him a raise of $1M with free-spending Hurndawg. Hell, when Hurney contacted Poe's agent, I bet he'd thought he died and gone to heaven. Poe has had 2 good years, 2013 and 2014. Every other year he has played, 2012 and 2015-17 he's been average. Obviously average is worth $9M per year in the Carolina front office.
  13. I wonder if any of the GREAT JOB HURNDAWG people here can be cross-referenced to the same people who, after the Falcons signed him last year, were saying HE'S DONE HIS NUMBERS ARE TRENDING DOWN FAIL-CONS GOT ROBBED HAW HAW HAW! Me, I was a member of the 2nd group. I thought the numbers were trending down on this guy and I think his performance with Atlanta last year was underwhelming and I think I'm giving him more credit than he deserves saying that. And this guy at $9M per year? Holy poo, what a dumpster fire. Signing Luke Wilson might make me feel a little better about this burning garbage thus far, so fingers crossed.
  14. I would love to see Saca double up on his posting. He gets so many snowflakes to melt, its glorious.
  15. Chocolate Chex >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chocolate Frosted Flakes
  16. Ed Dickson to Falcons?

    Well, if "utterly mediocre or worse in any TE role" is what you're looking for in depth at your TE position, then more power to ya.
  17. Good. A bucket of turds behind center would be nearly as useful to the teams success if Cam went down as Derek Anderson is. And I would provide a bucket of turds for free. (P.S. Not all in one day, some buckets are pretty big.) (P.S.S. Maybe @Mr. Scot could get it done in one day?)
  18. Ed Dickson to Falcons?

    Would be happy to allow the Falcons to burden themselves with a TE who isn't a very good receiver and is definitely not a very good blocker. Have at'im, Failcons!
  19. In my career as a fan, I have been a fan of 3 different forms of Greg(g) Olse(o)ns. Former Auburn player, 1989 American League Rookie of the Year, and Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame pitcher Gregg Olson: Former Atlanta Braves catcher Greg Olson: And Carolina Panther (and possessor of the Third Leg) tight end Greg Olsen: Kinda freaky and coincidental if you think about it.