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  1. tiger7_88

    Rivera Respect

    There is no doubt that Ron Rivera is a top-notch human being.
  2. tiger7_88

    CAP vs Barner

    You asked a question. I answered it. Providing you a direct statistical answer with no fluff is prideful now?
  3. Like I said, whatever weak-ass excuse it takes.
  4. As much as I am a personal fan of Cam for many, many reasons, if he was an utter asshole and violent (or even disrespectful) to other human beings without provocation, I wouldn't be. GUARANTEED. Some of you true-blue "whatever excuse it takes to make it" hero-worshipers are sick.
  5. Did that make fractured orbital bones heal faster? I often wonder how much sincerity is contained in the apologies of narcissists anyway... especially narcissists that are prone to violence. I bet that "apology" had nothing to do with covering his own ass and continuing to collect a paycheck.
  6. If you did on the street what Smith did in football practice, you would have been. But because he blind-side assaulted multiple PLAYERS in PRACTICE, he can just mumble a disingenuous apology or have his lawyer write a letter pretending its him and everything is OK!
  7. Yeah, followed by throwing him under the bus to the press after the game. Smith sure was the perfect example to be able to preach to others about being a professional.
  8. tiger7_88

    CAP vs Barner

    But that's not always true anymore, because under the current bargaining agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA, practice time is extremely limited. And then when you add onto the top of that a guy like Ron Rivera who is so gutless and risk-averse that he prefers washed-up vets (hello Stewie... hi there Fat-Ass Tolbert... your automatic chair on the starters and playing-time bench is right over there) over and above any kind of "potential" from rookies and younger players. CAP could easily have gotten those 62 rushes that Fat-Ass got in 2015 or the 35 in 2016, but not with Ron "Give Me Worthless Veterans" Rivera around. And you can't make me believe for one miniscule micro-second that Fat-Ass Tolbert was "out practicing" ANYBODY, much less CAP. But what you say above would be perfectly valid in a world where teams could practice and work out players as much as they want. Then they could, as they say, "separate the wheat from the chaff" much more efficiently. But when the time you're given in the offseason and each week in the season is as small as it is, pretty much what you do is you go with your starters and frequent (and favored) subs (and, as I said above and as we all know, Ron loves his washed-up vet starters) and give them the vast majority of the limited reps. Yeah, when you draft a 1st round RB you put him right into the practice rotation because the expense of a 1st round player demands that the team get a return on their investment as early as possible. But a 5th round RB? Boy, when you are a head coach like Ron Rivera that is afraid of every football shadow, you can safely ignore a 5th rounder, no matter how much potential he may or may not have. No real investment in that level of player. And, yes, I am biased and invested in CAP because of where he played in college. But, because of that, I'm also one who has seen him perform at the college level and the pro level every time he's been given the opportunity. He backed up another great college RB in 2013 (Tre Mason) and came in as a back-up that season and performed when asked. He became the starter in 2014 and led the SEC in rushing. In his rare opportunities with Carolina, he averages better than 4 yards per carry and his 4 rushing TDs over the past three years is only behind Cam and Stewie in that period. During that period he's rarely been thrown to (7 targets) but he catches everything that is thrown to him (7 receptions). I mean, as the guy whose vast majority of time on the sideline the last 3 seasons has been in a sweat suit because All-Pros like Fat-Ass and Fozzy are playing, that's actually not bad and I can't wrap my mind around the grief that the guy is given in this forum. Hell, this forum still insists on believing mythologies about his "fumbling problem". But Ron "Players Coach" Rivera will likely either (1) keep him on the roster and not use him this year or (2) cut him at the very last minute meaning he'll have to scramble to hook onto a team for which he didn't practice and missed camp. In other words, its probably very likely that "Players Coach" Rivera will fug him again. I sure would love to see what Bill Belichik could do with a guy who has the vicious foot-plant-cut-and-go that CAP has that can also catch like he can. He seems to love RB reclamation projects up there and he sure as hell ain't afraid to give opportunities to players that nobody has ever heard of. Almost like he's a coach that realizes football is a game where Priority One is to go out and try to make plays rather than a game where Priority One is to try to limit your risks.
  9. tiger7_88

    CAP vs Barner

    7 targets in three seasons. 7 catches in three seasons. 10.1 yards per reception on those seven.
  10. tiger7_88

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    So what you're saying is that he is NOT going to favor his pet less-talented horrific veteran player over players he doesn't know as well like he has over his past 7 other years as head coach? Exactly why will this time be different than all those other times again?
  11. tiger7_88

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    And people still wonder why it took Ron Rivera so long over so many repeated interviews to get a head coaching job. Then he met Jerry Richardson and it was a match made in 1950's-Style NFL Derp Heaven and voila!
  12. tiger7_88

    we deserve a break with Daeshon.

    The reason Daeshon is being ignored is that he is a Dave Gettleman pick. QED. (You understand that, don't you?)
  13. I have finally given up all hope, so anything more than The Worst will feel like a positive to me. This could well be the season I just keep up with the standings and stats via the internet and not invest so much in the NFL because I'm slowly starting to hate The Shield and the people who run it and the people who play in it with a passion. The NFL has been the Big Bully on the Block of Professional Sports in this country since at least the late 1970's and the inheritors of that legacy only want to take a dump on it. Amazing.
  14. And even with that, no back-to-back winning seasons. Feast or famine.
  15. I thought about it. And what I thought is that you're desperately bitter at your ex-husband who married up after you dumped him so you're making up abuse stories to tell the police.
  16. That's the same uncreative, predictable Shula that Rivera insisted upon keeping around for years and years and years and years, right?
  17. I do so love the delicious irony of the hateful and self-righteous pointing fingers at others to accuse them of hate and self-righteousness.
  18. I mean, that's GREAT selling point for recruiting. Pete Carroll and USC milked that for all it was worth in the early 2000's. But events and offensive evolution overtook the "pro-style" offense. Even Bama's HC Nick Saban has moved to more of a multiple "spread" offensive scheme over the last 2 or 3 years or so.
  19. tiger7_88

    Derek Anderson...update?

    I don't wish Mr. Anderson ill at all. But he's DONE. So, with regard to the NFL and the Panthers specifically, I don't care. But I still wish him a long and productive life, post-NFL.
  20. And one reason for that is college systems and rules still value the running back, whereas NFL rule-making does not. If the NFL wants to be in sync with college and get NFL ready players, then they should adapt their rules. I don't expect them to, nor do I think they should. BUT they should also not be bitching about "NFL-ready players" either.