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  1. Damn, young'un, I remember watching Apollo 11 on the black-and-white TV. I was 6.
  2. I was 10 years old for Secretariat's Triple. Hell, I was in high school for the Holy Roller. I loved those 1970's Raiders squads. Damn, what a buncha misfits.
  3. Yeah, my family cared for and rode horses back in the day, so Secretariat's Triple Crown was must-watch TV for us.
  4. It was loud there when that happened. LOUD loud. But it was louder the next week.
  5. Twice in the same year actually (2013). "The Miracle At Jordan-Hare" play above was the winning play of the game, but it wasn't the FINAL play of the game. The following, however, WAS the final play of the game: The Kick Six (above) happened only one week after The Miracle At Jordan-Hare. So I experienced both of these miraculous endings in a period of 8 days. It was fun. :P (And, yes, the above play-by-play narration is the Auburn radio announcer.) (P.S. And by "experiencing" I was actually at both games.)
  6. So what you're telling me then is that 1. Smith wasn't good enough as a rookie to play and 2. Fitzgerald has more receptions, yards, and TDs in basically the same number of years as Smith?
  7. Larry Fitzgerald has more receptions, receiving yards, and receiving TDs in 14 years than Steve Smith had in 16 years. If you're going to try to make a point, at make an effort not to use bad examples.
  8. Well, the Panthers didn't get the opportunity to experience that joy in recent years since the Saints were watching the playoffs at home on their TVs.
  9. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    So not very often? :P
  10. Titans part with Mularkey...

    Lots of teams not named Carolina can reasonably evaluate that a head coach has taken them as far as he can go and has hit his "ceiling". And, organizationally, if you decide you want more than that "ceiling", you have to move on. Now does that mean your subsequent "move" is going to be a success? No, it does not. But it does mean you've made that evaluation that YOU WANT MORE THAN THIS GUY CAN PROVIDE and have decided that if you want any chance at being better you have to make a move and take a risk. Or you can just settle on slightly-better-than-average and keep putting your We Are Family Trophies in the trophy case.
  11. They also had one earlier in the game on Xavier Rhodes when Kamara caught a ball out of the backfield and ran down the right sideline for a 1st down.
  12. The Two Cams

    Of the two, only ONE has participated in a SuperBowl. SUCK IT CAM JORDAN HAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    NFL rules, unfortunately.
  14. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    This is the kind of miracle that pussified scaredy-cat defensive coaches like Zimmer and Rivera never deserve. But obviously they both live sleeping with horseshoes inserted into their arses. SUCK IT AINTS.
  15. Sunday Divisional Round Games

  16. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Congrats Ron... ummmm.., I mean Mike Zimmer.
  17. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Zimmer has gone Full Rivera. Dude... Never go Full Rivera.