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  1. Hurney on WFNZ

    Get your grocery store's earliest pre- combine 1st edition NFL draft guides to see Marty's final draft board. It is eerie how clos it has been in the past. The Everette Brown & Duke Robinson draft only made sense from one of those. Was Joe Adams in that class too?
  2. I just hope he has learned from the past and managing the cap and lerarning why "hog mollies" are important. Salary cap discipline, let someone else choose 2nd rd picks, learn that whatever he used to scout DTs was wrong and no trading of future 1st for extra 2nds,
  3. Also Rivera was taking over a 2 win team that was locked in Hurney-Cap hell to the Mutha Freaking Superbowl. How quickly we are to forget those last few soul sucking Fox years and think there is a better coach out there that can take us to a 16-0 record bc he yells at players on TV. Rivera's allegiance to Shula is definitely maddening but that stubborn patience also had us all witness Shula(who is still mostly awful imo) have the #1 offense in the NFL and have his QB win the MVP. Again Rivera/Cam own the 7th best win percentage in the NFL since they arrived. This ride has surpassed my wildest expectations of both of them. It is not without its flaws but here is to 5 more years with Cam-Vera.
  4. Stranger Things

    Season 2 is as good as season 1 IMO. Every character evolves and there are unexpected tangents the story takes that is refreshing. Also I cannot believe it was Kaiser Solze! Spoiler oops..
  5. At this stage of Rivera's tenure, shoring up minor tweeks should be his focus. I just feel going all in with Shula and letting Cam play with a bum shoulder bc "he wanted to prove his toughness" exposed the Rivera is just too passive of a coach. He should stride to evolve and innovate but seems to be doing his John Fox impersonation week to week. With all that he has been the franchise's best coach but the time may be here to start a new legacy. The change will just set the team back and I have no faith in Hurney/JR to get the right guy.
  6. Game of Thrones Season 7

    That was a finale! I really enjoyed it. -do we need to spoiler alert?- then this may be a semi spoiler alert.--- So does the break-in time to tame and ride a zomba-ragon that spits blue slushies, take less time than a horse? This season has drove me mad with several illogical-passings of time in the last few episodes. I just thought the scene at the wall was a bit forced and sudden. However, maybe it was 3 months later where the writers simply bypassed having a Montage of the Night King embarrassingly being thrown by the dragon several times only only to finally gain the trust of the dragon to saddle his wild ass..of course to the music of Chicago in the background. We were robbed of a great cinematic TV moment.
  7. When life gives you Daniel LaRusso......you sweep it's sorry, pathetic leg! ..except when you are saying that Daniel LaRusso embodies the Panthers...of course. CRANE KICK THAT SEACHICKEN AZZ!!!
  8. My original Huddle name was Jambalayah! in celebration of the Jake Delhomme signing so you would not be giving anything up to a bandwagon fan. Having to root for Delhomme and then enduring every snap of the Jimmy Clausen season...you could say I feel like this Karma should happen for a certain Ninja....See you on the field!! You truly love your team if you smiled and said sure..I believe Jimmy Clausen will improve!!
  9. Pulling for the Bengals until......

    Pac Man Jones was traded for...Burfict had major red flags and a worse 40 time. Point is...the roster has cornerstones that are unstable and trash. It would be like building the team around Greg Hardy. They have drafted-coddled and seek problem children on the regular.
  10. Pulling for the Bengals until......

    Draft Garbage human beings for your teams roster and they will make garbage decisions....Marvin Lewis will be the one that pays but the GM is the one drafting the player with character red flags in the early rounds every year.
  11. I do agree agree with this. Short has really masked the team's avg production from the ends. His push up the middle has caused many a poor throws and yet another guy a team has to game plan for. As Gettles once said: he values guys more that play closer to the line as they impact more plays per game. IMO extending Short is a more important signing than Josh Norman....but let us hope we have both for a while.
  12. I long for the days where the whole defense is pointing at each other in confusion..ahem CHARLES GODFREY!!
  13. Another school shooting, this time in Oregon

    If these mass killings were by black males Fox news would be talking about how Obama envourages gun violence....and you better believe all the cameo-milita-gun rights folks would have a different talking point about mental illness.
  14. Lukes like I have been following for a while bc @Carona Huddle is the Panther fan must follow. Luke Kuchley was a great pick I loved from the beginning...he has quickly made me forget one of my all time faves in Jon Beason. @tantricninja