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  1. Motivation from Bucky Brooks

    Bucky Brooks used to be a scout for the Panthers too...and is usually a Panther defender. This reeks of a point/counterpoint type hot take...that just makes ESPN unbearable. 
  2. Donald Trump: Because I Said So, It's True

    It is sad that you cannot parady Carson or Trump. They will one up any skit with a real soundbite or Tweet.  As long as these buffons are leading it minimizes the spotlight on the real crazy that is Cruz. 
  3. Bernie = Spam?

    Nope just Stirs once again falling beneath your lowest expectations. 
  4. First undercover terrorists arrive in Charlotte

    God Bless us all....... ...and by God I mean Boba Fett. 
  5. Officially 3-peat with win on Sunday!

    I get what you are saying but this is why Kony was drafted. A broke down CJ last few years makes his 16-18 million slot better utilized somewhere else. Also guys like M Remmers are due for an upgrade in pay. 
  6. Officially 3-peat with win on Sunday!

    If we pay for Norman I would look for CJ to either be gone or he accepts an extention that pays him a lot less. He is under contract but it is not guaranteed and is huge. 
  7. Officially 3-peat with win on Sunday!

    If this team stays healthy and we can retain Short-Norman....we can be even better in 2016. Our window seems bigger than SF and Seattles. A slow burn on the NFC south as champs...4 in a row? All we need next season is a nickel corner, DE depth and prob a WR ..just bc but almost all would be added as depth. 
  8. Is it blasphemy that Teb0w is showing up Capital G himself?  I mean even Capital G had relations with a married women...got her pregnant to give birth to his son....despite being able to create a man out of dust and dirt.  ....basically how Shawn Kemp got started in the NBA.  Teb0w! Stop tying to be better than the guy you worship!! 
  9. Beginner Guitar and Amp

    Amp wise get a line 6 Spider Jam amp. It has all the effects built in..and drum beats with bass....and it records.  All in one. Saves a ton of money on pedals and such. 399 new but google it..saw it for 199 used!     
  10. Cheaper than The University of Phoenix and better moral integrity. 
  11. Tool w/Primus Is Coming To Charlotte 1/26

    I saw Tool the last time they played at Bojangles arena...the sound was screwed and you could not hear Maynard sing..it was like Tool the instrumental version with an occasional hint of a singer. I guess it went well with Maynard standing behind the drummer for the whole concert too....so Maynard. The acoustics for a rock show suck there. 
  12. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Sounds like someone's PSL seat got moist from the useage of "pelvic thrusts" in the letter. How dare Cam awaken her cold, inactive naughty parts. 
  13. The real question now is....what happens to the Hot Shots franchise now? A CGI Sheen? Hologram Sheen as Holgram Tupac or vice versa?  JJ Abrams has to do this!!   
  14. Where has C Thomas Howell or Emilio Estavez been anyway?
  15. That Crazy Joe Web Wildcat Play

    Chud had the innovative mind...most memorable plays and we had 10 different hb screens and wr screens... Chud was so good at times we got Pilares to score on a wr screen. If only he didnt poo the bed on 2nd,3rd and short..