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  1. Well thank ganesha they did not take our inactive 2nd kicker who was drafted in the 7th round. I mean the Raiders picked a guy off the streets who promptly led or did lead all kickers in scoring week 1. Hurney has has always tried to do curious things where I feel his dream is to be considered the "smartest man in the room" if one of these against the grain picks ever bore fruit for him.
  2. Fellow Nerds - I have heard your cries.

    Hey..anyone just quit vaping recently?
  3. This has to be the most a GM has ever done to try and secure a conditional 7th rounder by hoarding average kickers. Even if Hurney wins he loses bc WHY?!! This has to be a bet or a dare JR gave him to get the Full time GM gig.
  4. Panthers media challenge - 40 yard dash

    I envison he shows up with only socks and sandals to blame lack of proper footwear as his excise. Then runs a 4.43 with his arm raised in the air for the last 15 yards.
  5. Anyone have a firestick?

    Football would be terrible on Kodi since it would buffer with more people watching. SET TV Now, which can be downloaded and is an IPTV service on the firestick was just fine during the fight except for 5 minutes of downtime on one of the early fights. Sunday ticket is on there in addition to MLB, NBA and most every channel. Just youtube it to get the details. I went with this service as I was paying for Playstation Vue when the 1st Panther preseason game was blacked out on NFL network for streaming services. That and a 5 dollar increase for PS Vue starting in Sept was not worth it to me.
  6. Game of Thrones Season 7

    That was a finale! I really enjoyed it. -do we need to spoiler alert?- then this may be a semi spoiler alert.--- So does the break-in time to tame and ride a zomba-ragon that spits blue slushies, take less time than a horse? This season has drove me mad with several illogical-passings of time in the last few episodes. I just thought the scene at the wall was a bit forced and sudden. However, maybe it was 3 months later where the writers simply bypassed having a Montage of the Night King embarrassingly being thrown by the dragon several times only only to finally gain the trust of the dragon to saddle his wild ass..of course to the music of Chicago in the background. We were robbed of a great cinematic TV moment.
  7. Lets hope no high speed "birds" fly sabotaging the launch. It has been amazing to see these rockets land safely to be reused.
  8. Forum Consolidations

    Also the name Nerdvana rocks.... Nerdvana also had a lack of "anyone know why I got these bumps?" type posts...which made it a lot less creepy than the lounge.
  9. Anyone have a firestick?

    Look into Set TV NOW which can download to the FIre Stick. It has nothing to do with KODI and you get 500 channels including Sunday TIX, pay channels and PPV like the fight tonight. Its not perfect but the MLB pkg and HBOs look great and I have had minimal issues that you get with streaming HD live tv on Kodi. It is a 20 per mth service which would still be cheaper than buying a jail broken firestick for 75 dollars. Also you may have a mass walk out with the buffering you may get. I had to watch the NCAA finals with russian announcers to avoid the stream cutting out.
  10. I thought he exploded to the ball when he played. He also seemed to have that TD aggressive tackle down as well..like him from game 1.
  11. Because this team has zero reall assets Kemba is it (& Malik Monk)as of today. I agree with that Kemba is one of the top scoring PGs today and in his prime. However he will probably want a max deal that would take him to mid 30's? Kemba's limitations as a playmaker and on defense still male him an odd piece to build around. It is why you need a Batum type player along side of him. However the team around Kemba is getting old (Marvin, Batum, Howard) and a roster overhaul with Kemba at a Max contract while he is on the backside of his careet may not be good long term. If Malik Monk shows what a lot of us are excited about then possibly..he can be the new building block. I hate it..Kemba has developed his game to be an exciting player..but the front office took too long and made too many roster mistakes along the way. This trade Kemba discussion is not really about Kemba but about the roster's age, third max contracts and where this team wants to go. It just may have to be a tough decision on Kemba 2 years from now if he only will accept the 5 year max or wants to join a contender.
  12. However, trading Kemba should be seriously explored after this next season as opposed to giving him a max contract.
  13. Iron Maiden

    So we both were there watching greatness..on of the better concerts I have seen.
  14. RUN THE JEWELS on that soundtrack is always a good sign.
  15. I think we should all post our favorite Darrin Reeves Panther moments. I will go first.