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  1. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic: Drafting PF makes the most sense...   

    WCS would cement this roster being a dumpster fire. He is a good player but not the guy this team can afford to draft this season. He would be nothing more than a rotation piece behind AL, Zeller, Noah and possibly Biyombo.   It has to be a guy who could compete as a starter. 
     The LAST thing this team needs is another limited offensive player and throwing out the same freaking pooh lineup of Henderson and Marvin Williams. 
    Addressing an outside shooter/scorer that is mature and does not get suspended is THE need.  
    at 9 that looks like Booker or the PG. If we trade up I agree with others it should be Winslow or Hezonja.   This team just needs another alpha-type scorer who actually can. 
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  2. TANTRIC-NINJA added a post in a topic: According to Chad Ford we're showing early interest in Cam Payne   

    ​Cam Payne would make the team better would it not?
    The Hornets made a strong push to get Shaun Livingston.  Cam would give some decent size as a point defending twos while on offense Kemba could be used as the scoring guard as a Shaun Livingston contingency. 
    I would rather get an upgrade on a two guard or any skilled outside shooter scorer.  We just need another alpha type who is not afraid to go after it. 
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