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    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    They spent a night controlling the board and came up with this? Underwhelming

    Okay. So then...Why?

    Every part of "I have a life" Jeff Garcias soul is filled with the caricature of the dumb jock-douche played in every 80's movie....except he is real.
  3. You described a guy as "he reminds me of Charles Godfrey" Fail!
  4. What would help jumpstart the traditional South Kacky college fan's interest is If the Panthers partnered with SC & Clemson to alternate playing one preseason game a year at Williams Brice one year & Death Valley the next year. That would do alot and help build closer relationships with the staffs of two NFL talent-heavy teams with our own scouts and coaches. Winning consistently and being nationally relevant is important as we were in 2015. Everyone suddenly had Panther gear in week 15 & the wife and I would be like where was all this the last 8 years we have lived there? I would say that the 2015 increased the fanbase by 25% around here post bandwagon jump off. The folks in SC LOVE to be front runners:they used love college baseball(2 national Championships) now it's likewarm, suddenly love Women's college bball(1 national Championship in 2017) and during the 2017 NCAA tourny, there was very few Gamecock fans that could name the starting 5 of the Mens Final 4 team but off to ColonialLife Arena they went where one could hear questions like..."I thought it was 4 Quarters! I goota pee out this moonshine" and what is that clock on top of the backboard for? Look there is a long way to go just to have folks care about other sports out side of Sat football. In my office, i spoke to one person who watched the NCAA championship game. Others began to describe the Women's NCAA finals or said what game last night? Just know it is not uncommon to be in a bar/grill on a Sunday where most the TVs are on Fox new and HGTV where Chip and Joanna are restoring homes for the cheap!! SC can disappoint so hard.
  5. I think it depends on where in SC. Closer to Charlotte: the Rock Hills and Ft. Mills are definite high in Panther fans. In Columbia? It is all Gamecocks and maybe 1 in 25-30 Gamecock only fans will tune in to catch 20 total minutes a game that the Panthers are winning. A LOT of Gamecock fans are just indifferent to other sports in general but most(6 outta 10) definitely HATE Cam Newton, since he tore their azzes up twice winning the Heisman at Auburn.... oddly 6 out 10 Gamecock fans also love country music, yell fake news and say "Heritage" with a lot of pride describing the past.

    Jarvis Landry

    This ensure Odell Beckham will be paid QB type money from someone. I just cannot imagine a senario where Gettles will destroy his cap paying a WR who seems enotionally fragile. Unless... they draft a rookie QB and shockingly part with that Eli cap hit...bc he is garbage juice.

    Greatest Panthers Hat

    Wow did these hats come with a free AOL CD?

    Getting laid off in july

    Also with a severence deal, you typically have to agree to sign legal paperwork which ensures the employer canoot be sued in exchange for the severance. These may include no compete clauses etc. As Naquan stated this is an "AT WILL" state which means the employee has very little recourse. As I used to teach employment law working in HR, an employer can walk randomy decide to fire everyone wearing a red shirt and it is within the employer's rights. They can fire one for any reason that does not violate a protected class. Legal age protection is 40 and above. ______________________________________ I was let go from a 6 figure job back in 2011 and it SUCKED. My severence was generous but it quickly ran out in 6 months. I tried to take jobs in my field with well known terrible companies (similar job/salary potential) but they were indeed, terrible cultures and I lost interest quickly. My wife got her RN degree & got tired of me being on unemployment again and wanted to sabatage me getting like really good at Madden yelling at a 13 year olds at 4am. She suggested I take a job with a company I like, quit chasing a minimum salary and try to get in the ground floor with a company that is supposed to be awsome to work for. This may mean taking a much smaller salary(in my case like a LOT SMALLER) and although financeswill be tight, I should be able to learn the company and be promoted quickly. Since my wife went from full time student with part time income to full time RN, her salary took a decent jump to absorb the hit on my salary. I took a job in a lol..call center which sucked (the job and money) but the company was awesome and I was able to move out of the department in 9 months. It took about 18 months total but I got into a postion that pays decently and will get 25% higher salary in May due to a promo. Long story lesson: if you can, try to find a place you have heard is awesome to work for..get in any way you can, learn everything and stand out. It could mean lower wages for a bit but everyhing should work out with what you have learned and know from your experience. Or crap, If you have a Publix grocery store where Department managers like the deli manager for example, make around 75 grand with great benefits. I have a friend who is a store manager there and he makes 125k? He loves it. Retail/grocery is not my thing as I have done both in my work past. But it was one of many options at one time for salary/quick job. Sorry for the novel.

    Legion season 2

    One of my top 3 shows. Season 1 was great

    The Last Jedi

    Crystal Critters? Really It really felt like a Disney's Star Wars Rougue One made me feel the promise.

    Hurney and drafting receivers

    Armani was a future 2nd and the 3rd we took him with. Hurney should not even be considered for an associate scouting intern(not a real job) let alone the GM for a professional NFL team based on this decision alone.
  12. If this trade happens and the Gano franchise tag.....I may have don the ninja mask once more only to stop this madness in the Panther's front office.
  13. Hurney Magic-we cannot get nice things bc we franchise kickers or carry 2 of them on the roster into the season and cut the rookie contract.

    Norwell & Star

    Star's family lives in Utah. He just a family guy that wants to play closer to home. It happens, where it is not a slight against the Panthers like some here take it as. Hate to see Norwell gone at his age and performance level. This shows that you would ve wise not blow high picks on guards. If you have the eye a guard can be created from lower picks and free agents. You definitely do not blow 2nd round picks on Tackles from small schools HURNEY!!...Ahem Amini Sillytoodle.
  15. When life gives you Daniel LaRusso......you sweep it's sorry, pathetic leg! ..except when you are saying that Daniel LaRusso embodies the Panthers...of course. CRANE KICK THAT SEACHICKEN AZZ!!!