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  1. Vernon Butler was already a Panthers fan

    I'm gonna hold back judgement. At least for now.... If a pattern emerges (e.g. Questionable tweet + demonstrated cooking inaddequacies) I will be forced to question Gettleman's abilities.
  2. I didn't like the reaction but think it's way overblown by critics. I did like the Instagram link in the article. Dude hopped a fence and hung out with kids at recess. Very cool. Wish they would report on those more cause Cam does way more of that.
  3. Your final predictions (#30)

    I predict there will be a poo load of people pissed about not drafting a left tackle. Again...
  4. Good idea here. Hotness of girlfriends and associated female acquaintances should be a variable in the UDFA BPA ranking IMO. Gotta really look look into those intangibles.
  5. This does suck and I can see how it runs people wrong. There is a cleaner way of doing this without pissing people off. Telling someone they aren't good enough is all out douchey. I think sending a letter or having a call and generalize by saying the team has a mid to late round grade and the team has been impressed with their credentials and noticed them. Explain a bunch of crap about how draft boards work and how dynamic and fluid the process is. Thank them for participating. lf the guy gets drafted in the 3rd then it's great. If he goes undrafted he may be bummed but he remembers your teams interest and the personal touch. So long as it is done in a manner that does not compromise strategy then I think it works fine and mi imizes the douchification of the process.
  6. Trump vs. Hillary

    The debates will be entertaining.
  7. I think this is a philosophy based on negative reinforcement. ( I do this something bad happens so maybe I need to stop doing it). Problem I find with this is that it does not tell you what is right, it simply highlights the wrong. Regardless the the type of negative reinforcement it needs to be done in tandem with positive reinforcement for there to be any real impact. That's just my .02.
  8. I wish there were more of these covers as you really get a better appreciation of Prince.He owns the song and performance from the beginning to end.
  9. Whoever theguy is that's replacing Norman is already in the NFL. I don't see Gettleman fishing for a starting cb.
  10. So what does Gettleman do with this money?

    I think Gettleman values his interior DL more than a CB. I suspect there were a couple more variables G was considering when negotiating with Josh.I think his offer to those guys will be more competitiveto try and lock (at least one of) them up.
  11. Was this the plan all along?

    Seems like there was a lot of posturing going on from JNos side regarding signing e tag and holding out. That coupled with the distance between the two probably led to it. I suspect it was not going o ha a happy one year marriage so Gman pulled the plug. Wish JNo well.
  12. Biggest Panthers needs/solution going into draft

    Seems like about 98% of the mocks have had us going LT for the past 3-4 years.
  13. Cali implements $15 min wage, UC Berkeley cuts jobs

    I think you are hitting on something here. I think the problem with selectively envokingcapitalism in the middle of the argument is weak though. We are introducing a variable in the market after the coffee shop is in business, which will be a barrier (disincentive) for entry in the future so the next guy will not even try to start a business. He will either be able to adjust and absorb or he will have to get out of the market. Simple andcorrect. But what happens if he has to get out of the market. He is now unemployed, his non minimum wage employees are displaced and the $15.00 minimum wage employees are unemployed also. How many of these coffee shops are impacted and what does that do to the rest of the supply chain? I am not arguing either way. If it's well thought out and assessed it's ok. But imposing an arbitrary "living wage" is reckless if you don't consider the macro effect it will have.
  14. Obamacare

    The statistics don't tell the picture at all. I played with some numbers on the website and it looks like if a family of 4 making 50k signs up the adults are covered under 1 plan and the kids are covered under medicaid. This is is essentially 2 separate government empires we are feeding This is stupid. There was no transformation and no reform, just another version of fugged up. True transformation can not be slammed in like this as the players just find their niche and watch the cash flow in. Nothing has changed other than a website and additional government agencies. It's great people can get healthcare but at some point rational thought needs to be applied.
  15. Thank you, young lady, for your valiant contribution to OUR FREEDOMZ

    On top of that grandma waxing about it being Gods will. I am a spiritual person and I know people turn to faith during crisis,but Goddoes not will parents to be reckless dumbasses.