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  1. Well I wouldn't count out teams like the bengals and the raiders signing him..
  2. Yet another high pick that ended up being very average.
  3. it's insane to me that he went undrafted.. and we all know he will be playing with a chip on his shoulder because of it.
  4. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    I meant in the media from what I have seen.
  5. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Not in love with the pick but I trust DG knows what he's doing.. but literally nobody anywhere thought the panthers would pick this guy.
  6. Mohamed Sanu to Falcons

    wow way to overpay
  7. J-No on SportsCenter

    Jno is good but let's be real if he went to browns or jags he would not play at the same level as he did here..Gman will not bend for him nor should he.
  8. Panthers working on extension for Ron Ron.

    Once he went riverboat it was all goodtimes from there.. love it.
  9. Duke Vs UNC 9 PM 2/17/2016 Thread

    roy williams needs to retire
  10. Prepare the feels

    The panther's window is wide open now.. all the core players are young and locked up except for norman and short.. fix the holes and I can see the panthers being even better next season.
  11. 51.... 51..... 51...

    Hmm maybe just sign calvin johnson and have him say this is his last year with a contender and then all the feel good stories and what have you and he can retire a legend!!!!!!!!! hey it worked for the broncos didn't it?
  12. Why all the meh and ehh on boston?? The guy has made great plays this year.. I don't recall any bad plays or blown coverages from him.
  13. Prepare the feels

    Houston is our destiny
  14. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    alshon jefferies is way too injury prone