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  1. Johnson and Hardy

    I hope hardy's situation serves as a great lesson to all the fellas in the NFL.. stay away from the crazy ass chicks!
  2. Norman on Dez Bryant

    Haha water boy.. ofc
  3. I don't hate jimmy but he belongs in the cfl.
  4. Romo

    downhill?? there never was a hill to begin with.. haha
  5. Norman on Dez Bryant

    you need to knock some sense in his ass..
  6. Norman on Dez Bryant

    I thought they was talking about the bomb to dez early in the game.
  7. Romo

    I never liked how smug and douchy he acts when he has never accomplised a damn thing.. sure he had some good stats.. but they don't matter when u are always choking in the playoffs.
  8. Romo

    His whole career has been nothing but there's always next year!.. lol what a choke artist.
  9. Norman on Dez Bryant

    wow the denial is very strong in this one..
  10. The media

    I would honestly be shocked if the media actually spends more time talking/praising the panthers than talk about how fragile romo and the boys are all next week... I know in my gut this will happen.. this is what I mean by the disrespect.
  11. The media

    My espn doesn't look like that.. but that looks like mobile to me tho..
  12. The media

    Nah man take a look at top headlines what is the first thing u see about the game??? ROMO ROMO ROMO ROMO.. not a peep about the panthers anywhere.
  13. Norman on Dez Bryant

    jno don't hold back and I love it!
  14. Norman on Dez Bryant

    hahaha is there video of this?
  15. The media

    I know I shouldn't care so much.. but the team has played so damn good they deserve more respect than this.