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  2. A fool and his money Sportsbook operator CG Technology reported "steady Denver money" on Saturday, including a six-figure bet on the broncos. To begin the week, 86 percent of the money bet on the Super Bowl spread was on the Panthers at CG Technology. As of Saturday afternoon, that was down to 54 percent.
  3. Deangelo Williams picks....

    pretty bizarre that smitty is way more mature than dwill.. dude needs to get over it.
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    His celebrity profile has massively skyrocketed this year.. give the dude a break.
  5. Man I don't know how the hell warren moon doesn't work in national media.. he'd be perfect with tony dungy, than that dumbo masquerading as a broadcaster.
  6. I say again how does this tool still have a job?? there has to be better former NFL players who want to be broadcaster that isn't as big a tool as this guy is out there that deserve his job.
  7. I am going with stewie here he will have 100+ 2tds is my prediction.
  8. Super Bowl Rings

    I actually like that idea.. it's fun and cheap.
  9. Collection of Panther Hype Videos

    lilsmitty is god of these videos..
  10. Manning had a awesome career and he can at least say he won a superbowl.. so I won't feel so bad for him when the panthers plant him in the ground and take all his lame duck gifts and blow em outta the water.. coz we all feel it.
  11. Always brings a smile to my face
  12. Amazing how dumb people can act right before the biggest moment in their life/career.. but I guess that's what makes us human.