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  1. "Show me a good loser... "

    I don't have an issue with Cam post game. Chris Harris' comments was the final straw. I understand that. Not easy to talk after losing but it has to be done. Great motivation going forward. As for diving not diving uhh, im torn. Last game of the year and it's late in the game and your down 6. Dude lie to me. Tell me you were hoping the ball was going to pop up and you make a play. Your leg being contorted? You have flipped over d lineman on the way to the end zone in extremely lesser important games.  I think falling on the ball is the only thing he could have done. Oye Well. Coulda shoulda woulda. Lots of time for reflection. 
  2. It seems the team assumed they would roll over Denver.  They may not say it but they figured to do what they have done all year. Expect every team to green dogblitzall the time. This is why having TWO good passing tes helps. You can disguise the play to look like a run and pass or vice versa. Like a post just said we saw this a few times and could make the other team play.  Denver rolled the dice and decided to come after Cam with the house and if he beats them on the run or throws on the run or from the pocket so be it. I would like to see how often Cam stepped up in the pocket in similar games vs Denver.  By dropping back further it played more into the Broncos gsmeplan. Interesting read.
  3. Big Daryl Williams....

    I agree with this. Im curious to hear details on how many audibles were in the gameplan and why so many laye snaps. A few no huddle here and thete would have been good. The worst part is when something would go right we shot ourselves in the foot. 
  4. Only the 2014 Seahawks lost the SB in the last 15 yrs when the #1 D is in the Super Bowl. Team/fans beyond overconfident and now it's humble pie time. We will get better.
  5. Mike Shula's EGO

    Things we do and say on Mondays
  6. April 18th 2005

    Keep pounding is needed more than ever. 
  7. Watched a little then got nauseous.  Sports depression makes me want to take multiple naps.  I will watch college hoops and enjoy march madness but no football till the draft.  
  8. I bet if Beyonce and Coldplay and Bud Light got behind any of what your talking about then sure.
  9. Ealy made Super Bowl History

    He would have won MVP if Carolina pulled it out.
  10. The fumble by Peyton and Thomas i think recovered it for a gain.
  11. Lot of guys last week didn't want Shula to get cute and we also heard the team is going to stick to what it does. So many missed chances is the killer here. Two dropped ints by Norman. Dropped passes esp near the goaline with Cotch. Missed fgs. If Cam fumbles those two between the 30's, Denver probably doesn't scoe. But he didn't.  Fumbles by rbs. Not recovering fumbles and even Denver got positive yards on a fumble.  
  12. Massive Addition Coming to Carowinds in 2016-2017

    Cool stuff. Wish they would add an old arcade at the waterpark. Of course they may have one
  13. NFL Rigged?

    Lots of late money went on the Broncos. The pros took the points and ultimately the money.
  14. Racist peice of poo

    Romo could have easily said man here. Easily.
  15. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Help yourself out fellas and realize it's a team game. You win together and you lose together.