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  1. How the hell is the US still at an AA+ credit rating?

    did you not learn anything from 2008? The moment the veil was lifted off of Moodys and their "ratings" the tsunami begun.
  2. Embrace the dread Panthers fans. A lot needs to change in 3 wks or its no playoffs.
  3. Hey there...

    Hey mgmt. If Panthers don't win over 5 games can i get free ALL Pro account and a selfie with you at an establishment in Myrtle beach?
  4. Lol https://www.google.com/amp/sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2017/08/28/berkeley-mayor-classify-antifa-as-a-gang/amp/
  5. Have i missed anything new?

    And gazi still digging for an angle that isn't there So far we have clockwork going on.
  6. Have i missed anything new?

    First time i have typed carolina huddle in a month. You should try it...for a year. Lol
  7. Been busy having fun this summer and doing projects and such. I take it hearts and minds have been changed and labeling and awful comparisons have stopped? Hopefully my favorite wannabe marxist can reach the gas pedal for drivers ed. Don't ever change tinderbox. Don't ever change.
  8. I think you using youtube is digital appropriation and you should cease and desist young man. Only nerds can use those contraptions.
  9. Says the guy living Whitowa. I think an axe spray factory is in Des Moines.
  10. Black Panther

    Looked great. Can't wait to see this develop and expand. Marvel just knows how to deliver.
  11. Some good unintentional humor up in here. Lol
  12. Glad i had on some shades when i saw this pic