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  1. Lol https://www.google.com/amp/sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2017/08/28/berkeley-mayor-classify-antifa-as-a-gang/amp/
  2. Have i missed anything new?

    And gazi still digging for an angle that isn't there So far we have clockwork going on.
  3. Have i missed anything new?

    First time i have typed carolina huddle in a month. You should try it...for a year. Lol
  4. Been busy having fun this summer and doing projects and such. I take it hearts and minds have been changed and labeling and awful comparisons have stopped? Hopefully my favorite wannabe marxist can reach the gas pedal for drivers ed. Don't ever change tinderbox. Don't ever change.
  5. Another murderer goes free

    And a volley of fug you back punk. you are hysterical and thats rich about police tone. Lol Bluster on dude. Change will happen but not because of your dopey self righteous oh my God im an edgy marxist anti capitalist guy. I will just put you on virtual ignore from now on. Imaginekev seems extremely more reasonable and i can see them moving the ball further down the field to some extremely positive results.
  6. Another murderer goes free

    You're going to get a hystrerical fug you so just be prepared. Articulating any counter with hysterical guy leads you into a labyrinth of consternation of extremes and impossibility of openess to a different pov.
  7. Another murderer goes free

    The power of the Union and lack of independent investigations don't help.
  8. Another murderer goes free

    More severe i mean.
  9. Another murderer goes free

    Cop should have been charged with something.
  10. Think any evidence is on any hard drives etc floating around?
  11. This is what people should do. Step up and help no matter who or why. I'm not surprised at all.
  12. Get ready for the politicians asking for secret service help all the time. Once again crazed dude has access to gun and yet either nobody knew he was crazed or some did and shrugged it off. And around we go.
  13. Spare the misguided sanctimony and racial projecting for someone else. Now the healthcare tweet was money.
  14. Not the white on white crime line. Lol. Thats too funny.
  15. Reaganism - 5 Men Now Own 1/2 the World's Wealth

    Bill Clinton put Reagonomics on roids. NAFTA and Glass Stegall repeal and deregulation of FCC. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.