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  1. Steelers have to be kicking themselves. all that talent and not make it to AFC Champ game.
  2. and won. notice the key word before in my post? who is ignoring here?
  3. Phillys D held teams under 9 in playoffs before SB. NINE. But wrs.
  4. cwg i expect to see you at the Dan show in May? we need to share some beverages
  5. pick me up some lavender vapes next time at the shop.
  6. sucks to misread people and quadruple down. never voted for a Rep pres in my life. copy. paste.
  7. I'm not a Republican ya bitter robot.
  8. ahh tinderbox. yet to take one positive step forward in life. I do not miss ya.
  9. does it matter now?
  10. we got people crying all yr about our wrs and frigging Nick Foles takes a team to the SB. My sports hate is at Def Con 5 when it comes to Philly. uggggghhhhh
  11. back up QB. no more crying about our wrs please.
  12. keep an ear out for San Antonio. also keep an eye on the Chargers going BACK to San Diego. that would make moving to LA a breeze. some of y'all don't realize how breathtakingly fast this team could be out the door. i will work some connections to see what i can gather in the next few weeks
  13. How the hell is the US still at an AA+ credit rating?

    did you not learn anything from 2008? The moment the veil was lifted off of Moodys and their "ratings" the tsunami begun.