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  1. I came out of a car wash and saw like 8 military planes flying low and then they all did a hard bank right and as i drove home saw them go full circle.  Hopefully it's not Red Dawn.    WOLVERINES!!
  2. All that's left is win the SB and team message board of the year.....
  3. Wasn't there new rules put in place on email servers and new layers added to prevent the very thing that happened?  Also didn't Clinton have to sign a document attesting to such new parameters? 
  4. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Sorry for your loss. You were able to be there for him and did what you needed to do. A few days of diversions and enjoying a possible once in a lifetime moment is right there.  Keep your head up and the Huddle has your back.
  5. Lot of comics dont like how he sreals bits. He probably used the huddle as a source. The show isn't that good anymore.
  6. calling ALL Gamblers

    Do a prop bet on the over in the 2nd half. I do NOT like this much action on Carolina.  Makes me uneasy. Leave no doubt fellas.
  7. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    I think if Denver wants to test TD then i can see Shaq and AJ getting some sneaky sacks in a few zone blitzes. Calling it now. Shaq causes a fumble and Ealy returns for a td.
  8. What makes the Huddle so special?

    Jase had the greatest games of his life.
  9. what is political correctness and why is it bad?

    Like i mentioned earlier to me there are several elements of PC that are not just race related.  I remember reading a book called Doublespeak a couple of years after high-school that was more or less foreshadowing the pervasive rise if the PC culture in the 90's. The point it was making was the ability to use language to manipulate. In any direction.  That's why i mentioned the corporate world being one of the worst culprits. Being aware be it culturally or racially or gender wise can be a good productive start but when different motives or agendas get interspersed with that foundation it can open up a whole new can of worms. I know teeray wanted concrete examples and that's the beauty and irony of PC. It can be covert and subtle and even almost stealth in its impact. I fall back in businesses.  Many companies will have entire groups that are shuffled around because nobody wants to be honest and instead of better training or reassignment you pit other groups against each other or don't properly level the work load and then we get office politics.  I would contend a lot of companies make money despite themselves and their poltics where if they didn't let doublespeak or PC get in the way they could make even more money as well as employ even more people. I would require a recent college graduate to go work for a large bank. At least a year to really see the underbelly of corporate politics and the far reachint inpact that it has. PC is not easy to quantify or corral.
  10. Snoop Dogg Interviews Cam Newton

    Come on nephew
  11. What makes the Huddle so special?

    We had a drunk guy (bleys) not sure what state he was in.