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  1. Is it still unbelievable to anyone else?

    Not till GB was i like oh yeah. Now im like a guy on a long hitting streak in baseball. I try not to think about it. One game at a time has worked so far.
  2. I always thought Lane Kiffin was an @hole

    If one more shark is jumped,  PETA may get involved.  Lol
  4. doubling down on your intentional omission ehh  oooh, let me deflect and put it back on him and maybe nobody else will notice. he who posts about someone else melting down while using several commas to do so is simmering before they boil over.  ahh google what major should i change too this year, i still think you are a gold star in the tinderbox. don't worry.
  5. dont get mad now gazi. remember they make you sit in the happy chair until you relax.  lol meltdown. let me guess. next you are going to type independent? cutting edge stuff there. 
  6. finally you have reached the self awareness we all longed for.  
  7. still wish you were able to pee standing up? again. you are so mentally soft in the head you are making this the left right thing.  but you have to have an outlet so i understand. 
  8. im talking about here micro peen. where is the outrage towards the unions here?   the million was autocorrect. im so shamed. how will i move on from here? 
  9. the extra time on the couch during the holidays has caused some atrophy for you. i said the above. totally did. but unlike what rodeo said, i did not say deport 100 million muslims. and before you whine i have also said to apply the same to domestic nut jobs as well.   also where is all the outrage and threads and public condemnations of the Chicago police union standing by their guy? accessory to murder that gets swept under the rug. now had that been say Birmingham omg we got ourselves a scandal.
  10. But he  planned the attacks and killed a lot. He wanted to do more no?  I also never said to deport so again you look dumb. Wheres that bible passage i asked for the other day since you were dropping some bible up in here?  
  11. Could you be just a little more holy than thou? Dude. My entire family and church condemns this. Just because you don't hear or see it doesn't mean they don't. The response to this was absolutely exactly what i expected. From the memes to the omg see its the crazed white people we need to be concerned about to the timing of the response isn't fast enough or eloquent enough or whatever.   This just in. Crazy people walk among us. They have for as long as we have been alive.    Same old argument. Yes more should be done to prevent those with mental health issues to get guns. If someone posts any rhetoric that is close to terrorism, foreign or domestic, you get a visit by the FBI. You go on a watch list until you show yourself not being nuts. Two wrongs still do not make a right.
  12. Whats to handle? The guy was a psycho who killed someone. Murder is flat out wrong and this guy deserves whatever punishment that is coming his way.
  13. Google why am i not as popular as Blaine Gabbert is talking to himself again.