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  1. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    The question doesn't have to be logical.  
  2. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    It's to generate discussion and callers. If nobody calls then no show. Most of the media is trying to get your attention and will do literally anything.  Dateline once faked a crash test on a car. They didn't do it becaue they didn't like the car. They know how to stir the pot. You just inadvertently helped Franks show. 
  3. If Cotch catches the  ball at the 5 or C doesn't fumble for a touchdown aren't having a dif convo? Look at that insane catch by Baldwin on that drive in last years SB that set up the dramatic end. How about this conspiracy?  NBC has gotten most of the great SB lately. A rouge player or ref shaving points i can totally see. A football Bilderbergs uhh no.
  4. You are arguing about crackers with white bread? I think you have been played sir.  
  5. Getting soft there Lebowski. Not to mention more personal than a urologist.  I don't go around making points of someone's values good or bad.  The only thing lame is your Lego conspiracy house you are trying to construct. 
  6. You're starting to sound like your avatar. Lol
  7. This is crazy

    The Blind Slide
  8. Even if the special teams gets a penalty for hitting that guy, den doesn't have great field postion and still probably doesn't score. Some of you are straight up blind. Cotch drops a ball at the 5. Ginn lets one slip around the 10 for a pick.  3-14 points there. We fumble twice in our red zone which we avoided mostly all year. 14 points for them. And lol@ someone questioning Shula for a 17-1 team that led the LEAGUE in scoring. Hilarious. 
  9. Somebody gunning for Marty Hurney?

    Had to be a Huddler
  10. Fixing a game and point shaving are entirely different to me. Fix is having so many involved it's impossible.  Point shaving can have one or two players or refs or a combo. It's subtle but influential. When someone started a thread BEFORE the SB about the nfl wanting Payton that was an out clause on the Panthers losing.  We. Got.  Beat. The trophy ain't here. Time to man up and move down the road.
  11. CJ nearly changed the game. Nearly.

    Murray is that you?
  12. CJ nearly changed the game. Nearly.

  13. CJ nearly changed the game. Nearly.

    7-10 plays that were THIS close to changing the game. Thanks for the salt bro. Lol
  14. Hasn't like the last 9 of 10  teams in the super bowl with the #1 ranked d won? Seattle being the latest exception? Add another odd yet unreal stat is the last time a league mvp won the SB was 99 with Kurt Warner.  But for those convinced there are conspiracies,  if you aren't making money on betting then you don't really believe it.
  15. "Show me a good loser... "

    Should be a fun informative off season.