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  1. Was it fireball who really really knew football or am i thinking of another girl?
  2. designing and building your own house

    Arsen im the kind of person that if someone says hey if you are ever in town give me a shout i do. I shall call in a favor or four as im getting ready to do some upgrades at pstall manor.
  3. designing and building your own house

    Yeah. How?
  4. Syrian refugees

    Some local people are paying for the flig ht. Thats why i said they are in a good place here. They are more than taken care of.
  5. Syrian refugees

    The first quote was the director of the FBI  in Oct before a subcommittee. Second one is Sec of Homeland Sec. Those two have infinitely more intel than us are the ones that made it a point to really look into. Some of you need to stop trying to apply logic to a terrorist.  From in or outside the states.  The reason this is an issue to those two guys is they understand the scope of what a handful can do. That's not fear mongering.  That's truth. The WH even altered it's visa program because it has some very dangerous gaps. Let me says this not worried about a refugee. Just isis. Two different people. But one can not be trusted on any level. And it ain't the refugee.
  6. Syrian refugees

    If someone has not made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interests reflected in our databases, we can query our databases until the cows come home but nothing will show up because we have no record of that person."       "It is true that we are not going to know a whole lot about the Syrians that come forth in this process. ... That is definitely a challenge. ... We know that organizations like ISIL might like to exploit this program." Which candidate(s) said the above?  
  7. designing and building your own house

    One of my best buds is an architect  and i know between he and i we know several contractors as well. I can pm his info if you ever want to talk to him. Draw up plans over some bourbon.  :lol:
  8. First undercover terrorists arrive in Charlotte

    Kudos to the dad on a couple of levels. One on getting out just in time. The biggest skirmish happened in his area in July.  Secondly,  for getting to Charlotte. The Charlotte diocese is tje group my wife has worked with in the past helping people acclimate and  learn English.  Someone has offered to cover the airfare and help find a job so they will be in great shape. More than likely we will have them over for dinner a few times if my wife tutors them. Gazi i will save ya a seat if you promise not to talk non-stop football.  
  9. Sunday night game thread

    Amazing game. Stay humble and hungry panther nation and        KEEP POUNDING 
  10. They may be waiting for more facts. Not sure. But i know have an invisible response metric. Speaking of the reps base. Lets use a small sample size of those one the board here. Which of them has said they support what happened? Or am i not reading you right?
  11. The other good thing in that article is what he said about Kerrys response to the Hebdo attacks. Also some lessons for other posters ehh rodeo?
  12. Look at the post above yours red. Umm. Yes its domestic and for now its terrorism. Still waiting for more to be dug into his background.  See how easy it is to call it like you see it?
  13. What else are we to believe from unnamed sources? So videos led this guy to kill but violent video games and movies with enormous budgets and marketing scope, not to mention cool romance  factor don't have a similar impact? Especially on the young or mentally unstable? If this was just random then it destroys a ready made narrative and will make many look foolish. No matter the motives, still need to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. Oh and btw. This hasn't been the only heinous act the last couple of weeks. Might want to adjust your news feeds. People can kill many dif ways.
  14. Is it still unbelievable to anyone else?

    Not till GB was i like oh yeah. Now im like a guy on a long hitting streak in baseball. I try not to think about it. One game at a time has worked so far.