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  1. Could you be just a little more holy than thou? Dude. My entire family and church condemns this. Just because you don't hear or see it doesn't mean they don't. The response to this was absolutely exactly what i expected. From the memes to the omg see its the crazed white people we need to be concerned about to the timing of the response isn't fast enough or eloquent enough or whatever.   This just in. Crazy people walk among us. They have for as long as we have been alive.    Same old argument. Yes more should be done to prevent those with mental health issues to get guns. If someone posts any rhetoric that is close to terrorism, foreign or domestic, you get a visit by the FBI. You go on a watch list until you show yourself not being nuts. Two wrongs still do not make a right.
  2. Whats to handle? The guy was a psycho who killed someone. Murder is flat out wrong and this guy deserves whatever punishment that is coming his way.
  3. Google why am i not as popular as Blaine Gabbert is talking to himself again.  
  4. No kidding. Very odd all the way around.
  5. When was the last time a pp place was attacked?  The instant i heard i knew the logical conclusion and run this would get. A tragic thing for sure. I fear yet again this will be used to further minimize the scope and magnitude of the danger of isis. Perfect timing to keep those embers warm.
  6. Could be quite the miracle if only people are wounded after all that happened. Insane times.
  7. He thinks its a pie. Shhh 
  8. Thread to topic ratio says it all. I know you wish no ill will but this scratches the narrative  itch for many here. Meanwhile a whole host of killings have happend lately.  Plenty to go around.
  9. Boner alert for tee and gazi.  Your dreams may come true today.   Right wing extreme bukkake.  
  10. Syrian refugees

    Memes will surely stop the bad guys.
  11. Luke Bryan

    If you've ever critiqued a halftime show.....  
  12. Saints game flexed

    Network is trying  to capitalize on momentum.