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  1. Racist peice of poo

    Romo could have easily said man here. Easily.
  2. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Help yourself out fellas and realize it's a team game. You win together and you lose together.   
  3. Racist peice of poo

    The word boy not stand out?
  4. Team led the league in scoring  by "doing what they do". We all walked into the trap of being over confident.  We felt that way by how the team has played all year. Not by adjustments for this one game. The hype got us. 
  5. Think about it. They were shocked they didn't switch it up. So Denver prepared by doing what exactly?  Turnovers and dumb penalties.  That's your ball game. 
  6. I agree a loss of down is a good idea
  7. Jackass penalties and awful turnovers did us in.  Denver didn't even get 200 yards total. TOTAL. How many did Boston have? Uggh what a bitter loss.
  8. Team game dude. Team game.  Blaming one guy  is juvenile. 
  9. The reason for no adjustments was because of too many headline reading going on in the locker room.  The smart money came in late on Denver.  SMART money. Not emotional let me go by hype and media coverage.   
  10. The blame shifting is pretty obvious.  Idiots.   Lol at it being Shulas fault.
  11. Hate to say it but.......

    The ENTIRE team lost. We got our asses absolutely kicked. Cam looked like a dazed piñata.  Running game was vapid. Wrs looked like they were 40 yrs old. The D came to play and that was it. Awful fumbles that killed momentum.  We got beat left and right. 
  12. If you can't win it this year.  Some dreadful play tonight. 
  13. If we cant beat this team But we crushed the individual awards.   Absolutely sucks.
  14. But we won individual awards and other swag   This absolutely sucks
  15. We all were so over confident.  I knew it.