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  1. If they refuse to serve or hire gay people you got me mayor. But uhh no.
  2. What the state is doing is beyond baffling. Tripling down. Again. Roy Cooper owes Jennifer Roberts tons. To put educational funds on the line to prove a point is lunacy.
  3. It seems i have won at this message board thing. Perhaps retirement is on the horizon.
  4. Not melt...trickle down lazi. You are getting a golden shower snd dont realize it. And i had asparagus for lunch.
  5. Umm. Im not being hysterical about both sides. I sinply pointed out lazi thinking he was being witty about guys in womens bathroom and yet his avatar. And then the clown parade starts and all i can do is laugh. This should be good.
  6. Lose? I lost nothing. Bless your little ole heart. Message board competition. Lol