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  1. I can't be the only one that saw this article was written before Luck was even drafted right? It's basically making the argument Cam was the better rookie because we haven't seen what Luck's rookie year looks like yet.
  2. Has he done any agility drills? I saw a brief video of him doing some kind of drill where he had to make a cut around someone in front if him and he nearly ran them over but any actual measurable agility?
  3. Something to point out about that number, Wilson didn't start playing until 2012. So I imagine the gap wouldn't be nearly as massive if he'd actually played as many years as Cam.
  4. has offensive line stats where you can see QB hits by team, not individual QBs. Carolina was at 93 QB hits and 36 sacks, which was 14th most hits and 13th most sacks. How accurate they are I don't know but it's at least a comparison of hits that don't include rushing attempts. 2015 they only allowed 61 hits and 33 sacks good for 30th most hits and 19th most sacks.
  5. Stewart was an inch shorter and 5lbs lighter when he came out but ran a faster 40 (4.48) and jumped 8 inches higher in the vertical. I don't remember him being compared to Bo Jackson. The hype for this guy is insane.
  6. I've read and heard from numerous pundits that Cam is not a rhythm or anticipation thrower. Would that not also play a part in the types and combination of routes Shula can call if Cam is not comfortable making certain throws? Not to mention trusting the receivers to run more complicated routes or heaven forbid an option route where Cam and the receiver have to read the defense the same way.
  7. I'm not arguing Ginn didn't have iffy hands. He dropped a lot of well thrown balls, he also dropped balls thrown so hard they bounced 10 yards off his chest.You know what helps guys with iffy hands? Passes thrown with appropriate velocity.
  8. Throwing a catchable ball is a good thing. Making it more difficult for your receivers to catch because you can't or won't put touch on a throw is not a good thing.
  9. He has the same concerns about Fournette that I've seen. Stick him deep in the backfield with a runway to get started and watch him work. Have him taking handoffs in the shotgun or having to work through traffic without that head of steam and he's not the same back. Which style of run game do we have?
  10. He weighs 273lbs, since when is that light for a DE?
  11. Seattle has had a terrible oline for years and they didn't resign him. Denver had a terrible oline last year and they don't want him back either. There's probably a reason these teams with just as many issues as us on the oline didn't want this guy back.
  12. You guys have seen where Ron said he expects Cam to fight him in "evolving" the offense right? Does anyone not think maybe we call the patterns and plays we do because those are what Cam is comfortable with? Cam was praised over and over again for supposedly audibling constantly and calling great plays last year. Now this year Shula sucks and apparently Cam forgot how to audible? Short throws are a weakness of Cam's because it requires good ball placement without throwing it on a rope and touch which he struggles to consistently do well. So he's probably likely to avoid those throws or changing to plays consistently where many of his options are short throws.
  13. When you are let go by two teams (Seattle, Denver) with terrible lines it doesn't instill much confidence in him being an upgrade.
  14. I'm willing to bet the franchise left tackle is last on the list of folks to cut/trade for cap room.
  15. Can we really be making fun of other teams QB's when we had the 28th ranked QB with the lowest completion % in the league and it wasn't even close (3.7% from 2nd worst for qualified qbs).