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  1. Davis fell off last year. Anyone that actually watched saw him get beat in coverage at a pretty frequent rate and missed an unusual number of tackles. He can still hit but I think his lateral agility is declining.
  2. Very few people or even families can take the burden of a family member getting a catastrophic injury or illness without insurance. I am a certified medical coder and know first hand how much a single day in an ICU can cost you. Some healthcare services have an elastic demand where a free market might work like primary care and some specialties. Healthcare services can become very inelastic very quickly though. You're not price comparing in the ambulance after a major accident or stroke.
  3. Playing football on the court does not equal good defense. Guys like LeBron or Shaq using sheer mass to run over or through people in the post isn't skill. This past year actually had the most points per game since 1992. Before that the 80s through 60s had more points per game nearly every year. 2016-2017 was the 33rd highest scoring season in nba history. Nostalgia and back in my day syndrome distort reality.
  4. I wasn't the only one that saw this article is only talking about a new medical record system right? A nice step but hardly a huge "win".
  5. I can't be the only one that saw this article was written before Luck was even drafted right? It's basically making the argument Cam was the better rookie because we haven't seen what Luck's rookie year looks like yet.
  6. Something to point out about that number, Wilson didn't start playing until 2012. So I imagine the gap wouldn't be nearly as massive if he'd actually played as many years as Cam.
  7. has offensive line stats where you can see QB hits by team, not individual QBs. Carolina was at 93 QB hits and 36 sacks, which was 14th most hits and 13th most sacks. How accurate they are I don't know but it's at least a comparison of hits that don't include rushing attempts. 2015 they only allowed 61 hits and 33 sacks good for 30th most hits and 19th most sacks.
  8. Stewart was an inch shorter and 5lbs lighter when he came out but ran a faster 40 (4.48) and jumped 8 inches higher in the vertical. I don't remember him being compared to Bo Jackson. The hype for this guy is insane.
  9. Cam was not freezing anyone this year in the read option. Defenses we're selling out on Stewart because Cam basically stopped keeping the ball.
  10. Cam needs to find throwing lanes if he's going to throw it so low, that hit a lineman's helmet.
  11. Defense was not good, but only scoring 13 on Atlanta is just pathetic.
  12. He can throw it 10 yards over the head of someone in the endzone or near the sidelines no problem and not get a grounding call.
  13. We have absolutely no pass rush and haven't nearly the entire game, not to mention they've been getting pounded in the run game. Dline has been embarrassing most of the game.
  14. Our D-line is getting blown off the ball, they look terrible.
  15. Why did he hesitate? Olsen was wide open.