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  1. Folks realize it takes 2 parties to agree to a contract right? Nothing guarantees Whitworth wanted to play here.
  2. CarolinaSock

    Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    Another developmental receiver that needs a lot of work on route running, is this deja vu from last year except with a first rounder used? 4 receivers taken in the first 2 rounds in the last 5 years with a running back for added measure in there. Hope the offense is ready to pull it's weight.
  3. CarolinaSock

    Rich finally paying their fair share

    I imagine most of those blue states are also net positives when it comes to federal dollars. Stop subsidizing red states with tax dollars from them and they could probably lower state and local taxes right?
  4. 2016 panthers were 11th in most dropped passes at 3.8%, 2015 8th at 4.7%, 2014 16th at 4.4%, 2013 17th at 4.5%, 2012 29th 4.1%, and 2011 17th at 5.1%. These are ranked by drop percentage and the higher rank is better. Overall Panthers are middle of the pack perhaps slightly worse according to the numbers at sportingcharts.com.
  5. Cam needs to find throwing lanes if he's going to throw it so low, that hit a lineman's helmet.
  6. Defense was not good, but only scoring 13 on Atlanta is just pathetic.
  7. He can throw it 10 yards over the head of someone in the endzone or near the sidelines no problem and not get a grounding call.
  8. We have absolutely no pass rush and haven't nearly the entire game, not to mention they've been getting pounded in the run game. Dline has been embarrassing most of the game.
  9. Our D-line is getting blown off the ball, they look terrible.
  10. Why did he hesitate? Olsen was wide open.
  11. We should have already had a touchdown if Cam doesn't hot dog it.
  12. CarolinaSock

    What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    Fivethirtyeight has us as the most likely victory this week at 86%. That's higher than New England over Buffalo and Seattle over San Francisco. Just for a reference they are 8-1 predicting our games, with only the Seattle game being an upset for us according to them.
  13. Luke and Coleman blew that play.