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  1. As much as i hate our coaching staff since when does a coach cause people to fumble during a game? Quit being stupid
  2. Used car price haggling question

    Thank you everyone so much for the help. I am now the new to me owner of a 2013 hyundai genesis coupe r spec with 38k miles!! The dealer wanted 22k after everything said and done. I got it for 18k OTD!! I feel like I haggled well haha. Again thank you so much everyone!
  3. Used car price haggling question

    Hello fellow huddle members!!. I am looking at a used car tomorrow at a hyundai dealership. This will be my first time buying from one and not from a private seller. The car price is $19,500 but i only been approved for $18,500. Realistically how much will i be able to haggle or what price point sounds fair? From kbb and looking around on craigslist And other used car sites the dealer is around $2000 above similar models that I seen except the color combo that I want Any help or tips would be appreciated!!
  4. Destiny 2

    Hey guys!, I was wondering about the story in Destiny 2 so far, is it any good? I been hesitant about buying it because of how incomplete the first one was. The game play is amazing yes but what about the campaign/story? Thanks!
  5. Game of Thrones Season 7

    One thing I'm confused about last episode is the cave paintings. It showed that the first men and the children fought the white walkers together in the past, so why last season *or was it two?* did it show the children create the white walkers to fight back men because men were hunting them? Did it go from men hunting children to children creating the WW to fight man to children and man fighting the WW?
  6. Carolina Panthers, Best Team in THE NFL #Keep Pounding
  7. New Bungie game: Destiny

    if you need help with doing the raid hit me up on live. I'm the x1stMexx guy.
  8. New Bungie game: Destiny

    Just got the xbox1 with destiny. If anyone like to add me my gamer tag is x1stMexicanx