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  1. NFL's Sound FX NFCCG

    Seriously?  That makes it even better.  Too funny.
  2. NFL's Sound FX NFCCG

    Love these clips .... especially TD and Ricky Proehl.  Sunday can't get here soon enough.
  3. Lady Gaga will be performing the national anthem

    Meh ... not excited about Gaga.  Nothing will match Whitney Houston's version. 
  4. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    Lighten up folks ... that's pretty creative.  It just folks having fun.  Nothing malicious.  Besides ... they have to have their fun now because when Sunday evening rolls around, it won't be fun anymore.

    Probably so ... the guy that I spoke with seemed happy to check.  It took him 2 seconds to look it up.
  6. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Great job as usual Jeremy.  Thanks for sharing. The pic of JR and Cam speaks volumes about this organization.  I truly believe JR has a paternal bond with his players in that he genuinely cares, unlike other owners.  It's deeper than just 'having played the game' before.  I saw it with Smitty and now others. 

    Me too.  Didn't get picked in 2003 either but still bought tickets and made the trip.  If anybody is planning to go, spend a few days.  The days leading up to the Super Bowl are a blast. If you call the ticket office, press '1' and speak with the customer service folks.  They will check your PSL account number to see if you were selected.  Otherwise, letters should be coming soon for those that got lucky. 

    I do know luxury box owners automatically got tickets in 2003.   I suspect sponsors and other Panther VIPs get theirs too.  Whatever is left over goes into the lottery.  It's a long shot but I do know folks that got lottery tickets last time.  If you want good seats, you will probably have to look elsewhere.  I got mine on ebay last time.
  9. Forensic Justice: Rae Carruth

    On a related note ... this happened less than 50 yds from my house.  Heard the shots ... saw the first responders ... pretty sad.
  10. Forensic Justice: Rae Carruth

    Don't agree with that statement at all.  Just because this player was employed by the Panthers does not make it a big part of the organization's history.  No problem with the thread but lets not make it more than it really is.
  11. Seriously ... at first glance, I really thought that was Arians going through the door.  LOL It's time to end this charade and send the Cardinals home ... and Palmer / Fitz likely into retirement.  They were recently CRUSHED by the Seagulls and squeaked by the Packers ... who are a shadow of their previous dominant teams.  Our specialty is dismantling the NFC West so prepare for TOTAL DESTRUCTION.  Oh ... and another thing.  Palmer is simply an older version of Matty Ice.  Decent regular season but gets that 'Deer in the Headlights' look during playoffs.  Rest assured he is not sleeping tonight in anticipation of the inevitable beating that he will take tomorrow.  I don't know which will be better ... Palmer's meltdown or the look on Arians ugly mug when it happens. 
  12. Did Luke lose his mind?

    Considering how Luke prepares each week, it doesn't surprise me that he gets PO'd about blown assignments in a divisional playoff game.  His preparation has a lot to do with that uncanny ability to always be around the ball.  If we have an Achilles heel, this is it.  'Flanagan' seems to miss occasional assignments and McClain is a step behind the play.  No doubt the Cards will try to exploit those matchups. 
  13. Interesting fan base trend....

    Not surprised ... folks are hungry for any Panthers info and this is a good place for it.  Winning will do that.  Another 'fan related' trend that I am noticing is how there are fewer and fewer fans for the opposing team at BOA.  With all the hype about 12th Man ... I expected much more from their fan base.  I seriously had to look for Seahawks fans. The Cards had good representation last year, much better than the Hawks.  Hope to see alot of black and blue on Sunday.
  14. Need some input from NC residents

    I live in the triangle and have made that drive several times.  The drive is not a problem unless you arrive too close to game time.  Leave around 7:00 and most lots will still be empty when you get there. I have not taken the train but several of my friends do it regularly.  They enjoy not driving but for me, the hassle of getting rides to / from the stadium and having to be at the station by a certain time is not appealing.  We usually bring a lot of 'tailg8ing stuff' so driving works better. You may want to stay in Charlotte Saturday night though.  Good chance there will be pep rallies or the Huddle / Roaring Riot will have a party. 
  15. Seriously ... the a$$'ery and 'no class' of the organization extends through their fans.  I got texts from 8 different people (friends and in-laws) within 20 minutes of the game being over.  All of them talking smack.  How many of those 8 did I text when the Panthers demolished the Falcons earlier this year .... 1, and it wasn't smack.  The following is a portion of the text from my in-law, who will remain nameless. "We won!  We won!  No more undefeated season.  Whiny Cam is a sore loser."  Considering that I haven't spoken with or texted this in-law in over six months ... I had to ask about the sore loser comment.  Apparently, Atlanta radio made a big deal about Cam shaking Ryan's hand and then running off the field.  Honestly, I see nothing wrong with that.  Leaving the field without shaking hands would have been different.  Nothing was mentioned of Falcons players and Arthur Blank dab'ing on the field after the game ... a clear mockery of Cam at the time teams are supposed to be shaking hands.  Funny how nothing is being said about that ... because we are not sore losers and have come to expect that trash from them.   True colors come out in victory and defeat.  As for the Falcons and their fans, you suck in both.  These are the same fans that continue to wear Vick jerseys.  The fans, team and city deserve each other.  I am glad yesterday was their Super Bowl.  Ours is in February.