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  1. tailg8or added a post in a topic What's the HAPPIEST you have been as a Panthers fan?   

    X clown ... i was there. One of the best away games ever. St Louis was a great place to visit for a game.
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  2. tailg8or added a post in a topic This guy right here....   

    His fingers are smaller than my 12 yr olds.  I'd be pissed too.
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  3. tailg8or added a post in a topic Man finds $4500 in his Bojangles bag, is ridiculed by mgmt; hilarity ensues   

    Maybe the manager had been skimming cash and the box was going home with him. Either way ... good for the guy who returned it.
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  4. tailg8or added a post in a topic "Amazon Prime Day" will have better deals then Black Friday - July 15th   

    Jeremy ... how do you keep track of which huddler made purchases and how much?  I use Amazon and will use your link ... but how do you know it is for me vs. anyone else that uses the link.?.
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  5. tailg8or added a post in a topic Huddle Advice - What's the best way to ask your wife to get a boob job?   

    Let me clarify ... name a mutual friend that has never had kids AND has a worse body than wifey.  It's actually a compliment that wifey looks better than women with no kids ... I think.  On 2nd thought, comparisons rarely work out good.
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  6. tailg8or added a post in a topic Huddle Advice - What's the best way to ask your wife to get a boob job?   

    From one guy to another ... before you decide whether to fund this venture ... find out from wifey just how much of an augmentation is she talking about.  Is it AUGMENTATION or augmentation?   If she is a solid B and wants a small or comfortable C ... not worth it.  Tell her she is beautiful the way she is and after kids, she is still more attractive than women without kids.  Name a mutual friend if you can think of one.
    If you are talking B to D, get out the checkbook.  Tell her she is beautiful but you understand how having babies must take a toll on her body.  Working out (etc.etc.) can fix most things but not that.  Remind her how your body has deteriorated without having kids.  If it makes her feel better or more confident, then by all means, it is worth the money.  To seal the deal ... buy her a lingerie outfit with D cups, and tell her it is for after the surgery.  OR ... if your wife knows that is just a present for you, give her a few hundred for clothes shopping after the surgery.  Who cares about lingerie anyways.
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  7. tailg8or added a post in a topic Harbaugh vs Cowherd   

    Seriously ... not a cowherd fan but thought he gave Harbaugh props and tried to carry him through the interview. Now my question is ... did Harbaugh not take his meds this morning or is he always that way.?. Thought he might be getting too much negative PR from leaving the 49ers, now I think he is not getting enough.
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