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  1. HC is too big of a job for Ron to do effectively. Not a dig at the man as he is doing what he believes is right. Not all coordinators are cut-out to be HC (i.e. Capers). Ron is not a cerebral coach. He has a plan (somewhat outdated) and a belief on how to win football games ... and sticks to it no matter what. Predictable, dangerously conservative and according to plan. Probably learned it from Ditka or others along the way. When it doesn't go well, you get that 'deer in the headlights look' as he will never out-scheme another coach. Veterans will like him as he values experience more than he should. Special talents (i.e. Cam) will not reach their potential as they will be forced to do things the way they have always been done. He remembers how long it took him to become a HC and won't deviate far from script and take unnecessary risk. Truthfully, he probably loves 'Riverboat Ron' because in reality, it implies taking necessary risk ... which is not his MO.
  2. Agree TBC. Motivates his players, effectively schemes and counter-schemes AND has a positive effect on the outcome. Players feed off that energy. Their staff makes their players better. Even with our current talent, Panthers would be dangerous with that type of cerebral / motivational coaching.
  3. Why can't the Canes get more love here?

    Why? Two words ... Scott Darling Francis has yet to figure out the goaltending situation. It's a shame because the other 5 on the ice are good enough. Looking like a bubble team again.
  4. I was at the Rams game in 2003. The XClown was probably the single most enjoyable play to watch in my history as a Panthers fan. The Panthers were 'reeling' at the time and all the momentum was with the Rams. We were getting roasted by the local fans as it seemed inevitable that the Rams were going to win. That said ... it was my ATF away game, better than the Superbowl. There is a landing of bars / restaurants next to the stadium that were packed for hours after the game. ST Louis fans were great after the game. Anyways ... this is a hard one. Hard to argue against Reggie White or Kevin Greene in their prime. Either would make our front 7 overwhelming. Minter or Davis would be a nice addition, primarily because of our current weaknesses. However, White or Greene in their prime get the nod on defense. Offensively, would love to have 69 at LT. However, 89 addresses a weakness and was our biggest playmaker, ever. He was a gamechanger and could open up the offense. If I could pick 2, it would be 89 and Reggie White.
  5. Olsen vs Rivera

    Olsen wanting to win ... Rivera not wanting to lose. Sounds the same but it's a big difference.
  6. *Pulls pin, lobs grenade*

    Ruck, and I believe other Panther alum attend this church. Would love to see some local money (McColl) and ex Panthers (Ruck, Kasay, 89, Minter) somehow come together. Igo should pitch-in as managing partner considering all the traffic ($$) this is creating on the huddle. How great it would be to have an insider
  7. Who's "Elite" on this team honestly

    Worley ... at least in his mind.
  8. Must have been a typo and OP meant to say 'SHAQ needs to step up'. 59 is a beast but others need to step up.
  9. Your favorite RonRon quotes

    "We need to execute better" My favorite was Super Bowl week. I don't remember the details but a reporter asked both coaches (Broncos and Panthers) about the locker room and what makes it special. Broncos coach talked about holding each other accountable, selfless players, etc. Rivera said Love ... they love each other. Honestly don't think he had a clue about what to say and that just came out. Also ... will never hear 'I Quit' from Rivera. Took him forever to get this gig. He interviewed with practically every team. They will have to boot him once the OTJ training is complete.
  10. Worley.... Not a good game today.

    Seriously ... assume we still drafted Bradberry ... those two as our starting CBs with Capt as the nickel. Scary good. Gett tried to cover it up but we still haven't recovered from that move.
  11. Great pics as usual Jeremy ... thanks for sharing. Kudos to you and everything that you have done with the huddle. Wasn't too long ago that you were taking pictures from the stands. Now, you are on the sidelines of the SuperBowl. Pretty cool. Lots of great pics but my favorite was Ealy. I went from 'Whooo! He picked it off!' ... to 'just fall down, please don't fumble' in about half-a-second. The INT was great but his run back seemed like slow motion as he kept running with the ball away from his body.
  12. Great job as usual Jeremy. Thanks for sharing. The pic of JR and Cam speaks volumes about this organization. I truly believe JR has a paternal bond with his players in that he genuinely cares, unlike other owners. It's deeper than just 'having played the game' before. I saw it with Smitty and now others.
  13. Great work as usual ... both here and Along the Sidelines. Thanks. Please tell me you are spending Thanksgiving in Dallas. Looking forward to Victory Monday and exclusives of Hardy's meltdown when his old team gives them a beat-down.