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  1. tailg8or added a post in a topic Plundering the Pirate Booty   

    Once again ... well done Jeremy.  Gotta love women that look smokin hot while soaking wet. 
    Pic #4 is stellar.
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  2. tailg8or added a post in a topic what are the panthers hiding from us about luke   

    Ahhh .... I suspect it was a neck or back injury sustained when the Panthers trainer decided to use Luke to help break his fall.  He could have gone down on his hands or better yet ... fallen away from him ... similar to how a Dad would risk injury to avoid falling on his kids.  Instead, it appeared that he chose to reach out and grab Luke on his way down.  THAT must be the injury they are not disclosing.    (LOL)
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  3. tailg8or added a post in a topic Panthers: 5% chance of winning SB   

    Being 3-0 is great but truth is ... we haven't played anybody yet.  Sure, every week is tough in the NFL but our schedule thus far has been pretty low on the 'toughness scale'.  Our record at the mid-point (4 weeks after the bye) will be a better indication.
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  4. tailg8or added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    How can you not like this move?  Giving up practically nothing, paying him practically nothing (Bears covered most of that) and bringing him back to his natural position where he was very productive.  With CJ out, we have very little at DE.  With all his bonehead penalties, Ealy seems closer to being in the doghouse and riding the bench.  If Allen returns to being half the DE he was before becoming an OLB for the Bears, we just upgraded an area that was a glaring weakness.  Personally, can't wait to see him in a Panthers uniform.
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  5. tailg8or added a post in a topic Shula called a better game today than McDermott   

    Was at the game and haven't watched the game on TIVO yet but from the stands .... it looked like McC had ALL DAY in the pocket.  Was disappointed in our DL, especially with Star and KK together again.  Thought there would be a better push up the middle.  After half, expected that McD would make adjustments.  If he did, it didn't work very well.  Thankfully, Cam brought his A game and the Panthers were able to put up 27 points.  Cam seemed comfortable on the field and his accuracy was good. 
    I agree with previous posts that Cam is calling a lot of audibles and that is making a difference.  Our run game still seems vanilla with different variations of the same slow-to-develop play.  However, the screen to Fozzy for a big first down was brilliant.  I don't know if that was Cam or Shula ... but it caught everybody by surprise.
    Other observations from the game ....
    -  Lots of Saints fans in the parking lots but not much noise at the game. 
    -  Olsen was a beast and Cam was smart.  Great day for both.
    -  Although BOA wasn't packed, the crowd was great.  Lots of noise.  Love the KEEP POUNDING chant.
    -  Don't know if anyone noticed but Norman came off the field when the Saints tried to convert the 4th down.  He thought it was a punt.  He got all the way to the bench and sat down before he looked at the Jumbo screen and saw the offense / defense on the field.  Peanut was already on the field to replace him.  When the coaches held him back (play was about to start), Norman was not a happy camper.
    -  Panther fans stayed until the end.  That's what is great about rain games.  The folks that showed up already knew they were getting wet and the fair-weather fans stayed home. 
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  6. tailg8or added a post in a topic Hi, my name is Philly   

    Didn't say that he didn't do it ... just said that he should.  However, I agree with your point.  Need to deliver when it is time.  For his sake ... it's good that game 1 is not at BOA.  A couple more drops and the boo-birds might storm the field.
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  7. tailg8or added a post in a topic Hi, my name is Philly   

    Seriously ... glad others feel this way too.  After first game ... talked about it being a quick fix and just needs to get back to doing what he used to do.  Second game ... same thing, almost as if his ego was shrugging it off.  If it's that easy, then fix it and start consistently catching the ball.  Until then ... get off twitter and wake up every day being thankful that you are even on an NFL roster. 
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  8. tailg8or added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    Agree Jeremy.  Heard talk about his ankle being the issue ... but he was getting manhandled before the ankle got turned.  Folkerts got no push at the line and often ended up in our backfield.  He was too slow pulling to the outside and got in the way vs. providing a lead block.  Not a good game for him.  I was waiting for Remmers to get reps at center with Williams at RT but didn't see it happen. 
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  9. tailg8or added a post in a topic Give Brown a BREAK.. The Kid was Undrafted.. asking him to Replace Benjamin iS TOO DAMN MUCH   

    Nobody is asking him to replace KB, just make routine catches.  I've heard many speculate that he is putting too much pressure on himself .... OH PLEEEEASE.  The real pressure is on the scrubs trying to make the team.  
    I have never been a big fan.  Yes, he is fast and gets separation at times.  There are plenty of fast WRs that don't transition well into the NFL.  He has poor body control and can't make a catch in traffic.  Now, he can't catch without traffic.  The honeymoon is over.   Rivera likes fellow underdogs so I doubt they cut him. This isn't Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant working through some issues.  He hasn't earned anything yet.  At the very least, drop him down the depth chart until he gets his head straight and then ... make him earn the spot back. 
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  10. tailg8or added a post in a topic Kalil out Friday against the Patriots.   

    Killjoy ... had to ruin the fun.  They did say he would miss rest of preseason.
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  11. tailg8or added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Kalil out Friday against the Patriots.
    From profootballtalk,  Sprained knee ... could have been much worse.  Thankfully projected to be back for Jacksonville.
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  12. tailg8or added a post in a topic Who Impressed/Who Depressed   

    All good stuff.  The following are my thoughts after another trip to BOA.
    Daryl Williams, Shaq, OL pass protection, Jarrett Boykin - for all the reasons already stated
    Josh Norman - this kid has his head on a swivel and is draping WRs.  Sure, he whiffed a big tackle but is playing with confidence and looks great.  Looking forward to seeing more of him and Peanut as our #1 and #2.
    Kurt Coleman - hard nosed, seems to always be around the ball.  Haven't watched him much in prior games but last night, he reminded me of an ex-Panther safety that used to wear #30.
    Miami fans - seriously did not expect to see that many.  Should have known given the team's history but they came out in numbers.  Great tailgating with many of them.
    RBs - All of them look very good.  Rivera will have some tough decisions with this group.
    Webb and Anderson - I know they play against the scrubs but both are accurate and seem to move the ball downfield.  Webb is making plays when they count.
    Goal Line Offense - Literally, I hate it.  Put all 11 inside the hashmarks and give to Tolbert.  Flat out doesn't work.  Given our weapons and QB, spread it out.  I fear we will see the same crap (again) once the real bullets start flying. 
    Corey Brown - I will get flamed for this but I don't agree with the hype, never have.  Has speed and gets separation but his body control is not there.  Hands are questionable too.  Seems difficult for him to make catches when he has to adjust or is in traffic.  Occasionally, he will make a great play downfield largely due to his speed.  I'm sorry but we need WRs with hands like Olsen.  Cam is going to make an occasional bad pass.  WRs need to catch the balls that make it to them.
    Star - saw him on the sidelines.  Still has a boot and a considerable limp.  He doesn't look in 'game shape' either.  With CJ, KK and Star out, you expect our DL to be somewhat porous.  However, we need him back for regular season.
    OL run - kudos on pass protection but getting no push.  Henry almost got launched to Graham Street on a couple plays.  Consistently losing the battle at the line of scrimmage. 
    Kalil - dropped to his knees on the sideline after the goal line stand.  Didn't make it to the bench.  Looked exhausted and red as a lobster.  Was hoping he was just winded but later heard he injured his knee.  Can't afford to lose him. 
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  13. tailg8or added a post in a topic how young is too young to take your kid to a panthers game?   

    I would agree but preseason games are typically at night ... which changes the environment.  Even though it is just preseason, plenty of fans have been starved for football and look to make a fun night of it.  If you are highly sensitive to that, probably better to choose a day game. 
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  14. tailg8or added a post in a topic First Hand Account of the Norman - Newton fight   

    Jeremy ... did you sell your pics to ESPN or another outlet?  Their pictures look awfully good and you didn't include any in this thread.
    On another note, I recall reading where Cam was taunting Norman earlier in camp when he threw a TD pass to the guy he was covering.  Sounds like a healthy competition and trash-talking got out of hand today.  No big deal ...  
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  15. tailg8or added a post in a topic Caption Contest - Cam Newton   

    'I know who you are but I don't ever want to see that 77 on my field again'
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