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  1. Who else feels like this?

    A serious beatdown would be great ... similar to Detroits dismantling of Philly.  I hope we get an early lead and keep pouring it on, especially considering that we are underdogs.  Ruining Jerry's Thanksgiving would make this holiday that much sweeter.  
  2. Victory Monday - Titans Cheerleaders

    Thank you Maw Maw!
  3. Redskins Rally in Charlotte

    Let them have their fun.  I don't know what's worse though ... fans clinging to jerseys from 20+ years ago or those still wearing RGIII because there isn't another Redskin's jersey worth getting. All kidding aside, the Skins had issues but are currently playing tough.  We need to bring our A game on Sunday. 
  4. Victory Monday - Titans Cheerleaders

    Great work as usual ... both here and Along the Sidelines.  Thanks. Please tell me you are spending Thanksgiving in Dallas.  Looking forward to Victory Monday and exclusives of Hardy's meltdown when his old team gives them a beat-down.
  5. Taunting.....

    Mularkey and his team were like Rousey this weekend ... got all psyched-up for a big fight but got their a$$ kicked.  He was hoping to ride the momentum and steal a victory at home ... but no such luck.  I guess the frustration of giving it your best effort and still getting beat by 17pts is frustrating enough that he has to complain about the QB taunting his players.  LOL.  He needs to change his diaper and start getting ready for next week.
  6. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    Ok with the first down and TD celebrations but .... today's dance was a little much.  He should leave the dancing to Tolbert.  Superman is his signature move.  Besides ... Cam has the best TD celebration of all NFL players when he finds a young fan and hands over the ball. 
  7. Seriously, how does it happen? (Visiting fans)

    There are hundreds / thousands of tickets available on ticketexchange and Stubhub for every game.  Bottom line is that the Packers have a big, enthusiastic fanbase and these folks show-up to away games.  However ... don't get too discouraged.  Panther fans are showing up for away games too. 
  8. Sad adults with cheese on their heads...

    IMO, from all the away games that I have attended, Packer fans are OK with me and definitely a fun place to attend a game.  Much like the Steelers, Cowboys and Pats .... they travel well.  On a related note, Joe Buck made a comment about noise from the Packer fans.  From those that attended the game, how was BOA? 
  9. I'm not sure what pie is yet, but thanks!