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  1. With the Saints, Bucs and Falcons as our division games? Can't see it happening.
  2. I like TNF. It just so happened that his past Thursdays game was a "boring" matchup to some. For Texans fan, its good to have hope with Watson. For Bengals fan, ....well there is always the offseason. I think Marvin Lewis /Andy Dalton era is over.
  3. Panthers vs McCoy

    McCoy usually plays decent to good against us. He is special runner. Some of those early runs that Hyde got last game would have gone much longer with Mccoy. However I don't think there is anyone that can consistently run on us is our base 4-3. Especially the cover 1 we seem to like to run so much now. I am actually concerned about giving up big/freakish plays in the secondary. Also you have to have a very disciplined pass rush against taylor.
  4. Film Room: Ladarius Gunter

    This moves Bradberry off special teams.... I am all for it.
  5. 3 Reasons Why

    1. front 7 2. Luke Kuechly QB of defense. we give up 40 more yards pre game when he doesn't play 3. Young corners will ball out.
  6. Except for : I will take my 3-28 pie please
  7. Thanks. You really cleared it up for me.
  8. I am legitimately confused about some of the Shula hate. I have sat in many a game day thread and watched literally in back to back plays where if it fails then it's Shula's fault. If the play works then it's Cam's brilliance or the great line that Gettleman put together that overcame Shula's horrible play design. My question is what would Shula have to do (not requiring a bullet or sitting in the car with the garage door closed) to prove he is an adequate OC? I mean I understand historically offensive coordinators get all of the blame for the bad plays unless everyone hates the QB, but it seems like every bad play is someway makes it back to Shula. We should have easily scored 34 points this last game without "player" mistakes. I don't understand "most" of the hate. What is it? Screen pass on 3rd and 15 that works.. Look that's CMC overcoming Shula's incompetent play. Cam locking on to the low octane fuel that's KB.... Look at those horrible route concepts by Shula Running the ball when everyone knew it was coming to run out the last 7 minutes of football game..... Thank god Gettleman assembled this offensive line or Shula would have lost this game. Multilayer routes with check downs and outlets ............... Look at the long developing routes. Shula's trying to get Cam killed. Using probably our best overall playmaker CMC 20 times............ Why didn't he get as much as Kareem Hunt.. must be Shula's fault. I honest to god don't understand. I find myself defending Shula when I really don't want to. Please enlighten me.
  9. I have issues.

    The reason is because KB is so slow and is usually our first read it slows down the entire offense. When Ted Ginn was the number 1 (ish) and Greg Olsen was the primary receiver good things happened. KB is like like low grade fuel in a high performance sports car. It works fine on the outside, you just won't get the performance you should. Also, Funchess and KB shouldn't be on the field together unless it's a 4 WR set. Same thing with Funchess, they don't get open quick enough.
  10. You are right. People pooing on your insightful and well thought out post are short sighted at best. Hopefully the other Carolina Panther forums will allow you to shine and express your startlingly vast football knowledge. I am sure you will find some fine football minds to banter with. Godspeed.
  11. Unless we are in a 4 WR set , I don't think KB and Funchess need to be on the field at the same time. Neither one gets separation, 1 is more physical the other is a better route runner.
  12. Thomas Davis is an animal

    Man it's like TD can still play... You would think around the time Gettleman got fired that TD had 1 foot in the grave according to some.