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  1. Big Ben

    dilly dilly is like this action packed fight scene now..
  2. Man ,.. if I was famous I wouldn't leave my house.
  3. Ranking the Divisions

    considering we were one of those bad teams, they deserve the credit.
  4. That looks a good bet to be flexed.
  5. Explain to me why...

    But the little upside down V thingy and the squiggly X part made me think that it was actually the WR coach, then I looked at the little tiny 4 and thought that it was Cam believing Shepard didn't suck. It was obvious the big Circle with the line through it was Rivera staring so that was left with Shula or that lady on the 4th row whos screams "Come on Cam " all game. So I just guessed Shula.
  6. Kalil's problem hasn't been the physical. Physical is what happened to Dak Prescott. Physical is what Von Miller did to Remmers. Kalil's problems have been mental. Inside set on outside pass rusher, missed assignment, etc. The Oline is starting to play better over all. Less complication on he run blocking seems to have helped.
  7. The Ewing Theory

    I agree mostly. If we are playing better without him, then it wasn't his fault. TBH, I think it was more of a Cam issue. We all know his obvious friendship with KB. It always seemed on 3rd downs he was focused on going to KB with the problem being everyone else knew it as well. Last night was one of the first nights this year that Cam seemed to have been looking at the entire field. KB was like the chocolate cake when Cam was on a diet. You had to throw it a way completely or the temptation was 2 great.
  8. On NFL network they clocked him and 20.92 mph. fastest qb this year by far. I don't think even in 2012 he is too much faster.
  9. Keep reaching...you are almost there.