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  1. This too. What he has been consistent at is showing that running no-huddle he is great pretty much all the time.
  2. Whoooaaa.. Are you saying Cam doesn't sometimes go off the rail with his throwing? Making throws with no pressure sail over receivers heads? Missing wide open flares to the flats? Missing throws that he normally hits on consistent basis one game, then the next seemingly off. Sometimes even without overwhelming pressure? Cam is already great but like the Norv is saying, sometimes he is not consistent. Oh and the normal premptive: Yes I love Cam NO I don't want anyone else No I don't want to support "insert" No it's not all Cam's fault. Yes I know he does a lot. Yes other QB's miss throws. Yes it would be great if had an all pro Oline Yes a running game would help.
  3. I used to drive to Decatur and take the train to the GA dome so I had more time to talk trash to falcon fans.
  4. I live down Butner Rd. We may need to link up , drink a beer and talk football one of these days...
  5. Don't hate anyone that has been a panther... however. Deangelo... I feel some kind of way about that dude. He an a hole... I'm one myself so I can only throw so many stones on this. Greg Hardy -- I still feel that whole situation was sketchy. Do I think he is completely innocent.. nope. Do I believe everything the girl said? nope. I still believe she was a Matt Ryan plant to get Hardy out of Carolina. Mike Tolbert -- Nothing but love for the time he spent here "when" he contributed. Ted Ginn -- Still much love for Teddy Ginn.. drops and all. He always gave 100%... at least for us. Dwayne Jarrett -- He gave all he had.........................it wasn't much. Brandon Lafell -- Almost is the word that comes to mind. Almost good enough. Almost caught it. Almost dropped it.. Almost... Jno24 -- Gettlemens biggest mistake by a long shot. Miss him immensely. Especially everytime I see Julio Jones get a free release off the line..... uggghh,,, (breathes deeply) think happy thoughts , think happy thoughts. AJ Klein -- Appreciate the contribution .. wish him luck when not playing us. Star Louteleilei -- see AJ Klein. Michael Oher -- Gave us a good year and waaayyy to many blindside references. 89 -- (Denzel Washington voice)..That's mah #$#$##$!!! Always gave 1000%. Was flawed human being but who's not? Greatest Panther rec ever and not even a close second in my opinion. IMO everyone who talks bad about him is a fairweather fan with a short memory. Keep your righteous and holier than now drivel to yourself !!!!!........< end rant.> J Stew -- Appreciate his time here. Never will forget the Ronde Barber stiff arm. Wish our line could have been better during his prime years.
  6. Udogg

    Shady McCoy

    Public image napalm!!
  7. Udogg

    Shady McCoy

    Hmm...if this is true then he need to prosecuted and let the chips fall where they may. However if I was woman trying to get back at or ruin an NFL players career I would. 1. Put picture on instagram before filing a police report. 2. Put out information about him abusing children with no documentable proof. 3. Put out allegations of him abusing dogs. 4. Put out allegations of him using drugs. Yeah, that's the holy grail of public condemnation right there. All you need is doing something bad to an old woman for the Royal Flush of being hated by everyone. Like someone else said , unfortunately it doesn't matter if it's not true at this point. This is napalm on your public image.
  8. Short term outrage, Mid term, mild condemnation Long term, nothing. Not to excuse his actions, but in the grand scheme...... 1. Ask the casual fan of another team, and even if they heard of a scandal , most can't tell you what it is. 2. Ask most Panther fans I've talked to are more concerned about the season that JR. 3. <redacted>
  9. Udogg

    JR Statue to remain

    Gangsta move imo. Give it some years and the "outrage" will die down some. Not like many go to a game and are like " gotta stand by the JR statue".
  10. Udogg

    I am now a Jay Cutler fan.

    She's a woman.. so yeah she's an actress by nature....... /looks over shoulder...
  11. Thank god. We play so much better with the lesser expectations. Don't know why it happens with multiple teams, players, coaches, etc..
  12. Um.. this is the huddle ... home of : Constant bitching about insert (management, coach, owner)... Whining about players...(not named Luke and after bad games Cam) Torch waving vitriol and whatever national talking head says bad things about us (whether true or not). Hyperbole about whether or not someone should keep their job.... Hopeful Optimism Blatant denial Blind Homerism The people who say I'm not being pessimistic I'm just telling the truth .... Strawman arguments ..... Where to buy cheap jersey's. Gameday threads. Overreaction to in the game day thread The occasional racist remark... The occasional sexist remark.. The overreaction to said remarks.. and polls about pie, jerseys and mid field logos. This is a place for the crazy to voice their inner thoughts so that they don't share them with rational people. I mean , if not for the Huddle..these people would be buying fire Shula banners or something.........oh wait...
  13. I've been worried about Amini since 2013 Was convinced he sucks back in 2015. Now that it's 2018, I am resigned to the fact that we deserve Amini.
  14. Most inspirational panther definitely. Contributed so much to our team identity definitely. 1 of our 5 greatest "players"? I don't see it. TD, Moose, Wesley Walls, imo would go ahead of him as far as on field performance.