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  1. Last man standing pie!!!!

    I am happy, scared , nervous, anxious, appehenisive , stoked , spooked and  excited.   WTF is going on.  It's like a dream that could end up being a nightmare.  I don't know how to feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. God dang thats full of so much panther sauce.... Today you truly are the BDMFCEO...  
  3. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Got to admit, their cheerleading roster is strong.
  4. ........ normally I would say...   ... aww fug it..   LOL!!!!
  5. Man it's almost like you can read a post and tell who has never had a crazy chick in their life.   Hopefully all this Hardy stuff goes away after this week.    
  6. MVP debate

    Cam has gotten more respect in the past 2 days than ... well ever.     I don't see why people have to consistently feel like we have to downgrade Brady's accomplishments to build up Cams.  If Cam plays like he has the last few weeks throughout the rest of the season, it would be any debate. Brady has/is played consistently lights out the entire season.  What you see is 2 quarterbacks who have run essentially the same systems for a few years and are excelling.   There are 2 really cool things about it.  First Cam called this saying he is trying to be something the league has never seen, and was ridiculed about it.  Second, this MVP thing is an actual debate.  It's gone like this.  Back on : Week 2 - Tom Brady is pissed give him the trophy now Patriots undefeated. Oh and the panthers won,  oh well the competition sucked. Week 4 - It's amazing the Panthers are still winning, but the competition has sucked. They will get a rude awakening in Seattle. Week 6 - Can't believe Carolina won in Seattle,.. well Cam can be mentioned but we are not really serious. Week 8 - They have beat Green Bay and Seattle, they are better than we thought.  Cam is definitely second place in the MVP discussion. Week 10-  S$%$ Carolina is scoring 30 points a game with Ted Ginn Jr as a #1? They have won 14 regular season games in a row?  The offense is top 3 in scoring? WTF.... Cam might actually be an MVP. I mean it's actually debatable. Week 12 - We have been saying since the beginning of the year Cam Newton is the MVP........
  7. Panthers Get SI Cover

    This is a year of nevers. Never been 10-0 Never scored this many points. Never had this many haters  
  8. Week 12 Power Rankings

    Because they have yet to lose.  Thus how can a team that has had equally unimpressive victories surpass them?  
  9. Also, Desean Jackson isn't just regular fast.  He's not even normal NFL fast. He is one of 2 maybe 3 people in the NFL.
  10. Dear Greg Hardy(if you read it), Still love you as a fan.  Only 2 people know what really happened so I'm not judging. I have been with crazy women before so I know it's not cut and dry.   Hope you suck this week against us, but other than that, I wish you the best man.  Keep your head up. P.S. stay away from my QB.    
  11. The only thing that make me nervous is that for the rest of the regular season, we are better than everyone we face.  That means if we lose, it was to an inferior team.  For us to lose to an inferior team that mean something bad happened.  That something bad makes me nervous.  
  12. I would give you all the Pie I have for a month if I could. .
  13. Rhonda Barber and Chris Myers

    I don't care if it's Peter King, Nolan Nawarki and Adam Schein as a sideline reporter.
  14. NFL Turning Point - Panthers vs Titans

    That Dickson part.  If I was Ed Dickson that sh#$# would be on continuous loop throughout my house. Played on the jumbo tron everytime I scored. On my christmas emails, Embedded in every post I make from now until forever... Must be played before any T.V. interview.
  15. He just went from To this: