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  1. Udogg added a post in a topic Official Panthers.com hype video   

    Im gonna let you finish but Lilsmitty's video's are greatest of all time.....
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  2. Udogg added a post in a topic Training Camp Photos and Observations - Day 1   

    Love Collin Jones.  I was wondering how that was going to play out, because he played very well in the slot at the end of the year.  He made plays on the ball and tackled well.  Good play recognition too.  Wish he could play FS tbh.
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  3. Udogg added a post in a topic Norwell Picks Up Where He Left Off   

    Norwell is not Amini.  That a huge plus in my book already.
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  4. Udogg added a post in a topic Friday's training camp tweets   

    Damn...thats like saying do you want to be burned alive or ate by gerbils.
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  5. Udogg added a post in a topic Friday's training camp tweets   

    WTF!!!!!! You want Amini on the field???!!!!
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  6. Udogg added a post in a topic If you didn't think you could love TD any more, think again   

    Gross aint getting one.  TD is probably gonna get one.
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  7. Udogg added a post in a topic Garry Peters waived   

    The best ability is availability.
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  8. Udogg added a post in a topic THIS FORUM NOW PANTHERS ONLY!   

    About damn time.
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  9. Udogg added a post in a topic LOL "Every story from every training camp Ever"   

    Think your a little low on that estimate ......
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  10. Udogg added a post in a topic Does this defense have the potential to be the best Carolina has ever had?   

    Best ever?  That's preseason talk.   We got beat pretty handily defensively last year a few games.   I do believe if we switched Collin Jones for Roman Harper and either Alexander finally steps up or Ealy keeps progressing as he did the end of last year we can definitely have a top 7 defense. 
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  11. Udogg added a post in a topic Colts release Gosder Cherilus   

    OMG thats a real person?  I though for sure that was a Key and Peele skit name.
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  12. Udogg added a post in a topic Trophy Nation: How handing out trophies, regardless of success, may cause failure.   

    It matters what YOU tell your kid.  Some of the people here bashing people for giving the trophies are the same ones that let their kids bring the trophies home.  If you took that trophy and smashed it in the parking lot before you get in the car to go home,  then my friend I respect your opinion on the matter. 
    In my house, I allow participation trophies.  However, only trophies with a place (1-3rd) or mvp or something like that gets a place on the mantle.   The others get displayed in your room. I explain that the trophy they got is no different than a certificate.  However the place trophies means something.   My son is obsessed that his sister has a 2 first place trophies and he only has 1.  It has drove him competitively and it also drives her to stay ahead of him.
    That being said I always congratulate them for competing and participating, but I also get on them about not giving 100%.  Thats my main concern as a parent.. 100% effort and no quitting ever.   People need to quit deferring parenting with all this blame the <insert  >.  If you have a problem with a "generation" or "everyone else" .. fix your kids first.   Kids are their own people with different emotions, reactions etc.  However if your child grows up soft, it wasn't because of a trophy. You as a parent, uncle, aunt, cousin etc.. let that poo happen. 
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  13. Udogg added a post in a topic I have received great fortune!   

    I think your camera is drunk....
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  14. Udogg added a post in a topic Reggie Wayne a good fit for the Panthers?   

    Says he want to "finish how he knows he can finish" ,  I don't see that level of passing here without stunting the development of our young receivers.
    Unfortunately , don't think he would be a good fit here.
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  15. Udogg added a post in a topic How the Panthers spend: Defensive tackles   

    You mean when all time greats Beanie Wells and Kevin Smith were running up and down the field on us? When you could pencil Michael Turner for 130 + yards?  Hmm.. let me think about it.....
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