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  1. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    I don't care if it's real. I don't care if it was yesterday.
  2. 10 million dollars.. ... is a lot of f$#$#$#$ money. Love the panthers but if someone offered me 10 million today to be a Falcon fan I would be rising up. Just keeping it 100. If he just placed that 10 million in a trust ... he would be straight. So basically, sad to see him go, but glad he got paid. Got to believe in the system.
  3. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    I'm thinking started with shrooms, then moved to champagne alcohol because you get thirsty talking about all the pretty colors. Then cocaine because what else you gonna do on a purple snowflake mountain covered in sprinkles.
  4. SI.com's 2 round mock draft

    Man.. if dat sh#$ happens... Oh wee man.
  5. Plain vs Peanut M&Ms

    I like both.. Kind of depends. Cold plain M&M's out of the refrigerator???!!!! Are lovely. Peanut M&M's at the movies? Perfect. Different situations for each imo.
  6. Polynesians/Samoans in the NFL

    Luv me some Impi
  7. Breaking - Charles Johnson Released

    He is going to the Falcons....
  8. Yep , I think everyone is missing the point. His agent is the Steph Curry of agents.
  9. The offensive line

    I guess our definitions of really solid are different. Maybe this year will be better. Doubt it, but who really knows.
  10. The offensive line

    Nope, every year he plays a significant amount of time he is horrible. Our line improved every year he got hurt. Yes the games he played this year were ok. However he is never healthy and other than this year he has been bad. It baffles me how people see every mistake Bell made and not Silatolu.
  11. The offensive line

    Silatolu is not good. He needs to be upgraded as well.
  12. Your point is somewhere in this picture....
  13. If you figure out how.. let me know
  14. I'm all for giving props to everyone that helped make this season possible. However some of those names....