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  1. Luke has returned to his GOAT ways

    8 tackles 1 tackle for loss 1 pass defended 1 interception 1 fumble recovery
  2. Good god, this is amazing...

  3. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    I am going to go with JStew. I know it is a stretch to consider the starting RB "unsung" but he is overdue for a big game and this O is overdue for a good running game. I will call JStew at 100+ yards tonight and 1 TD.
  4. I said that at the time. There was OBVIOUS illegal contact at least on that play. Should have been no INTs for Cam in this game. It was a bad decision but should have been called...
  5. Browns shopping Cameron Erving

    Rather have Joe Haden
  6. First Look - Devin Funchess

    Number I care about is 7 and w/ the match-ups plus running game the O might just keep up w/ the D this year...4 months til Sept...
  7. I could get down w/ "Big City" for the group