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    Can you imagine this beast and KK holy poo. You heard them say QB hate the interior pressure the most. They said he could put film together that made home the best DT in the draft. Excellent pick, I think this was more about upgrading the pass rush due to no Norman. They will fit the other pieces together we have plenty of cap and the rest of the draft. Do your thing Gettle.
  2. I know what you mean, any given Sunday..... BUT the Panthers got this!! KEEP POUNDING!!!
  3. I have got a math equation for you: Your statement above = your user name.
  4. 3 pick 6's in 3 SB appearances. LOL We can only hope that Keek can come up with a third pick 6 in three playoff games including the Super Bowl. That would be epic.
  5. Oh boy I will just leave this here.... Kind of hard to argue though. Peyton Manning is not the reason the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots and made it all the way to Super Bowl 50. He's not the second reason. Or the third. Or, well, as it relates to any one individual's contribution, let's just say Denver's quarterback is happy to be along for the ride........ LINK TO ARTICLE
  6. I would take our defense over any other NFL defense out there and that's not being a homer. I Can't wait to see these guys flying around the field destroying Peyton in the Super Bowl, its going to be epic!
  7. Peyton's College "Issue"

    Doc check out my swa...ump ass?
  8. Peyton appreciation thread

    I hope he has the worst game of his career, I hope we beat the Broncos so bad that we put our 3rd string backups in before halftime and this game becomes the most whop sided Super Bowl in history. It would bring me tears of joy to see us end his career in utter chaos and defeat. Do you what to know why? Because Peyton has his and now its time for Cam and my Panther's to have there's. Out with the old and in with the new and the new is my team that I have been following since inception. So forgive me if I don't share your toast to Peyton because right now it's OUR time. Peyton can bask in his FORMER glory after we dismantle him.
  9. New Peyton Manning jingles.....

    My forehead just grew an inch
  10. Hey look everybody! It's captain dumbass!
  11. So we meet again

    Wow she could suck start a Harley with that mouth.
  12. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Vikings are beating themselves, what a shame.
  13. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    RussellWilson is not even worthy of holding Cams jock strap much less be in the MVP conversation.
  14. Panthers Jared Allen - First Impressions

    His weight is a non-issue. He said in an interview that everyone thinks he lost weight because he was wearing LB pads which are smaller than DE pads. He is 255lb the same weight he has been for seven seasons. I have always wanted this guy, he was an absolute terror for the Vikings for years at his natural position of DE, I think his best years are still ahead of him. Absolute steal from Chicago. This will go down as the best move ever by G-Man.