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  1. Some former Panthers get picked up

    Teams fighting over "Gettlescraps" lol. 
  2. The Redskins are gong to come in thinking they will be able to move the ball on us like the Saints but after they start getting hit by our defense they will soon realize they are in for a long day. If we can keep pressure on Cousins and Luke and company do what they do best we win this easily. I am not sure I have seen a Panthers D that has hit as hard as these guys are hitting this year, they have really taken it to another level. We have a damn good football team folks, damn good.  
  3. Halo 5

    I disagree, I think the multiplayer is the best since Halo 3, although It really burns my ass about no split screen though. I play Halo with my son and now we have to take turns playing but still really fun multiplayer. I thought they did a good job with the gun designs, really cool stuff. Glad to have the MC edition to play split screen multiplayer on Halo 1-4 when we want but very disappointed we cant with Halo 5.