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  1. The actual reason Bradberry was drafted.

    Ill come back to this post in a year i love this pick. I trust Gettleman.
  2. Love the picks!

    I agree i stand by these picks! Declaring it now! Ill laugh at the crow threads after next season! I cant believe all the people that truly think they know better you all are hilarious
  3. It was in defense of his gf
  4. To be honest, youre attempt at hopping on the high horse failed
  5. I dont see how anyone can be mad with a pick gettleman makes you guys are a joke.
  6. Yes!!! I was wishing for this gif
  7. Hey zod just a heads up the 100 pie giving limit every 24 hours is a little tight imo, kinda like the buttholes of the QBs in our division. not a problem durring a regular day but in high traffic high controversy days like the draft its easy to hit that pie limit. Im not abusing the system, just spreadin that pie around evenly to posters i agree with same thing happened when we let go of norman. It sucks i cant pie anyone intil late tonight ;( is it possible we could up the pie limit on certain days in the future?
  8. Carolina Panthers NFL Draft - Day 2 Predictions

    Take your tard-goggles off bro
  9. Lions told Vernon Butler they would take him at 16

    Lol, take your shitty OT
  10. CRA? Proudiddy? Is that you??