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  1. How about those Cheating Dookies

    Way to represent Tar Heels!!!
  2. lol at blaming Hurney. Thiis isn't ideal, but hopefully we use that money to spread around 2-3 guys, or go get Honey Badger. Def don't want to get another corner with this money cause the guys left are poo.
  3. Brees staying in NO

    Good. He cripples them for two years, he is already declining and this just prolongs the inevitable nose dive they will have when they fail to have a competent heir apparent.
  4. How about those Cheating Dookies

    Take that L u cry baby.
  5. Coleman to saints 3yrs

    Saints can't develop anyone so they sign our sloppy seconds.
  6. Aints sweep ROTY awards

    Good for them. It will all be a waste when they don't have a franchise QB in a year. Hell, he is already regressing.
  7. Of course this happened

    You do understand that different players recover at different rates for all injuries including concussions depending on the severity, the players physiology, their history with head trauma, etc?
  8. Funch, Samuel, Byrd, 1st or 2nd round receiver.
  9. Well lets just say if they get as many shots in the redzone they wont squander it because they actually have play-makers outwide.
  10. Reason we will WIN Sunday

    For starters, stop the run. The Saints are playing they way we have always played. Run first, complemented by a passing attack. We can stop the run, we have done it before, now we just have to do it against this team. Second, execute on offense. As good as the Saints defense has been, its still below average. It can be exploited. Hopefully we can get enough from CMAC, Olsen, Funch, and just enough from Shep, and Bersin to do damage.
  11. Could Raleigh eventually host a Franchise?

    I'm from Charlotte, but live in the Triangle for school. Raleigh could support and NFL team for sure. The area has proven it can support teams. Its has vibrant college fan bases for football, and basketball. It also has really supported the Hurricanes in the past. Yea they are bad now, but I regularly went to Hornets games during their 7 win season and would buy tickets on stubhub for 11 bucks in the 100's section and the arena would be at like 70% capacity for shitty games against bad teams. It is hard to ask fans to come out regularly when a franchise is continuously putting out a bad product.The fair weather argument is dumb too, Raleigh is no more fairweather than Charlotte. I went to the Celtics-Hornets game last night and it was probably 50% Celtics fans. These are the same type of people who filled formerly Time Warner Cable Arena w/ Lebron James Miami Heat jerseys, but if you go to a Heat Hornets game now there are no Heat fans. These are also the same people who Panthers fans, but not when the Steelers, or Packers play at B of A. Fact is, there are fairweather fans everywhere, and that isn't a reason Raleigh shouldn't have a team. But, it leads into my other point on the real reason they shouldn't have a team. We as a fan base are finally starting to get to the point where we have people around my age (early, mid, late 20's) who grew up on the Panthers. We aren't fans who picked up the Panthers when they moved here after rooting for the Redskins, Steelers, Cowboys for most of our lives. We are the people that will have kids who only grow up as Panther fans and won't have any of that two team bullshit. Adding a team in Raleigh would only undo a lot of that. It will make everyone north pf Greensboro, and on the coast root for a Raleigh team because of proximity and the ability to easily go to games there. We don't need that, Panthers should be the team for the Carolinas.
  12. We don't deserve the playoffs
  13. *Pulls pin, lobs grenade*

    It's parody people. It's making fun if the fact Elevation is all glitz and fancy mega church and no substance.
  14. I don't even care they don't think we aren't making the playoffs. The reasoning is poo. The saints aren't ready to let go of their Super Bowl dreams? What is that poo? That's not even a reason. Especially given their offseason.