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  1. Literally the worst thread in Huddle history. Get a grip dude.
  2. MGH1989

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Huddler: Hurney needs to go BPA, that's why he has had bad drafts. Also Huddlers: why isn't Hurney filling needs!!!!
  3. God some of you bitch just to bitch. It's like you can't function without being pessimistic about something.
  4. MGH1989

    Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    I've probably listened to FNZ since 07 when I was in high school. Mac Attack has been the show I have enjoyed the most and still listen to. I enjoyed Prime Time w/ Mark Packer back in the day as well even tho I kinda thought he was a blow hard. Idk how Frank Garcia got a drive time show. He just isn't good at radio. What is more astounding is that he is replacing Kroger who is probably the most talented/polished host they have had on the station since I have been listening. I understand his style may not be appealing to everyone, but the guy is good.
  5. MGH1989

    How about those Cheating Dookies

    Way to represent Tar Heels!!!
  6. MGH1989

    How about those Cheating Dookies

    Take that L u cry baby.
  7. I don't even care they don't think we aren't making the playoffs. The reasoning is poo. The saints aren't ready to let go of their Super Bowl dreams? What is that poo? That's not even a reason. Especially given their offseason.
  8. Local sports radio is pretty negative as a whole no matter where you are. There is a reason why WFNZ gets its most listeners on Mondays after a Panthers loss.
  9. Marc with a C James is a doosh. Truth be told, I actually didn't mind him when he was in Charlotte. I liked his bravado more than most. However, his arrogance became unbearable when he left for Atlanta. He has taken every chance to belittle Charlotte, Cam Newton and the Panthers since he has gotten there. That is his prerogative, but he thinks he is more important than he actually is. He thinks he is some hot shot because he is in a top 10 radio market when no one here gives a poo. Being an avid listener of WFNZ I like Kroeger 10x more than Marc James or anyone who has hosted in that time slot, including Marc Packer. Kroeger is probably the most talented radio talent ive heard on that station, dude is well informed and articulate as hell. Marc is a wanna be Howard Stern, with not even half the talent of Kroegs.
  10. Whale and Lucas were pretty big at the time, so was Kemo in 2005.
  11. 9.90 100m in college. Holy poo he is fast.
  12. MGH1989

    Hakeem Nicks Visiting Soon

    In on 20 page thread about his snap chat activities.
  13. Serious, huddlers could have a treasure trove of Derrick Morgan dik pics and I don't have any... wtf? not srs maybe srs (no homo)
  14. Would love to have Ginn back. He gives us speed on offense and lets us check off the return man position in terms of our needs. I don't know about Oher. From what I have read and heard he was pretty bad at the end of his career in Baltimore and with Tennessee last year. Not that Getty is putting all his chips on Oher, I think he will definitely get a couple of Tackles that can compete on the left side.