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  1. Cam Newton disappointed me

    It's hard for me to empathize because I've never been a big autograph or get enamored with celebrities type of guy, even though I am a huge fan of the Panthers. Aside from the fact it's probably the most stressful and daunting week of his life, you have to view it from the aggregate. He is one of the most famous football players in the NFL, but he is also human. If he took a picture with everyone and signed an autograph for everyone who wanted one when in public he would be bombarded. Sometimes these guys have to say no, that's the way it is. That doesn't make him a bad guy. Try going out in public the most stresful work week in your life and everyone wanting your John Hancock and having to oblige each and every person, doubt you or anyone would enjoy it.  

    Gawd I wish I could go to the game soooo bad. Went to the Divisional, couldn't swing it for the Championship game, but if I could go the SB... I would legit give up my left testy. Wish I wasn't a part Law school student, part of me just want to say fug it and spend 80% of my student loans to make it out and deal with living on Ramen for 6 months.

    Been waiting for this moment since we lost the SB in 03. Its been a journey suffering through the 07 season, the 10 season.... but fug it was worth it.
  4. Injury updates

    HOPE TD can play. Would hate for him to miss the SB after all he has been through.
  5. Cards fans are sooooo SALTY!!!

    fug em 
  6. More hate in the Observer

    I don't get why the observer does this. What is their end game in posting these divisive letters and comments? These idiots are free to have their opinions and the observer is free not to run them, but for whatever reason they are letting these trolls troll. 
  7. Thinking of making a move.

    From Charlotte (Cornelius/Huntersville), but currently in Cary/Raleigh area while I'm in law school. I like both and it depends on what you are looking for. Both are great places to raise a family and both have a lot of things to do. From a very uneducated point of view I think Raleigh might be better for jobs with RTP, which seems to fit more with what you do. I personally like Charlotte better and plan to move back after I'm done with school. For someone in their 20's I think there is a lot more of a downtown (or uptwon) scene in Charlotte compared to Raleigh and I like having the ability to go to a Hornets or Panthers game whenever  I want, although the Hurricanes are cool. Charlotte also has Lake Norman and Lake Wylie, but Raleigh is only a short 2 hour trip on I40 to Willmy, which is awesome if you wanna take a weekend trip to the beach. Traffic is a bitch for both if you plan on commuting to downtown Raleigh or uptown Charlotte. TBH you won't go wrong either way, it really a matter of preference and you should visit both before you make a decision.  
  8. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    9.90 100m in college. Holy poo he is fast.
  9. haha, thnks man.

  10. I knew I recognized your name from somewhere. Welcome to the huddle!