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  1. I remember when our line use to create gaping holes to run through.
  2. I love Cam, but I'm sick of these deep throws on 3rd and medium.
  3. Joe use to swim at Dowd Y when I was a lifeguard there #fun fact.
  4. So Shefter basically got burned on his report?
  5. You can't mention missing Ginn because if you're a poster named "Growl" that insinuates that it's the biggest problem on the team and in the Huddle you can only talk about how Shula sucks.
  6. I don't fight anyone, let alone dudes like you. Just take your L bro. It's pathetic at this point. You were wrong point blank. Most itt agree with me. You're not enlightened football fan because you play Madden everyday. Now again I say go whine in another thread and get owned there.
  7. You're like the Trump of the Huddle, you can keep telling yourself these things but it won' become true my man. You were thoroughly dismantled ITT. Now again I say, post your incoherent drivel in another thread so another poster can again wreck you.
  8. We can't talk about Tedd Ginn because apparently mentioning that we miss a deep threat is insinuating that is our biggest issue.
  9. You're like a fly bro. You're irrelevant, but slightly annoying. Your post has been shot down repeatedly and your logic has already been shown to be completely flawed. Don't look at this from an emotional perspective like you are. Learn, most ITT have shot you down. Now again I say, go derail another thread with your emotional nonsensical drivel.
  10. Just spitting the truth bruh. I'll give you props though. You have some balls to come back in this thread after making a fool of yourself with the nonsense you posted. Now go derail another thread with your whining.
  11. 1TD 9Int's

    You're gonna post that in pretend like all those picks are on him?
  12. Trying too hard/10. You got called out on your poo and now you can't accept your defeat bro. Just walk away. You clearly lack the intellect to have any high level football discussion when a thread about missing Tedd Ginn equates in your mind to "OMG Tedd Ginn missing piece to an undefeated 16-0 SB winning team!" Go back to doing whatever you do before you get embarrassed more, please I beg you.
  13. Damn, you're not very bright are you. I even spelled it for you and you're still spewing the same poo. Saying we miss Tedd Ginn doesn't = Tedd Ginn is the missing piece. But we clearly miss a deep threat which we don't have on this team. If you can't see that I question your football intelligence. You are also clearly the minority in this thread. So again pls go noob. There is high level football talk happening here, we have no need for a peon like you.
  14. Simple minded football observation on your part. Hurt durr someone mentions Tedd Ginn so I'm just gonna spew some garbage take that has no basis. What deep threat does this team have? Answer, it doesn't. Tedd Ginn for his flaws opened up a lot. Your simple mindedness takes that as Tedd Ginn being the missing piece somehow. Of course this team has other flaws. Mentioning Tedd Ginn does not negate that. Now again pls go noob.
  15. This retort is garbage, this team does miss Ginn.