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  • What you should know I was born with a gift, the gift of awesomeness :) I'm not a fruit loop... I'm a lucky charm! I have a zero tolerance level for bullpoo.! I speak the truth to people, i believe in being a truthful,and a honest person... I'm fun and lovable and really a great person... if you stay on my good side. remember the 3 f's, if ur not fuc*ing me, feeding me or finacing me, ur opinions really don't matter!!! You mess with me and I will let it go... You mess with my BF and I will break your neck... You mess with my kids and you will need to buy a gravestone!!!!!!!!!! Don't f''ck with Me or My Family!! I'm rubber - Your glue, watch what you say or I'll beat the f*ck out of you...!!!! I've been down, walked on, beat up, cried, lost everything/ but I'm still here, so bring it on I can take it.
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