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  1. Eric Berry was awsome.

    I agree.  I was clapping in my living room. my 4 year old walk out to me and said,"daddy, I'm tryin to sleep back here." little smart ass...lol
  2. Conan...that poo not funny

    Cmon guys/gals, lighten up.  It's sports.
  3. Deangelo Williams picks....

    And that ladies and gents, is  what a menstrual cycle sounds like. (biiiiiitch-bitch-biiiiitch)
  4. ESPN 101.1 St. Louis: Kevin Greene

    He really does deserve it.  It's not really a question of merit but how strong the class is.
  5. Am I dreaming?

    Now that they all have a good mouthful of Panther, it's time for them to swallow. *throws rag* wipe yourself off sluts.  We out.
  6. Skewed stats.  Our team played off coveragse and allowed pass and rush yards after the games were well in hand. Dirty little secret, our D is better than Denver's.  Doesn't mean they aren't good but this perceived advantage is smoke and mirrors.
  7. so many rules.  I'll never get it right.  *kicks at ground with hands in pockets*
  8. My Hispanic friend and his Bahamian wife are coming to my super bowl party, I'll make it a point to bring it up.  Should I ask their kids too?
  9. Getting Annoyed

    Go on...I'm intrigued.
  10. Am I even allowed to root for this team? I am white. Can I get a ruling? this football game needs to happen soon before the race war starts.   wait a minute! I'm independent. But still white...
  11. DOUG Stewart goes off about Rodney Harrison

    No, Ron just doesn't move the needle.  This is the same guy who said Kaep was an all-timer.  He's a pathetic clown show that doesn't deserve the attention.  He's trying to horn in on the publicity and I ain't gonna give it to him.   oh and fug you too.
  12. DOUG Stewart goes off about Rodney Harrison

    You're gonna do well here.