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  1. This scenario plays out as follows: Brady's performance tapers off, numbers are still incredible, but has a couple of stinkers perhaps in highly visible games late in the season. Cam follows the same upward trajectory but we drop 2-3 down the stretch, throw in maybe oneoff game, sub-60 completion percentage "issue" lingers. The left-for-dead Cowboys win out or finish 8-8 and win the NFC East (I believe this would be possible mathematically), Romo plays best football of his career, wins MVP. As a Panthers fan, what's your reaction? This scenario really adds to the ongoing debate around what "MVP" means: Brady is the best player. The Cam camp points to "most valuable" [to his team] caseand projects that we'd be 9-7 with DA. The Romo camp points to an 8-1 or 9-0 record with Romo, and an 0-7 record without, making the"most valuable" [to his team] casea little more empirical. Could this even occur? Is there a historical example? I'm sure there will be plenty of "don't care, 10-0 is all that matters" responses, but curious what those of you interested think.
  2. Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin

    when has this ever happened? i can't recall a single training camp injury this devastating. we've had some early season injuries (smitty 04 comes to mind) and sure we lost TD in training camp but he was just starting to come into who we now know him to be. this stands alone. i don't get the non-sense "curse" talk.
  3. Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin

    Hate it for him. That's the biggest thing. Fully believe we're capable of adjusting and/or someone steps up. Doesn't take the sting away. Kid is sitting there devastated this evening.
  4. First Depth Chart Released

    Well it's required by the NFL before every game. And given that it truly means next to nothing at this point of the season, but that we all have a job to do, I wouldn't read much into the people "responsible" for it.
  5. Needs only 638, < 40/game, by my count to crack top 10. Partly depends on what Andre Johnson does this season, though.
  6. Serious question. How much griping was therebout Shula during 2013? I was out of the country for a fair amount and while I was watching the games I didn't follow the Huddle as closely.
  7. Harbaugh vs Cowherd

    LeBatard comes across as a buffoon on tv but you're right, his radio show is solid.
  8. Harbaugh vs Cowherd

    Cowherd is easily the best mind on the mainstream airwaves.
  9. Carolina Panthers Training Camp Tips

    invaluable. thanks!